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What's the Cheapest Way to Ship to China?

Learn how to find the cheapest way to ship to China with by using Easyship and with our helpful international shipping tips and strategies!
What's the Cheapest Way to Ship to China?

By Jules


October 17, 2019

Trade between the U.S. and China has boomed in recent years, but a number of key challenges have emerged.

Chief among these challenges is the trade war between the United States and China, which has, by most accounts, started to drag on the global economy. The imposition of tariffs against China from the U.S. and China’s retaliatory tariffs, in particular, has hit eCommerce companies hard.

Given these new tariffs, along with new changes coming to the Universal Postal Union (UPU), have made finding the cheapest way to ship to China critical for eCommerce businesses. This guide offers a look at how to find cheap shipping to China from the U.S. and elsewhere, both by using some smart shipping strategies and by signing up for Easyship!

Tips for the Cheapest Way to Ship to China

You don’t have to shy away from International shipping to countries like China because you don’t want to incur added costs. In addition to using Easyship, be sure to follow these tips to cut your cross-border shipping costs!

1.  Choose Your International Suppliers Wisely

The price at which a product manufacturer, supplier or retailer sells products to you significantly impacts on how much profit you make reselling same to your customers, especially after import duties are added up. For this reason, you should always buy from international suppliers who offer affordable rates without compromising on quality.

Speaking of import duties, be sure to use Easyship’s tax and duties calculator to provide full transparency in this important area!

2. Don’t Always Go For Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping can be a great option, but sometimes, it’s not always the best.

This is especially true if the packages you send are of different sizes, weights and dimensions. There is no way your customers will always enjoy the best deals due to this option not being flexible. More so, should there be any difference in the charges, you might end up paying this difference on your end.

3. Utilize Fulfillment Warehouses

When you go into a partnership with a reputable fulfillment warehouse in a strategic location when shipping to China, they’ll be able to handle your deliveries from a local and centralized station. This goes a long way in cutting the costs of having your products shipped to your customers in China.

4. Have A Clear Understanding of What Your Customers Need

Don’t always assume that all your customers wouldn’t mind paying additional cost in order to have their orders delivered quickly!

There are indeed some customers who wouldn’t mind waiting for a few days or even a week to have their orders delivered, as long as it means paying less for delivery. Be sure you understand your target audience and can accommodate this with multiple shipping options at checkout.

5. Don’t Stick To One Particular Courier

One of the best ways to cut down on shipping costs is to try out multiple couriers.

This is because every courier has its own rates based on the dimensions, weight, size, and destination of packages. If, for example, you’re sending a package to a residential address, you should opt for a carrier that doesn’t charge extra fees for delivering to a residential address. FedEx and UPS sometimes charge additional fees, while USPS doesn’t.  

In short, do what’s best for both you and your customers in terms of pricing!

6. Make Your Delivery Schedules Align With That of Your Couriers

This is another unique way to save money in sending your products to China.

Ocean freight rates usually offer more competitive rates than air freight rates and, as such, working out your delivery timeframes to align with ocean freights can potentially reduce your shipping costs to China from the U.S. and elsewhere.

7. Reevaluate Your Shipping Packaging

This is another reason why some online merchants spend more on shipping their products, significantly reducing their profit margins.

Always choose packaging that fits your items in order to minimize wasting space. You should also opt for lightweight shipping packaging, like airbags. All of this will go a long way in reducing the size and weight of your package and, in turn, reduce the cost of shipping to China.

8. Use A Reputable Forwarder

Often, inexperienced online merchants will find out the hard way that they’ve used the wrong forwarder when shipping cross-border to countries like China.

Shop around to find one that doesn’t come with any hidden fees and is willing to work with you closely on the intricacies of cross-border shipping and logistics, rather than just offer you a cheap shipping quote.

9. Have A Packing Station

This is something as simple as having an assembly line.

Having a specific place where you’re able to construct, fill and seal your boxes offers many benefits to your online business. It helps in effectively managing orders fulfillment, plus you’re often able to save money sending packages to China as you spend less money creating your own packaging, especially for those orders that don’t qualify for free packaging.

10. Reuse Packaging

You don’t always have to pay for new packaging for items, as you can save money by reusing packaging you get in the mail.

From bubble wrap to cardboard boxes, you can significantly cut down on cost when you don’t have to regularly buy new packaging materials! You can even use lightly-used packaging from family, friends and colleagues as a way to save money.

How Easyship Can Help You Find the Cheapest Way to Ship to China

Over the years, Easyship has helped many online merchants find the cheapest way to ship to China.

By offering over 250 shipping solutions, business owners are able to enjoy between 30 percent to 70 percent discounts on shipping rates to China and other countries through major couriers like DHL, GlobalPost, APC and many others.

The Easyship shipping rates calculator makes it quick and easy for eCommerce business owners to accurately calculate the weight, size and dimensions of their parcels and in turn, offer their customers the best shipping rates. When you know your costs upfront, it helps you clearly communicate with your customer, agree on shipping payments and, in turn, makes sending parcels to China much more affordable and transparent.

Easyship Shipping to Options to China
In a matter of seconds, Easyship shows you the cheapest, fastest and best value options for shipping to China

Here’s how it works!

Just enter the country of origin and the zip code you’re shipping from, destination country and weight of your parcel and click “calculate”. For this example, we’re sending a 10 lb. parcel from New York City to China.

Instantly, Easyship algorithm will find the fastest, cheapest and best value shipping solutions available. Here’ we see that DHL - Express Worldwide is both the fastest and best value option, offering 1 - 3 working day shipping with a price of $79.66.

On the other hand, the cheapest shipping solution to China is SF Express - Economy Express, which can ship the parcel for just $56.57, though has a significantly longer delivery time of 10 - 12 working days.

By offering transparency and choice, Easyship can help you find the cheapest way to ship to China, as well as other great options, in a matter of seconds!

Shipping to China: Find Great Deals with Easyship Today!

With the ongoing trade war and escalating tariffs between the U.S. and China, finding the best shipping rates from U.S. to China has been a problem for many online merchants. However, with Easyship, you’re able to access 250+ shipping solutions from couriers around the world with discounts of up to 70 percent!

Be sure to sign up today for Easyship to find the cheapest shipping to China from the U.S. and other countries!