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  • Drop trailer service is a tool for shippers and receivers that allows a carrier to leave a trailer or trailers in their possession for an extended period
  • With the drop trailer program, shippers can adjust their periods of operation or loading time to suit their most efficient hours
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Currently, there is a high demand for goods and services. The creation of new products and competition between merchants have necessitated speedy delivery and an optimized supply chain. Merchants have accepted the use of drop trailers to beat production time and get goods to customers within the shortest possible time.

In this article, we will find more about how drop trailers help increase the supply chain efficiency for merchants by providing cost-effective and speedy alternatives.

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What is a Drop Trailer Program?

A drop trailer program is designed as a service for shippers. In the program, the carrier, through request or contract, gives a trailer or trailers for an extended period. During this period, the receiver uses the trailer to transport goods at convenience.

What's Drop Trailer Shipping?

This way, the drop trailer provides the receiving party with value for the duration of the contract and is used to ship a large amount of freight. In addition, the drop trailer facilitates speedy transportation of goods to reach their designated location in the shortest time possible.

Because of its massive impact on the supply chain, shippers can plan effectively with drop trailers to improve productivity.

Pros of Drop Trailer Shipping

Drop trailers are in high demand for companies with an optimized supply chain to increase productivity and efficiency. Its advantages lie in the flexibility it affords shippers and the reduced lead time. It also provides other benefits, which are discussed here:

Load-time flexibility

Shippers opt for the use of drop trailers because they are flexible. With a drop trailer, shippers can utilize it by loading whenever the goods arrive. However, this is not the only way drop trailers are flexible. Since the drop trailer is in the care of shippers for an increased period, shippers can take time to load the freight carefully and comply with the essential safety regulations.

Also, the possession of a drop trailer allows shippers to work under flexible and convenient schedules. Shippers can adjust their periods of operation or loading time to suit their most efficient hours. Shippers can also easily avoid the menace of paying workers overtime since working times can duly be adjusted and utilized effectively.

Less congestion on docks

The routine of trailers and trucks arriving and departing the docks leads to congestion. However, the drop trailers program enables increased motion for shippers as they discharge their duties.

Through the correct use of drop trailers, trucks arrive to move trailers that have been loaded or emptied. This way, there are fewer trucks and trailers at the bay and less congestion. As of recently, shippers also employ drop trailers to temporarily store goods, which makes them needed in warehouses to free up spaces at the docks.

Improve delivery lead times

One goal that is always a top priority for workers is reducing delivery lead times and speedy delivery. The flexibility and effectiveness of the drop trailer program tend to help shippers plan their schedules to reduce lead times. Shippers can book a drop trailer ahead of their pick-up date to schedule their loading when they have the necessary equipment.

Furthermore, workers like the driver can work efficiently without glitches since they can arrive to operate on a working schedule. As a result, shippers are on time, trailers have been loaded with freight, and drivers and other workers arrive to begin transportation. All of these make speedy delivery possible.

Reduce shipping costs

With the correct use of drop trailers, both shippers and receivers can avoid specific fees. In addition, drop trailers can help shippers prevent some or all of these charges:

  • Detention fees: A detention fee will be charged if a shipment has not been prepared for loading after 2+ hours of a truck’s arrival.
  • Layover fee: Charged when a trailer is left used overnight
  • Driver-assist charge: This cost is usually between $100-$150 and is charged on behalf of drivers when needed to load trucks.

The use of this service may not mean that these fees will be avoided, but shippers can plan effectively enough with drop trailers to avoid the charges.

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Cons of Drop Trailer Shipping

Drop trailers are of benefit to shippers over time. However, there are certain aspects one should consider when using them.

Not ideal for perishable items

This method of shipping isn't ideal for perishable and temperature-controlled goods. Refrigerated trailers are not suitable for perishable and temperature-controlled goods. Trailers are subjected to various temperature exposure and changes during movement due to continuous loading and unloading. Regardless of the pros of drop trailers, merchants that deal with perishable items may not be the best option for you.

Space concerns for drop trailer shipping

Drop trailers can cause congestion too due to human error and lack of space to accommodate a trailer. So if you do not have enough space, it is advisable not to use this service.

Also, it can be time-consuming and strenuous to move a loaded trailer only to replace it with an empty trailer, especially for small operations that cannot employ truck drivers to move trailers around a loading area.

Not ideal for urgent shipments

Using the drop trailer program requires adequate planning. Both shipper and carrier have to plan to make a trailer available at the needed time.

The planning is necessary because of one main reason - small carriers usually do not have enough trailers in the case of an urgent need. Shippers have to book ahead of time, making it practically impossible to get one urgently. Without adequate planning, drop trailers should not be considered by shippers who have limited time to move their shipment,

The price of drop trailer shipping isn’t consistent

The prices of drop trailers change. Unfortunately, during budgeting and planning, the prices of drop trailers cannot easily be relied on, and this is because they are constantly changing. The high demands of these trailers invariably imparted their shortage and the shortage of drivers and trucks.

Consider Drop Trailer Shipping with Easyship

For shippers with enough space to house drop trailers for an agreed period and load during the given period, drop trailers can be a vital service. Also, for merchants who do not have access to warehouses and workforce to receive incoming shipments, drop trailers can serve the purpose of receiving and unloading incoming freight.

Regardless of the benefits of this service, shippers have to be tactical and make calculated decisions before opting for their use. In addition, merchants have to plan for a drop trailer, making drop trailers infeasible for urgent help.

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