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How Can I Reduce My International Shipping Costs?

Shipping internationally can be expensive for online merchants. Explore actionable strategies on how businesses can cut their international shipping costs.
How Can I Reduce My International Shipping Costs?

By Jules


December 26, 2019

As an online merchant, you probably already know that shipping goods around the world can be really expensive. And, these can make a significant dent in your profit margin. That’s why it’s important that you keep tabs on tips that will help you reduce your international shipping costs. This guide will break down some useful tips on lowering the cost of shipping goods to your global customer base.

12 Ways to Cut International Shipping Costs

Has your online store’s bottom line taken a bit of a hit? Perhaps it’s time you take a good look at what your shipping costs are doing to your profits. Whether it’s high prices on the goods you order from manufacturers and wholesalers or brutal costs for shipping to customers, you need to pay close attention to your USPS international shipping cost - or, indeed, the costs of whichever carrier you use. Here are a few tips to help you slash your international shipping costs.

Negotiate Prices

Depending on your annual volume of shipments, you may be entitled to negotiate better prices with your carrier. The more goods you ship to your customers, the lower your shipping rates will be. Don’t be afraid to ask for these.

  • Understand the Location

If your shipments are being sent to a specific location, you may be able to save on international shipping costs by picking local couriers that offer discounted prices to merchants shipping to their region.

  • Try Third-Party Insurance

This is another sure way to reduce your international shipping costs. Carriers charge premium prices for insurance coverage, so if you use third-party insurance you can make big savings. You could save up to US$0.35 for every US$100 being insured - but those little savings can add up over time.

  • Have the Right Shipping Supplies

This is especially true when it comes to the size or dimensions of your mailing boxes. Shipping rates are usually calculated based on the weight and volume of a package, so you should aim to pack your products in boxes that offer a snug fit instead of being too large.

  • Get Accurate Weight and Dimensions

When you have accurate weight and dimensions for your packages, it becomes much easier to get an accurate estimate of your international shipping costs. This is because Easyship (and most couriers) allow you to enter these metrics into a shipping calculator to get an instant quote. This way, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises when you go to ship your package.

  • Get Free Shipping Supplies

Many carriers offer their customers free shipping supplies. If you’re looking to slash your mailing costs, you should definitely take advantage of these. You will especially find these boxes and envelopes useful if you frequently ship small products to your customers.

  • Buy Packaging Materials Directly from Manufacturers

Yes, you can actually buy your packing materials from your shipping company. But, these materials - like styrofoam and packing peanuts - are far cheaper if you get them from the manufacturers.

  • Do Away with Excess Weight

Don’t forget that when it comes to reducing UPS international shipping costs - or global mailing costs with any carrier - you need to keep excess weight at bay. Try working with packing materials that are light but durable to save on weight-related costs.

  • Dig for Discounts

Every now and then, carriers offer discounted shipping rates to their customers. You should always be on the hunt for these. Keep an eye on your carriers’ websites and subscribe to their emails so you never miss low-cost opportunities. For example, USPS offers discounts for shipping things like CDs, DVDs and books.

  • Try Different Packing Materials

Picking the right packing materials is a fine art. You need to find some that are both durable and light to get the best protection for your products - and the best shipping prices. Experiment with a few different materials until you find some that work for you and your business.

Cut Your International Shipping Costs Today!

If you’re looking to take your business global, shipping can present a significant barrier. But reaching international shouldn’t be a problem if you use the above tips. These will allow you to access a larger customer base while cutting your international shipping costs and protecting your bottom line. Easyship specializes in cross-border shipping and offers discounts of up to 70% with more than 250 shipping solutions. Whether you’re trying to cut down your FedEx international shipping costs - or those of any other carrier - sign up for a free account today and let Easyship help you access the international market.