Buy on Google, which supports direct shopping on Google’s 100 billion monthly search queries, now integrates with Easyship. This new integration endows Google merchants with Easyship’s multi-channel fulfillment capabilities, including features like automated label generation, real-time tracking, and discounted shipping rates up to 89% off.

Merchants can now pull orders from Google Merchant Center into Easyship to manage all shipping activity in one simple dashboard. As a Google merchant, you can also use Easyship for free for the first 50 shipments each month. Here’s what this new integration means for Easyship users.

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Sync Orders in Seconds

It takes just a couple of clicks to integrate Easyship with Google Shopping. After you sync your items and orders into Easyship, all your shipment activity for Google Shopping can be managed in the Easyship dashboard, including:

  • Create shipments
  • Purchase shipping labels
  • Compare courier rates
  • Manage tracking statuses
  • View delivery status
  • Change courier services

Easyship is part inventory management system, part shipping platform. Once your eCommerce inventory is synced to Easyship, you can coordinate all shipping and fulfillment seamlessly for all your sales channels – including Buy on Google. The two-click integration process is the first step to fast, flexible and transparent shipping for all orders.

Generate Shipping Labels Automatically

Easyship is designed to save time on fulfillment. Specifically, Easyship automatically generates all shipping documents for Buy on Google orders, including:

  • Shipping labels
  • Customer invoices
  • Packing slips
  • Customs documents (if applicable)

All shipping-related paperwork is created for you instantly whether you buy a shipping label in Easyship, or an incoming Google order automatically creates a shipment on your behalf. You can view, download and print all required paperwork in the shipping dashboard next to the order.

Automated label generation allows you to breeze through fulfillment without a second thought. For example, what import documents are needed to ship to Brazil? With Easyship, all paperwork for clearing customs generates for you once the delivery address appears. If you ship overseas, this lets you fulfill orders without any of the usual headaches.

Save on Discount Shipping Rates

Easyship gives you instant access to discounted courier rates up to 89% off retail. Ship with the most popular services from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and over 200 global couriers. Your Google Merchant account will automatically use the discounted rates provided via Easyship.

Almost half of online shoppers say that higher than expected shipping costs are a main reason why they abandon carts. With cheaper shipping, you can boost sales while you cut your costs. And if you offer free shipping, using discount rates is basically putting money right into your pocket.

You can browse and select your shipping services in the Easyship dashboard. Here you’ll see accurate rate quotes sourced from all courier websites. Your discount amount appears in yellow, and the savings are applied automatically.

Here we see a 26% savings on USPS First Class, and 35% on UPS Next Day Air. Your Buy on Google checkout will reflect the discounted rates to customers, helping to boost your sales while saving you money.

Gain Visibility in the Google Merchant Center

The Easyship dashboard is your shipment control center. It’s where you manage all shipping activity for Google Shopping at a glance, including creating shipments, printing labels, and comparing couriers. Meanwhile, all data from Easyship flows right into Google Merchant Center. This way, you get real-time visibility of all shipping activity in both your Google and Easyship accounts.

Below, we see that Google Merchant Center reflects the real-time status of a pending shipment fulfilled with Easyship. All tracking and relevant order details appear in Google Merchant Center from Easyship.

Transparency between platforms allows you to effectively monitor your inventory. Easyship updates inventory based on the real-time status of the shipment, including returns. This way, you’ll never sell an item that you don’t have in stock.

Your analytics also benefit from the inter-platform data exchange. For example, you can track your shipping costs in Easyship to determine if you should choose a different courier. Or use Google’s analytics to determine your most profitable markets. With free-flowing data, you can make optimal business decisions and achieve cost-effective shipping at a glance.

Google Shopping is Better with Easy Shipping

Buy on Google with Easyship is multichannel shipping on easy mode. Following a quick inventory sync, you gain full visibility of inventory and shipment activity with the Easyship board, plus, all shipment data updates in Google Merchant Center in real-time. Save money on discounted shipping rates from USPS and hundreds of global couriers. With automated label generation for shipping labels, packing slips, invoices, and customs documents, save time. Easyship picks up where Google leaves off, making your fulfillment frictionless.

For detailed instruction on how to integrate, read the full support article.