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eCommerce and Logistics Roundup: December 8, 2018


by Jules

On 2018 M12 8

by Jules

Before we begin with our bi-weekly roundup, we have 2 special announcements to make:

Easyship raises $4M

Not to toot our own horn, but... we got some funding for our Series A! Get all the deets from our press hit in TechCrunch, NBD.

According to our Co-Founder Tommaso Tamburnotti, the new funds will go toward developing the company’s technology — which helps to find cost-effective shipping routes, adding more shipment and logistics partners, and reaching more customers in bigger markets such as the US.

Easyship now offers BigCommerce retailers same-day delivery in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago

We're super excited to announce that starting December 14th, BigCommerce retailers in qualifying metro areas can now provide faster delivery options at checkout – just in time for the holidays!

Allowing small and medium sized merchants the opportunity to provide cost-effective, on-demand delivery supports Easyship’s mission of enabling growth for all businesses.

More details to be shared soon!

And now, to the roundup! Here are our thoughts on the eCommerce and logistics news that's captured our interest over the past two weeks.

Track packages easily with iOS 'Deliveries' Siri shortcut

This one's for the Apple users out there - you can now enable a "Deliveries" shortcut on Siri, allowing you to access the app via voice command. Hooray for making it even easier for you to track multiple deliveries!

Our take: If your customers are not Apple users, they'll most likely be relying on your tracking page to see where their shipment is. Don't forget to take advantage of this by customizing your tracking page with special messaging or promotions! Here's how to do it on Easyship.

eCommerce best practices: E-Mail, Data Capturing, and Data Democratization

We really liked this Retail TouchPoints article about the unique marketing challenges eCommerce SMB's face.

The digital marketing advice given also made sense - focus on email marketing (as it has the highest ROI), get as much data from your customers as you can so you can learn from it, and consider using lookalike audiences on social media to gather leads.

Our take: We're definitely a fan of email here at Easyship. Check out the following articles on our blog if you're interested in sharpening your skills:

Thinking of using USPS to ship to Canada? Think again

In case you were unaware, Canada Post workers went on a rotating strike for 5 weeks, causing major delays in parcel delivery throughout Canada. According to Freightwaves, "Delays in international parcel deliveries will stretch into March", due to the backlog.

Our take: If you need to send parcels during the holiday season to Canada, it's best to avoid using your country's postal service (such as USPS, Hong Kong Post, SingPost, and Australia Post) as it could possibly be returned due to overwhelming backlog.

Check out our Rates page to see other courier options, with discounted rates to boot!