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5 Hacks To Grow Your Online Business


by Jules

On 2017 M01 27

by Jules

5 growth hacks for your online Business to succeed

You’ve finally launched your online business and things are looking pretty good. Starting anything new is an exciting venture. Only problem is, you might not know how to go from average to success. Breaking into the market may be challenging at first but if you have a good product and a well thought through marketing strategy, eventually customers will find you. Customer service will help you keep your current customers happy. So while growing your business and gaining new customers also look after the ones you have.

If you have been operating for some time, you have to be able to put in a little more to ensure a constant flow of new customers. There are a few things you can do to grow your online presence to the heights you dream of. Trust us, we know. Here are a few hacks to help you achieve your goals.

Align yourself correctly

You want to find the influencers in your market and try to align yourself with them. Find the people who online consumers trust and listen to. These are the people you want to talk to and thereby get a feel for what the consumer wants. Running an online business is definitely the way to go right now but when everyone is running in the same direction, you might feel overwhelmed.

Introduce your product to a social platforms in your niche. Tag influential individuals if you believe you have a better chance of your product being seen. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the individuals who have made a success in your niche by inboxing them.

If you find it difficult to connect with these high profile individuals, look for industry events hosted by them, workshops, panels they are on or even forums. There might be industry conferences where you could rub shoulders with these influencers. Even just listening to a talk hosted by them will help you get ahead of your competitors.

Listen to and observe people who have made a success of their businesses. They have done something right and you might pick up some great strategies. Instead of wasting time speaking to people who will have no positive effect on your goals, align yourself with those who will.

You can find many success stories on the internet of people who started where you are. Pay attention to what they did to become successful and you might be surprised at how many similarities there are.

Increase your authority

As a business owner it is important to increase your authority. If you have clients who already are big in the business, mention them on your website or social media profiles. Request testimonials from past or present clients and post these. There are plugins you can use to automatically update your social media profiles when a new article is posted. This will save you time and energy.

Growing your authority online will take some time. There are a lot of hungry business people out there but you can join the club by doing a few things. Join discussion boards in your industry. Grow your social media presence as this will draw more attention to your website. This is a sure way of getting any new content on your website out to the masses. This will generate more sales and essentially grow your business.

Make sure your name is out there. Building domain authority takes a while but with the right steps you can increase your ranking on search engines. Achieve this by giving your users a great experience when visiting your website. Make sure you have lots of informative content on your page. Also, check your backlinks and get rid of bad links. Create backlinks from trusted websites and pay attention to any broken links. The goal here is to end up on the first page of a Google search. The more traffic you generate to your website, the more your sales will generate.

Promote yourself shamelessly

You already know that it is important to promote your products or services. With the amount of technology and tools we have available these days, it should be pretty easy. The only problem is everyone else if doing it as well. In order for you to be seen in the crowd be sure to have a clear marketing strategy.

Run social media competitions to interest the market. If you give away small prizes regularly, you can grow your following and hence get more traffic to your website. You will get more shares on your competition posts and grow your social media presence. It might not seem as the highest priority in the beginning to grow your social media presence when all you want to do is grow your business. Ultimately, in this day and age, the two are combined. Replying to messages left on your website or social media accounts are also a great way to improve your customer service. Be present on your website and show constant activity.

Create events to promote your products to potential clients. In the beginning you have to reach out to as many people as you can handle. Contribute to online forums without promoting yourself too much as people get offended by this. Give advice and eventually you would have gained the trust of the platform.

Targeted Email List

Do you best to engage as many people as possible when your products are ready to be sold. A great way to do this is by starting an email subscriber list. Be sure not to overlook the value of this marketing option. When you have an email list, you have more intimate connections with your subscribers. You are able to send them emails specifically designed for them. When you do this however, be sure to be ready for the responses. If your products are not ready and you receive a huge response, you could easily lose clients. Give them a great experience the first time around.

When you write content for your website it is there for the world to see. Your email subscribers will receive all the extra information not posted on your website. This creates a relationship between you and your online following.

Create a schedule for your emails as well. Your users need to trust you and know when you are due to send another email. Make sure you check your schedule and work these emails into it. You can decide if it’s weekly, or monthly. Whichever works for you, go for that. The key is to commit to a time and stick to it. You cannot send an email once a week and all of a sudden send after a month. Trust is important in any business.

Referral rewards

Everyone likes free stuff. Make someone earn and work for rewards and you’ll find the cream of the crop. Put a referral policy in place and reward the individuals who bring new business to you. No one is just going to willfully go out there and promote your business . Give them something back when doing that and you have a winning system.

If your products or services are as good as you believe, put your money where your mouth is. I would assume that by now you have a review page on your website because you care about your customers experiences. If the reviews are good, they might tell someone about it. Freebies are the way to go and you can reward them in a host of different ways.

When you are trying to gain interest and trust from your clients, you might want to do so by offering something in return. Giving back to your customers may increase their loyalty to you. Align that with giving something back to them and both parties win. You gain more clients and they get a little something as a reward. Maximize the opportunity that is right in front of your eyes.


It is totally possible for you to take your business to the levels you dream of. Perhaps you just have a startup and trying to get by. That is no reason for you to stay in the same place forever. Yes, hard work is imperative but you knew that before you started your business. No task before you can stop you from achieving your goals. The place you are in right now is only temporary and with constant focus and hard work, you can get it done.

No matter where you start, you have the potential to make it to the big leagues. With the right strategies in place you can succeed. Make sure your products and services are current and needed by the consumers of today. Know that there are a lot of competitors out there but you are better. You give your customers a little of yourself in every aspect of the word. This is what sets you apart from the rest. Now go out and get it done.