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Craighill: Beautiful Designs Made Simply

Craighill is a design studio that ships internationally, thanks to Easyship. Learn more about Craighill's products and how Easyship helped them overcome their obstacles to global commerce.
Craighill: Beautiful Designs Made Simply
Chris Henderson

By Chris Henderson


April 5, 2021

In 2015, Hunter Craighill launched a design studio to inspire wonder. Each creation from Craighill, whether a ring or a pen stand, invites you to consider the beauty of a single material, made beautifully.

Craighill pushes the design truism of ‘less is more’ to the max. Each design is composed of a single natural resource, be it wood or gold, as well as a singular design process. This organic approach yields wondrously minimal artworks made to complement our everyday lives.

Craghill’s unique aesthetic and captivating craftsmanship has gained an international audience. The Craighill design studio in Brooklyn, NY, sells to the world via its website and retailers like West Elm and Amazon. Easyship sat down with Zach Fried, Head of Brand at Craighill, to hear about how Easyship has transformed Craihill’s shipping for the better.

The Craighill Mission

Materialism is the modern obsession with acquiring stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Craighill aims to subvert this definition to shake us from these patterns of consumption. Shouldn’t materialism instead mean that we emphasize the value of a material above all else? In the case of Craighill, the hope is that quality design can help people be more satisfied with fewer possessions.

Discovery is a ethos for the Craighill design team. Each new design cycle centers around a fresh design process. These constraints force the Craighill team to reimagine each item.

The Craighill Approach to eCommerce

At Craighill, product design is part of the marketing plan. When you sell unique items, word gets around. And though the brand initially struggled to reach customers, its devotion to quality ultimately brought in business.

“Every product we put out is intended to grow the business in some way,” said Craighill. “[It should] expand our reach, open up new opportunities, develop new resources or internal knowledge – all of which allow us to design and release the next product. I genuinely enjoy the business-building part of this, which isn’t discussed openly enough by most designers.”

It’s important to play to your strengths in eCommerce. For Craghill, its design aesthetic is a real asset, especially on social media. Consider where you outshine your competitors, then look for ways to leverage those strengths into growth.

Shipping With Easyship

As Craighill grew, it began to ship overseas. This is where Easyhip came in handy.

Zach Field, marketing director at Craighill, says Easyship gives them “the ability to provide a variety of real-time quotes to customers all over the world makes our checkout process transparent, which helps build trust.”

Previously, the company was using a single courier service and paying higher rates for it. Without a shipping platform like Easyship, Craighill was unable to link its site to multiple couriers. This meant that the process of sourcing rates for global customers was too complex, too time-consuming to be functional. “We were looking for the ability to smoothly process thousands of orders at once, going to different locations all over the world,” said Field.

With Easyship, Craighill linked its website directly with all top global couriers. This provided immediate access to real-time shipping rates from multiple couriers. “Establishing direct contact with specific couriers and negotiating better rates over the phone really works. Human beings still make these decisions, and once you have negotiated the best possible rates, you can bring them into the Easyship ecosystem and automate from there,” said Field.

Automating fulfillment was a game changer for Craighill. Their site could pull the cheapest rates from couriers and display these accurate rates to customers at checkout. This eliminated all the back-and-forth on rate sourcing, as well as the need to share tracking information with buyers. Easyship automated everything from rates to tracking to order status notifications.

The company saved 10+ hours each week on fulfillment overnight. Meanwhile, customers got a more streamlined purchase flow and ordered more. And with access to pre-negotiated courier rates – Craighill saved up to 70% off all rates. “It ensures that we're not over or under charging for shipping as rates fluctuate,” said Field.

“This smooth flow of information allows shipping to be both dynamic and reliable,” said Field, and was ultimately what enabled the company to expand globally while staying profitable (and sane).

Less is always going to be more for Craighill. And when you use Easyship’s automated shipping system, the same goes for shipping and fulfillment.

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