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Easyship's 2017 in review

Tommaso Tamburnotti

by Tommaso Tamburnotti

On 2017 M12 19

by Tommaso Tamburnotti

December is here, and although we are in the middle of the holiday rush, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how much Easyship has changed and grown in 2017.

Let's re-visit the best moments we've had this year!

A year of firsts

  • We opened our first office in the US. Expanding our worldwide presence by opening our first US office in Brooklyn, New York, was definitely one of the top highlights of the year! The US is a mature eCommerce market and we are already seeing strong growth. We are excited to get more American sellers thinking big and shipping worldwide.
  • We hosted the first ever eCommerce Day in Hong Kong andSingapore. We partnered with major brands such as Shopify, Google, and Stripe to make this possible. Both events were a huge success, with over 750 signups in less than 48 hours! Our sights are set for an even bigger turnout in 2018!
  • We held our first company-wide summit. Almost three years into the making, we finally got everyone from our Hong Kong, Singapore, and US offices together at our headquarters in Hong Kong for three days of intensive learning and bonding. Fun times were had!

We’ve grown a lot

  • We added 40 new shipping solutions to our platform. We work tirelessly to expand our offerings to ensure that our customers have access to the best shipping solutions for their business.
  • We increased our company headcount by 30%. As our business is growing a lot, we needed more developers, marketers, customer service reps, and sales reps to manage more sellers on our platform. We are happy to welcome our newest shipping sherpas to the Easyship family!

We’ve done a lot

  • We got listed on the Shopify app store! After months of building our plug-in to Shopify's high standards, we finally got the listing we deserved. This is the equivalent of earning a spot at the adults table during family gatherings. We are also proud to be the first app listed in the shipping category. We couldn't be happier!
  • We added more integrations with major eCommerce platforms. This year we welcomed Magento andBigCommerce to the fold. If your online store is on either of these platforms, you now have the opportunity to connect your store to Easyship in a minute thanks to our store sync!
  • We natively integrated with WeWork, Shopmatic, Shoptiq, and other warehouses. More eCommerce partners chose Easyship as their main shipping provider. Looking forward to more!
  • We added major new features: Dashboard analytics, real-time rates at Checkout, and an open API. We enhanced ourdashboard so you can see useful shipping analytics that give you an overview of where your shipments are. We also enabled our plug-in to display rates at Checkout which are dynamic, helping you to offer the best rates to your customers based on their shipping location. We created an easy-to-use API to integrate our rates at Checkout into any website, free of charge!
  • We gave easyship.com a face lift. What do you think of our new website design?

I'm deeply thankful for all our shipping sherpas, clients, and partners who have supported us and given us feedback so we can provide a better experience for everyone.

Here's to a wonderful and prosperous 2018!