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The best Shopify apps for new eCommerce stores


by Jules

On 2018 M08 2

by Jules

Shopify is no doubt one of the most popular platforms for making an eCommerce store.

What we like about Shopify is their robust App Store that offers a wide range of free and paid third-party apps that can enhance your store.

With everything ranging from stock management, order management, payment methods, to shipping, it can be very overwhelming for new store owners to know which Shopify apps they need first.

We've compiled a list of the 10 best Shopify apps to make this decision even easier for you. Let's begin!

1. Omnisend

This is a great app to use if you need help growing your email list, and especially if you want to automate your marketing emails.

Handle all your email requirements in one place and start selling to your audience the moment you get their email address. Furthermore, send anticipated, contextualized, and relevant messages at the right time.

Choose from a variety of emails, such as welcome, cart recovery, confirmation, and re-activation.

Pricing: 14-day free trial with the option of a free and paid plan.

Find them on Shopify: Email & Marketing Automation by Omnisend

2. Shop by Instagram

Stay on trend and make your Instagram feed shoppable with this app! Now your customers can add products to their cart directly from your Instagram photos, making it easier for you to convert customers via Instagram.

It's also a great way to increase engagement with your Instagram followers all while enhancing the user experience.

Pricing: 21-day free trial, monthly plans starting from $19

Find them on Shopify: Shop by Instagram - The Instagram Shoppable Feed

3. Easyship

As a new store, you've got to get your ship together. And while there are a ton of Shopify shipping apps out there, allow us to explain how we're the perfect partner for you!

Opening your own business account with a courier can be intimidating, especially if you don't have the volume needed to get a decent rate.

With Easyship, one account will get you access to 100+ shipping solutions from a variety of couriers, with rates up to 70% off. Automate your shipping by syncing your orders in one click, automatically generating labels, and sending confirmation emails to your customers.

Pricing: Free, you only pay for your shipping costs

Find us on Shopify: Easyship

4. Live Chat is a live chat app which is compatible with most popular browsers. Since online stores have less opportunities to interact with customers, this app gives you the chance to stay connected and provide real-time support to your customers when they need you!

Pricing: Free

Find them on Shopify: Live Chat

5. Lucky Orange

Analytics are important for all businesses, with site optimization and usability especially important in eCommerce. Consider using Lucky Orange to help capture the analytics you need to help drive conversions and sales.

It uses heat maps, polls, real-time analytics, form analytics, visitor recordings, and history analytics to let you evaluate the areas where you might be lacking.

Pricing: 7-day free trial, monthly plans starting at $10

Find them on Shopify: Lucky Orange

6. Discounted Upsells – Cross Sell and Upsell

Upselling is always a bit tricky but with this app, it will become easier (especially since no coding is required)!

This app lets you upsell and cross-sell on discounted rates, making attractive deals to lure in your customers. The developers also have years of experience dealing with upsell offers and understand how they should be crafted to get higher conversion rates.

Pricing: 7-day free trial, monthly plans starting at $19.99.

Find them on Shopify: Discounted Upsells - Cross Sell and Upsell

7. SEO Image by Lion Apps

This Shopify SEO app optimizes your images so you can start ranking higher in Google Image Search.

No coding is required, and all you need to do is install it and set an alt tag template. You can use the default one and let the app do the rest.

It's simple, free, gets you ranking higher, and increases your traffic - no reasons NOT to install this one!

Pricing: Free

Find them on Shopify: SEO Image by Lion Apps

8. BEST Currency Converter

When you open your eCommerce store to the world, you want to make sure your site appeals to overseas customers.

This currency converter allows customers regardless of location to shop in their own currency, or a currency they are accustomed to. With pricing in a currency they are comfortable with converting overseas customers will be a lot easier!

Pricing: Free, and $9.95/month for the Elite version

Find them on Shopify: BEST Currency Converter

9. Countdown Cart by Beeketing

This is a free app creates urgency for your deals by using timers. You can also let the customers know how many people are interested in your products, how many orders you got and how many items are left.

This creates interest and curiosity among customers regarding the products and urges them to make orders. The app is very easy to install and is completely customizable to suit your requirements.

Pricing: Free

Find them on Shopify: Countdown Cart by Beeketing

10. Exit Intent and Messenger Popups by OptiMonk

Help build both your email AND Facebook Messenger list with this tool by Optimonk. Their onsite retargeting technology provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors through cart based targeting, intelligent product recommendation popups, feedback popups, and more.

They're latest Facebook Messenger popup makes it easy for your Facebook followers to do a one-click subscription so you can contact them directly in Messenger.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, $29.99/month

Find them on Shopify: Exit Intent and Messenger Popups by Optimonk

We hope you find these apps useful! What are the ones we missed? Leave them in the comments below!