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How US Carriers are Operating Around the Coronavirus

Wondering how the coronavirus is affecting courier and mail operations in the US? This guide features regularly-updated status reports on major carriers.
How US Carriers are Operating Around the Coronavirus

By Jules


July 16, 2020

See below for how major carriers are responding to Covid-19 in the US, and how mail services are being affected. Find updates for APAC services here & Europe/UK services here.

Last Updated: 16th July 2020, 10pm EST

Before we start talking about courier services, let's get one thing clear: you can't get the coronavirus through your mail. For a virus to stay active, it requires a specific combination of environmental factors, including the right temperature, a lack of UV exposures, and humidity. Because mail is exposed to so many different environments while in transit, it's very unlikely that the virus can remain viable on your mail. The CDC's official line is that the virus is spread through respiratory droplets and there's very low risk of getting it through the mail.

Our Insurance provider has amended it's timescales due to Covid, for more information, see here.


Status: Fully operational domestically within the US; experiencing delays in Europe and parts of Asia.

The service disruptions affect Priority Mail Express International® (PMEI), Priority Mail International® (PMI), First-Class Mail International® (FCMI), First-Class Package International Service® (FCPIS®), International Priority Airmail® (IPA®), International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®), and M-Bag® items.

  1. USPS will hold mail delivered to closed business addresses for 10 days; businesses can request temporary mail suspension for 30 days.
  2. Because it's classified as an essential service, mail services are still operational.
  3. USPS is following CDC and WHO health guidelines and procedures. So far, three dozen USPS employees have contracted the virus, and the agency is taking extra precautions.
  4. You can ship hand sanitizers and wipes, but only through Retail Ground, Parcel Select, or Parcel Select Lightweight; these are only available through your  local post office branch.
  5. Signature-on-delivery services has been suspended; couriers will request verbal confirmation on delivery while maintaining a safe distance.
  6. USPS has suspended their guarantee on Priority Mail Express International mail being sent to China and Hong Kong.
  7. There are some delays in mail to and from China, as well as Europe.

For more information, see here or read more here.

USPS Service disruptions to specific destinations

Country Status
Angola Suspended
Argentina Suspended
Azerbaijan Suspended
Burkina Faso Suspended
Bahrain Suspended
Burundi Suspended
Benin Suspended
Bermuda Suspended
Brunei Darussalam Suspended
Botswana Suspended
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Suspended
Congo, Republic of the Suspended
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Suspended
Chile Suspended
Cameroon Suspended
Colombia Suspended
Costa Rica Suspended
Cuba Suspended
Cape Verde Suspended
Curacao Suspended
Dominica Suspended
Dominican Republic Suspended
Ecuador Suspended
Ethiopia Suspended
Fiji Suspended
Faroe Islands Suspended
Grenada Suspended
Ghana Suspended
Guinea-Bissau Suspended
Guyana Suspended
Honduras Suspended
Haiti Suspended
Iraq Suspended
Jordan Suspended
Kenya Suspended
Kyrgyzstan Suspended
Cambodia (Kampuchea) Suspended
Kiribati Suspended
Cayman Islands Suspended
Laos Suspended
Lebanon Suspended
Sri Lanka Suspended
Liberia Suspended
Lesotho Suspended
Madagascar Suspended
Mongolia Suspended
Mauritania Suspended
Mauritius Suspended
Maldives Suspended
Malawi Suspended
Mozambique Suspended
Namibia Suspended
Nigeria Suspended
Nepal Suspended
Panama Suspended
Peru Suspended
French Polynesia Suspended
Papua New Guinea Suspended
Pakistan Suspended
Paraguay Suspended
Rwanda Suspended
Solomon Islands Suspended
Seychelles Suspended
Sudan Suspended
Sierra Leone Suspended
Sudan Suspended
Turks and Caicos Islands Suspended
Chad Suspended
Tajikistan Suspended
Turkmenistan Suspended
Tonga Suspended
Tanzania Suspended
Uganda Suspended
Uruguay Suspended
Uzbekistan Suspended
Venezuela Suspended
Vanuatu Suspended
Samoa Suspended
Yemen Suspended
South Africa Suspended
Zambia Suspended
Zimbabwe Suspended
Gambia Suspended
Libya Suspended
Suriname Suspended
Timor-Leste Suspended


Status: Operational, but experiencing some delays in international services.

  1. Aramex have confirmed that all services are currently facing delays to most international destinations due to high cancellations of airline services. Some destination country services have been suspended.
  2. Domestic Express shipments within the US is still operating, and the courier is working hard to deliver these on time.
  3. Temporary emergency surcharges are being applied to shipments. These charges are already implemented for new shipments being created on Easyship.
Destination Country Service Status
Algeria Suspended
Armenia Suspended
Azerbaijan Suspended
Djibouti Suspended
Iraq Suspended
Jordan Suspended
Kazakhstan Suspended
Lebanon Suspended
Libya Suspended
Morocco Suspended
Philippines Suspended
Qatar Suspended
Rwanda Suspended
Sudan Suspended
Syria Suspended
Tunisia Suspended
Ukraine Suspended
Uzbekistan Suspended
All other destinations Delayed


Status: Operational with suspended services to some markets

APC Parcel Connect US Services are suspended for the following countries:
Costa Rica
South Africa

APC ePMEI US Services are suspended for the following countries:
Costa Rica
South Africa

APC ePMI US Services are suspended for the following countries:
Costa Rica

DHL Express

Status: Fully operational except for delays in cases of local government restrictions. Have applied temporary emergency surcharges.

DHL is mobilizing Business Continuity plans to ensure that deliveries continue to be made. Top management is meeting each day to navigate the pandemic's swift evolution and daily hurdles. The carrier is ensuring that they follow all international and local government health protocols.

From 25th of March, they have added a temporary emergency surcharge to each shipment. This pricing is already reflected for new shipments made on the Easyship platform.

Destination Country Status
Cuba Suspended
Guinea-Bissau Suspended
Maldives Suspended

DHL eCommerce

Status: Some destination country services have been suspended, with many others delayed.

Services to most destinations are still operating, but due to a reduction in airline freight availability, delays are expected.

DHL eCommerce - Countries with Delays or Suspensions for Packet International & Packet Plus International Services

Destination Country Status
Cayman Islands Suspended
Djibouti Suspended
Equador Suspended
French Polynesia Suspended
Kuwait Suspended
Lebanon Suspended
Libya Suspended
Maledives Suspended
Moldova Suspended
Morocco Suspended
Myanmar Suspended
Peru Suspended
Somalia Suspended
Sri Lanka Suspended
Suriname Suspended
Tunisia Suspended
Australia Delayed
Belgium Delayed
Brazil Delayed
Canada Delayed
Chile Delayed
Croatia Delayed
Cyprus Delayed
Czech Republic Delayed
Denmark Delayed
El Salvador Delayed
Estonia Delayed
France Delayed
Germany Delayed
Greece Delayed
Hungary Delayed
India Delayed
Ireland Delayed
Israel Delayed
Italy Delayed
Japan Delayed
Latvia Delayed
Malta Delayed
Mexico Delayed
Mongolian Delayed
Netherlands Delayed
New Zealand Delayed
Norway Delayed
Poland Delayed
Portugal Delayed
Romania Delayed
Russia Delayed
Spain Delayed
Sweden Delayed
Switzerland Delayed
United Kingdom Delayed


Status: Fully operational; waiving signature-on-delivery service in most countries. Suspended money back guarantee.

The company is following CDC and WHO guidelines for health and hygiene, including educating team members, encouraging practices such as frequent hand-washing, and sanitation of workspaces and equipment.

1.     FedEx is considered an essential business and is trying to maintain normal operations as much as possible.

2. FedEx US store hours may be reduced - check your local store for new operating hours and available services.

3. Due to travel restrictions and border closures, the carrier has suspending its money-back guarantee for all FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Office services until further notice.

4. Singature-on-delivery services within the US have been suspended (and for most international destinations), except for cases where Adult Signature Required (ASR) is in place. Couriers will ask for verbal confirmation of name and maintain a safe distance.

5. They're experiencing delays (on average, 1-2 days) on most services from to US to Hong Kong, China, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa.

SF Express

Status: Fully operational, but facing some delays to all destinations. Have added a temporary emergency surcharge for shipments.

SF Express have been following recommended guidelines for safe delivery as per WHO guidelines. Are also facing delays due to airline cancellations leading to air freight shortage.

Have applied a temporary emergency surcharge for all new shipments going to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau. This pricing is already being reflected on the Easyship platform.


Status: Fully operational except where constrained by government restrictions.; waiving signature-on-delivery service in some countries.

  1. UPS has been deemed to be critical infrastructure by the Department of Homeland Security and is continuing to operate throughout the US, including in rural and restricted areas.
  2. UPS stores across the US remain open - you're advised to check operating hours before going.
  3. From March 24, UPS is suspending its Service Guarantee for all US-origin shipments (for both domestic and international services).
  4. Signature-on-delivery has been suspended within the US and for international shipments except for Adult Signature Required (ASR) services.

The company is following CDC and WHO guidelines for health and hygiene, including educating team members, encouraging practices such as frequent hand-washing, and sanitation of workspaces and equipment.