See below for how major carriers are responding to Covid-19 in the US, and how mail services are being affected. Find updates for APAC and US services at the links.

Last Updated: June 3rd, 2020, 2 am GMT

Before we start talking about courier services, let's get one thing clear: you can't get the coronavirus through your mail. For a virus to stay active, it requires a specific combination of environmental factors, including the right temperature, a lack of UV exposure, and humidity. Because mail is exposed to so many different environments while in transit, it's very unlikely that the virus can remain viable on your mail. The CDC's official line is that the virus is spread through respiratory droplets and there's a very low risk of getting it through the mail.

Our Insurance provider has amended it's timescales due to Covid, for more information, see here.

Royal Mail (UK)

Status: Operational domestically; some international routes have been suspended, all others are delayed.

  1. Royal Mail is handling coronavirus test kits for NHS staff.
  2. They are operating with far fewer staff.
  3. 1 pm time guarantee for Special Delivery has been suspended.
  4. Currently, 11,000 post offices are still open throughout the area.
  5. Signature-on-delivery services have been suspended; couriers will wait by the door until packages are retrieved and enter names into their handheld devices themselves.
  6. Major export routes remain open, including the USA.
  7. Delays are to be expected in many cases; suspensions are in place for certain countries.
Destination Country Service Status
Albania Suspended
Armenia Suspended
Barbados Suspended
Bermuda Suspended
Bosnia Suspended
Cuba Suspended
Djibouti Suspended
Ecuador Suspended
French Polynesia Suspended
Jamaica Suspended
Kuwait Suspended
Latvia Suspended
Lebanon Suspended
Macedonia Suspended
Mauritiana Suspended
Moldova Suspended
Montenegro Suspended
New Zealand Suspended
Peru Suspended
Philippines Suspended
South Africa Suspended
South Korea Suspended
Sri Lanka Suspended
St Kitts and Nevis Suspended
St Lucia Suspended
St Vincent and the Grenadines Suspended
Taiwan Suspended
Tanzania Suspended
Turks and Caicos Suspended
UAE Suspended
Ukraine Suspended
Venezuela Suspended
Zimbabwe Suspended
All other destinations Delayed

La Poste (France)

Status: Operating at limited capacity; expect delays; signature-on-delivery is suspended.

  1. La Poste is limiting operations to 1,600 post offices around the country.
  2. Not all services will be available at open La Poste offices - check the website to see what's operating at your local office.
  3. Mail and parcel delivery is being restricted to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; some local differences apply.
  4. La Poste is prioritizing essential deliveries such as medication, meal deliveries for older people, and protective equipment for hospitals.
  5. They have suspended signature-on-delivery. Instead, postmen will send a text message with an image of the item being delivered and require a message back to confirm delivery arrangements; otherwise, the package will be held at the local post office.

Correos (Spain)

Status: Operational; signature-on-delivery is not available; office hours and personnel have halved.

  1. Correos offices are now only open between 9.30 am-12.30 pm. Saturday hours have been suspended.
  2. Mail delivery will also only be available in the morning, and only on weekdays.
  3. Delivery notifications have been suspended.
  4. They have suspended signature-on-delivery; registered mail will be left in the mailbox if possible.

Poste Italiane (Italy)

Status: Operational with delays; signature-on-delivery is not available; international shipments are delayed.

  1. Some offices are open all day, some are only open in the morning. Check the website to see the operating hours for your local office.
  2. PostaTarget and PosteInteractive services have been suspended.
  3. Signature-on-delivery services have been suspended.
  4. International shipments are experiencing delays.

Deutsche Post (Germany)

Status: Operational; signature-on-delivery is not available.

  1. No major restrictions within Germany.
  2. Signature-on-delivery services have been suspended.
  3. International deliveries are experiencing delays due to other government restrictions and low route capacity. Some services have been suspended in certain countries. See here for more.


Status: Operational but facing delays to many destinations. Have applied temporary emergency surcharges.

While still operational throughout Europe, the following changes are in place:

  1. Delivery drivers are practicing safe delivery through social distancing.
  2. Some services are being delayed compared to regular delivery times.
  3. Hermes has implemented temporary emergency surcharges on all shipments. These costs are already reflected within the Easyship dashboard.

DHL Express

Status: Operational except for delays in cases of local government restrictions. Some retail locations have closed. Temporary emergency surcharges apply. Expect delays on all routes.

DHL is mobilizing Business Continuity plans to ensure that deliveries continue to be made. Top management is meeting each day to navigate the pandemic's swift evolution and daily hurdles. The carrier is ensuring that they follow all international and local government health protocols.

From the 25th of March, they have added a temporary emergency surcharge to each shipment. This pricing is already reflected for new shipments made on the Easyship platform.

  1. Many DHL retail locations in the UK have been closed.
  2. They have suspended signature-on-delivery.
  3. Expect delays on all routes leaving Europe.


Status: Fully operational; waiving signature-on-delivery service in some countries.

The company is following CDC and WHO guidelines for health and hygiene, including educating team members, encouraging practices such as frequent hand-washing, and sanitation of workspaces and equipment.

1.     FedEx is considered an essential business and is trying to maintain normal operations as much as possible.

2. Due to travel restrictions and border closures, the carrier has suspending its money-back guarantee for all FedEx Express services.

3. Temporary suspension of FedEx Express and TNT services in India.

4. Signature-on-delivery services have been amended; only verbal confirmation is needed.

5. Medical/food shipments may still be accepted for suspended routes in Europe. Check the full list.

Destination Country Service Service Status
Mongolia All Suspended
Kazakhstan all Suspended
Singapore TNT Economy Suspended
Guam, Pulau, Marshall Islands, Micronesia All Suspended
Philippines All Suspended
Tonga and Vanuatu All Suspended
India All Suspended
Burkina Faso All Suspended
Dem. Rep. of Congo All Suspended
Equatorial Guinea All Suspended
Gambia All Suspended
Mali All Suspended
Mauritius All Suspended
Niger All Suspended
Rwanda All Suspended
South Africa All Suspended
All other destinations All Delayed


Status: Fully operational except where constrained by government restrictions.; waiving signature-on-delivery service in some countries.

  1. UPS is currently operating on Monday-Friday.
  2. UPS Money Back Guarantee has been suspended.
  3. Signature-on-delivery has been suspended.

The company is following CDC and WHO guidelines for health and hygiene, including educating team members, encouraging practices such as frequent hand-washing, and sanitation of workspaces and equipment.

UPS cannot deliver to certain red zones in Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal. Operations in parts of Germany and France may be impacted. See the full list of affected postcodes.