At Easyship, our goal has always been to help entrepreneurs, no matter what stage of growth their business might be in. From small startups running crowdfunding campaigns to established companies with killer eCommerce strategy, we love them all. And, we work with a lot of them to offer smart shipping solutions to get their products to customers. So, each month, we give you a glimpse of some of the latest cool brands to sign on with us.

This March, we’re upping our kitchen game with a serious knife, creating gratitude with journaling, becoming influencers with an epic mic, and preparing for summer with a gorgeous kaftan and technologically-driven shorts.

Level Up Your Kitchen Skills With this Precision Knife

This carefully crafted “Burrfection Knife”, created by Sakai Takayuki, will help you become a master chef.

Sakai, Japan - where this knife is made - has a knife-making history that stretches back over 600 years. And, this particular item is made by master craftsman Sakai Takayuki, the region’s top artisan. Translation: this is probably the best knife you’ll ever buy. The double-edged, 240mm blade is made from Aogami (Blue) #2 steel that sits on top of a Wa handle made from buffalo horn that’s available in white or black. Not only is this knife beautiful to look at, but it’s a dream to use, too.

Of course, because they can be dangerous, knives aren’t always the easiest things to ship. If you regularly ship dangerous or restricted goods, there are several things you should know to make things easier for you.

Price: $2,050

Create More Happiness with These Gratitude Journals

Take stock of your life with these well-thought-out journals from Singapore-based The Kind Friend.

Gratitude journaling has taken off as quite the trend as more people seek to make sense of their lives and chase happiness in a world that tries to get us down at every turn. These beautifully-designed gratitude journals encourage users to “Smile More, Stress Less” by guiding them to track their moods, habits, and goals. Journalers are also encouraged to articulate what they liked (and didn’t like) about each week, and state what they’re grateful for. Plus, it’s a pretty package, all bound up in soft leather and available in five colors. The result: you (hopefully) realize that life’s pretty sweet.

Price: SG$30 (US$21.45)

Create Your Next Vlog With this Next-Level Mic by Sabinetek

Influencers take notice: you’ll want to order the new Smartmike+ by Sabinetek before you create your next vlog (or InstaStory).

Billed as a “wireless stereo mic for content creators,” this gadget features one-of-a-kind Bluetooth 5.0 technology and automatically reduces background voice so yours can be heard clearly. Plus, it’s small, portable, produces great sound, and has a very long battery life. The mic works with iOS and Android systems, DSLR cameras and Go Pros, and DJI drones. It even allows users to record and mix multi-channel audio and offers Beta auto transcription!

Don’t forget, this mic has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which many couriers place a lot of restrictions on. It doesn’t mean you can’t ship around the world - you just need to give these types of products a little extra TLC.

Price: $159

Get Ready for Summer With This Dreamy Kaftan from Hemant & Nandita

Slip on the Hana Kaftan from Hemant & Nandita’s Resort 20 collection and you’ll slide straight into vacation mode - even if you’re just exploring your local neighborhood.

Summer is the season for bohemian fashion, and you’ll fit right in with this floaty, easy-to-wear kaftan. The pastel hues and a floral pattern are perfect for days by the beach or sultry summer nights in the city, while a thigh-high slit, v-neck, and lightweight fabric mean you’ll stay cool even in the hottest and most humid of climates.

In the fashion business and need cost-effective ways to get your pieces to your customers? You may want to take a look at this.

Price: $390

Find the Perfect Summer Shorts from Man’s Best Friend

These classic Retriever shorts by Man’s Best Friends hide a few secrets - and they’re about to become your summer essential.

Inspired by the double coat of fur that Golden Retriever dogs sport, these smart shorts are made from a unique blend of polyester, spandex, and the technologically-advanced Tencel fabric. That means cutting-edge comfort, wrinkle resistance, stain-repelling shorts that will take you from leg day at the gym to summer beach days and everywhere in between.

Price: From $38.25

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