Key Points:

  • Awaiting fulfillment means that your order is received and accepted for fulfillment
  • Typically, it takes up to 48-72 hours to wait for the fulfillment process to be completed
  • After an order has been submitted for fulfillment, it has to be received and accepted by the logistics company

Within placing an order online and receiving it, there are a lot of stages in between the order fulfillment and shipping process. From the customer's end, they place an order and complete payment. Afterward, the company receives your order and adds it to others awaiting processing and shipping.

Awaiting fulfillment is one of the other order statuses in the shipping and fulfillment process. This blog will give you a detailed description of what awaiting fulfillment is for better understanding so you can optimize your order fulfillment process.

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What is Awaiting Fulfillment?

Awaiting fulfillment is one of the processes of order fulfillment. This step in the fulfillment process does not suggest that your order is missing. However, your order is received and accepted for fulfillment but hasn't started the order fulfillment process yet.

Awaiting Fulfillment: What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean?

In this stage, your order would go through processing before it's shipped to its intended recipient. Then, like every other item at the facility, your order would be packed into a box for shipment.

The completion of awaiting fulfillment depends on the order size and the effectiveness of the logistics company. Once this stage is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, and the status will automatically change to "awaiting shipment."

How Long Does Awaiting Fulfillment Take?

Typically, 48-72 hours is how long it takes to wait for fulfillment. You'll receive an email once the order fulfillment process is complete and the order has shipped. You'll also receive tracking information for your order. This tracking information will help you to check the status of your order.

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Understanding Order Status: Awaiting Fulfillment

Awaiting fulfillment status is one of the many other stages your order will have to go through before it's delivered to you. Understanding all stages of the fulfillment process will help you know how a logistic warehouse works.

Submitted for Fulfillment

This stage happens after a customer completes their order and makes their payment. Also, submitting fulfillment is the status before awaiting fulfillment. Essentially, submitted for fulfillment means that your order is complete and sent to your preferred fulfillment center for processing.

Pending/ Awaiting Fulfillment

After an order has been submitted for fulfillment, it has to be received and accepted by the logistics company. Awaiting or pending fulfillment also shows that your order has been added to the queue with other orders to be processed.


At this stage, a customer will receive a confirmation email to let them know that their package is on the way to its destination. The logistics company has taken charge of a customer's order and is already sending it your way.

A customer may receive an email saying that their order has partially shipped in some cases. In this instance, the rest of the items will soon be on their way. A customer will also be able to track their package to keep tabs on a shipment.


This is the stage customers and merchants are probably most excited about: the delivery stage. In the delivery stage, you receive the items you ordered at the requested address,

However, if your order status states "delivered" and you've yet to receive your package, you should contact your courier company.

How Long Does Awaiting Fulfillment Take with Easyship

There's nothing as good as knowing that a customer's package is in safe hands. Another good feeling is knowing that it has been processed and will get to your customer soon. Awaiting fulfillment is a stage in the order fulfillment that informs you that your order has been received and accepted.

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