Key Points:

  • DHL doesn't offer any weekend delivery services in the US
  • DHL's delivery options throughout Europe runs from Monday to Saturday
  • DHL Saturday delivery is available for an additional surcharge of €40 per shipment

DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn) is the courier service division of Deutsche Post HL, which is one of the largest logistics services networks in the world. Headquartered in Bonn, Germany, the DHL’s courier services cover over 220 countries and offer Express delivery, freight forwarding, and warehousing.

But with all its impressive offerings, it’s the weekend delivery options that many customers ask about. In this article, we break down everything you need to know about weekend deliveries, from where it's available and how much it costs to which DHL services offer it and how to use it.

With the fierce competition that’s playing out in the eCommerce industry, the ability to make deliveries outside of normal business hours has become imperative. That’s why eCommerce businesses – especially those operating in Europe and the US – are now consistently choosing courier services that offer residential delivery on Saturdays and Sundays.

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DHL Weekend Delivery Service

Unfortunately, the company doesn't offer any weekend delivery services in the US, but it does offer extensive delivery options in Europe and other parts of the world.

DHL’s standard delivery operations throughout Europe runs from Mondays to Saturdays. But, even around the world, the company allows you to request your package to be delivered on weekends when you book your shipment. That’s because being able to deliver on any day is very important for urgent or special orders especially for the eCommerce industry.

Sometimes, customers can only be at the delivery address during this time; often, they need last-minute shipping for special occasions like Christmas or birthdays. That’s why any savvy eCommerce retailer will take advantage of maximized sales opportunities by offering out-of-hours delivery options.

The major benefits of delivering outside of normal business hours are:

Does DHL Deliver on Weekends?

DHL Saturday Deliveries

As previously mentioned, DHL deliveries on Saturday are widely available in Europe. To use these delivery services, simply select the option when booking your shipment. Delivery is available for an additional surcharge of €40 per shipment. For this service, parcels are usually picked up on Friday to be delivered the next day. Pickup is also available for an additional €20 per shipment. However, it should be noted that these prices and services are only available in the Benelux region. In addition, DHL delivery hours on Saturday are usually limited to the morning.

Does DHL Deliver on Sunday?

Well, the answer really depends on where you live. For example, in the US, DHL doesn’t deliver that day (or at all on weekends). But, in countries like the UAE, DHL offers Sunday pickup and deliveries. It simply uses local post offices in countries where it’s a normal working day (like the UAE). In other countries, only urgent packages can be delivered with same-day delivery. Of course, these come with significant additional charges. DHL delivery times on the weekends are much shorter than normal days - deliveries are usually made in the morning.

Which DHL Services Can I Use?

DHL offers many solutions and shipping services for personal and business needs. From small and medium enterprises to large businesses, DHL has shipping solutions for everyone. It also has software integration solutions. Some of DHL’s most popular services are:

  • DHL Express
  • DHL Parcel
  • DHL eCommerce
  • DHL global forwarding
  • DHL Freight
  • DHL Supply chain

Of course, the services largely depend on the region you’re delivering to and are subject to additional costs. To use these services, simply select the DHL Saturday Delivery option when you book your shipment. Delivery on Sunday is only offered for urgent shipments, and at high additional fees. Let’s take a look at a few different countries.


DHL delivery in the US is usually only offered during regular working hours i.e. Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. However, for urgent deliveries, you can request special deliveries on weekends. These will incur significant extra charges but can be useful if you urgently need to ship a package.

Europe and the UK

DHL delivers throughout Europe from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm. Deliveries are also made to the Benelux. However, DHL does not deliver to the Wadden Sea Islands in the Netherlands unless it’s on weekdays. For weekend deliveries pickup is made on Friday. Special Sunday delivery can be organized with additional charges. Remember that DHL delivery times on this day are short, so be prepared for this.


In Malaysia, regular delivery is made from Monday to Friday, between 830am and 530pm. DHL delivery hours on Saturday are shorter - generally, they only operate between 830am and 1230pm.

The Gulf

In the Gulf countries, weekends fall on Friday and Saturday. However, Friday is the only day that delivery is not made. DHL partners with local post offices to offer deliveries on all other days..


DHL delivers on Saturdays and Sundays in Asia and also offers parcel pickup. In Asia, DHL even delivers on public holidays if required.


Down under, regular deliveries are made from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm. Exact timings depend on the size of the parcel and its destination address. Special deliveries can also be made on weekends if necessary.

DHL Delivery Hours for Saturday and Sunday

DHL delivery times for Saturday largely depend on the region (and country) you’re sending from and delivering to. The same applies to DHL delivery times on Sundays. In many Christian countries, delivery on that day is not possible. But, in the Gulf, our regular weekends are normal working days so deliveries are made during regular working hours. However, under exceptional circumstances, you can request delivery at an extra charge.

How Much Does It Cost?

Delivery costs depend on the destination country, as well as the weight and dimensions of your package. You can get an estimate of your cost by using the shipping rate calculator. This will give you three estimates: one for booking online, one for dropping off the package at a location, and one for booking by phone. You’ll even be able to find the nearest dropoff location.

DHL Saturday and Sunday Deliveries

For this type of delivery, you’ll usually need to pay an additional US$50 per shipment. In countries where Saturday delivery is not usually provided, you’ll have to pay a much higher surcharge.

How to Use the Service

  • Go to the DHL website.
  • Estimate your shipping rate by entering your package weight, dimensions, and destination. Note that for packages over 20kgs, you’ll have to call for a quote.
  • In most cases, you’ll be able to book your shipment online - you will have to print out the waybill and attach it to your parcel.
  • You can also drop off the package at a convenient location - find your nearest office here.
  • For international shipping and freight forwarding, you can use this link.
  • First, you will have to select whether you’re sending documents or a parcel.
  • Then, you’ll need to specify the number of boxes or envelopes you want to ship.
  • Next, enter the dimensions of the parcel or document. For parcels, you’ll have to mention its value and what currency you want to use.
  • After that, add in the shipper’s information and address; the next step will require the receiver’s information.
  • Finally, schedule the pickup and specify if you want a Saturday delivery option.
  • Your shipping costs will be displayed at this point, after which you can confirm the shipment.
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Give Your Customers More Flexibility

As the eCommerce market grows more competitive, offering deliveries at the weekend will give you a competitive edge. DHL is a very reliable courier service and offers several services to help you with this. Easyship partners with DHL to provide a variety of services to facilitate your shipping. Easyship offers a range of DHL options in the shipping options.

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