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Easyship Product Release Notes

Discover all of the latest product updates and company announcements for Easyship.
Easyship Product Release Notes

By Jules


September 17, 2020

What's new at Easyship? Learn about all of our software and product updates, new courier additions and other company updates in one place. Right here! Scroll through to catch up on previous updates and new features to help supercharge your eCommerce and crowdfunding shipping.

October 2020

Now you can ship with Asendia: Founded by La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia merchants can take advantage Asendia Country Tracked and Asendia Fully Tracked for shipments across the globe. Start shipping with Asendia today!

Easyship Joins the Zoho Marketplace: We’re excited to announce Easyship is now part of Zoho Marketplace, allowing businesses to easily integrate with Zoho Inventory  and Zoho Commerce. This integration empowers Zoho's customers to grow their business through cross-border shipping.

Learn more on our blog or get started with the Easyship integration page on Zoho Inventory.

Easyship Joins the Shopify Plus Marketplace: With Easyship’s inclusion in the Shopify Plus Certified App program, leading enterprise merchants will gain access to omnichannel shipping solutions to power global growth.

“Shopify Plus merchants can now enjoy the enterprise logistics and fulfillment support needed to increase sales and ensure customer satisfaction, from checkout to delivery,” said Tommaso Tamburnotti, Co-Founder of Easyship.

New Dashboard for the Easyship Helpcenter: With this new dashboard, you can login using your Easyship username and password, and easily manage  your open queries by using MY TICKETS. To learn more, visit our Help Center article!

September 2020

A Smoother Transition from Packed to Shipped: The new Manage Pickups page allows you to easily check the status of a group of shipments by a particular courier so you can quickly know the status, and if necessary make changes. If you encounter problems, you can now easily take direct action to request support from many of the couriers in our network to make sure any issues are properly addressed.

Automate Your Shipping Workflow with Zapier and Easyship: This new partnership allows business owners to streamline their shipping automation, and reduce the amount of time they spend on manual tasks. Our goal is to make Easyship accessible to SMBs regardless of the tools they use, so they can gain access to our discounted shipping rates and global scalability.

August 2020

Saved Views for Speedier Shipment Management: We’ve introduced a new feature for the dashboard, Saved Views, which allows you to easily save your filters from the Advanced and Manage shipments pages, saving you from entering the filter criteria each time.

New International Shipping Solutions in Europe

  • In France we’ve added couriers Colissimo and Chronopost, as well as services from UPS and DHL Express.
  • In Germany, customers now have access to UPS Standard and Express Saver as well as DHL Express services
  • Customers in Italy can now ship through Poste Italiane, UPS Standard, FedEx International
  • In the Netherlands, customers can ship internationally with PostNL and FedEx International.
  • Customers in Spain can now ship through DHL Express.

New Design for Store Pages: We’ve revamped the store page to provide a cleaner look, and you will also notice that we provide some Easyship tips through your notifications, which you can always turn off if you don’t find them useful.

Updated USPS Flat Rate (International) Box Sizes & Prices: We have all new and updated USPS flat rate tables so you can easily find the rates for various package sizes.

New Guide: Managing eCommerce Returns: We’re excited to launch our latest guide: Managing eCommerce Returns. Our guide provides in-depth insights on the Impact of Product returns, Effective Management Strategies & How to Create a Good Return Policy for Your eCommerce Store.

July 2020

Manage your Shipments Better with Easyship’s New Tags: We’ve introduced an all-new tag feature to Easyship to help you keep track of your shipments and organize them as you see fit.

Improved Advanced Search Experience: Our drastically improved Advanced Search is now lightning-speed fast! We’ve also added new filtration options so that searching through your shipments is faster, more powerful, and more flexible.

More International Shipping Solutions

  1. Easyship users in Singapore shipping with FedEx and UPS can now schedule pickups! If you can’t find this in your account, please reach out to your account manager - they’ll be able to show you how to access it and find great rates!
  2. For retailers with large customer bases in Europe, we’ve added a new service with Aramex which offers great rates for shipping from Singapore to the EU!
  3. In the United Kingdom, we’ve reintroduced the DPD dropoff service!
  4. UK users will also be able to access pickup services with great rates for FedEx and DHL Express - we’ve also got exciting new services coming soon, so stayed tuned!
  5. In case you missed it, in June, we introduced Easyship’s Flat Export Rate for affordable international shipping!

June 2020

New Notification Center is Now Live for Everyone: The notification Center will provide regular updates through the shipment creation process. These were previously only sent by email; now, you can still receive the emails, but you’ll also see the alerts in the top left of your Easyship account when you log in!

Improved Country Grouping for Shipping Rules: Easyship merchants now have more control over creating country-based shipping rules on the platform. Before, adding a shipping rule that applied to multiple countries was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Save on Shipping with our Flat Export Rates: To help you access more affordable international shipping, we consolidated several shipping solutions to offer you one discounted service. Easyship’s Flat Export Rates are based on your parcel’s weight, so you’ll never pay more than you should.

International Shipping Solutions:

  • Easyship users in Singapore can now access FedEx International Priority shipping solutions to provide express international shipping for their clients and customers.

May 2020

Stay on Top of Your Shipments with the New Notification Center: The Notification Center will give you regular updates throughout the shipment creation process. Previously, these were sent by email; while you can still choose to receive the emails, you can now see all these alerts in the dedicated Notification Center on the dashboard.

Get Through the Pandemic with Our COVID-19 Resources: We’ve put together a complete lineup of COVID-19 resources, ranging from partner offers and courier operations updates to guides for managing your shipping during this time.

New International Shipping Solutions

  • Easyship users in Australia can now use TNT international services to send parcels around the world!
  • Also in Australia, our eFulfillment clients now have access to DHL’s eCommerce services. Most people are shopping online these days, so if you’re an online merchant in Australia, these services will be a big help for keeping up with your orders.

April 2020

Experience Greater Usability with Product Listings: This month, we’ve made further changes to the way you create product listings so that it’s more intuitive and gives you more clarity over managing multiple stores. The improved product listing process involves a clearer workflow which is more user-friendly and instructional. Users can now see exactly which store they’re adding products to.

A New Way of Entering Shipment Sizing for Rate Calculations: Size matters when it comes to calculating shipping rates. That’s why, to make things easier for everyone, we’ve changed the way you can enter details when creating shipments.

This means that shipping rates will be calculated slightly differently now. Here’s what’s going to happen.

  • The Easyship system will now automatically calculate box size (and shipping rates) based on the information you’ve previously provided in the product listing section.
  • This means, if you want to edit product size and dimensions for a shipment, you’ll have to do this beforehand in the product listing editor.
  • If there is no appropriate product listing in your account, the system will use the box size you enter in the shipment creator to calculate your shipping rate.
  • If you don’t enter a box size, the rates will be calculated using deadweight only. This may result in rate adjustments later, so we recommend that you provide accurate box sizes when creating your shipments.

New International Shipping Solutions:

  1. Canpar Express is now live on Easyship! Canadian clients can now use the Ontario-based courier for a range of domestic and international services through their dashboard. This includes Canada-wide ground, express, 10AM, and noon services, along with cost-effective international deliveries to 215 countries.
  2. In Australia, our merchants can now access FedEx International Economy (2-4 days for Asia; 3 days for US; 3-4 days for Europe) and FedEx International Priority (1-3 days for delivery) services through their account.

March 2020

Squarespace x Easyship Integration is Live: We gave you a sneak peek last month, but we’re excited to announce that our integration with Squarespace is now live! Now, Squarespace merchants can easily integrate the Easyship extension with their store and get access to the full range of Easyship tools to simplify their shipping process. Plus, sellers can now sync directly to Easyship and update tracking with just a few clicks.

Take Control of Your Shipping Insurance: Previously, insurance was calculated as a percentage of the total value of a shipment (that’s the shipping cost plus the product value). And, if things went wrong, the sender would receive a 100% refund of the total cost. However, it became clear to us that many of you wanted lower insurance fees and more flexibility in what was covered. That’s why you can now decide the way your insurance is calculated.

Now, you can choose from three methods of insurance calculation:

  • Insure just the selling price of the item.
  • Choose a percentage of the selling price as insurance.
  • Set your own price as the insurance value.

Managing Product Listings Through Your Easyship Dashboard Just Got Easier: We’ve revamped the way our product listings work so that they’re more intuitive - and much easier for you to manage. Before, updating values such as product weight and dimensions was a bit of a task. You had to upload a CSV file. It also could only be done through direct integrations. Now though, you can edit values directly in the Easyship dashboard using a bulk editor. The result? It’s much faster and easier for you to change details on your product listings.

New International Shipping Options

  • Australian clients can now use CouriersPlease! The well-known courier is great for express deliveries in Australia and also offers signature-on-delivery or authority to leave (no signature required) services.
  • Hong Kong fulfillment clients will now be able to use FedEx First for international shipments. This is FedEx’s fastest service and offers delivery as early as 8am on the next business day in certain locations.
  • Our merchants in the UK now have access to affordable international shipping with UPS’s Worldwide Saver service, which offers delivery within 1-5 business days.

February 2020

Give Your Customers More Options for Paying Taxes: As well as showing options to pay on delivery, you can allow your customers to see options to prepay taxes and duties straight away. The best part is that Easyship users can now set up these checkout options through automated shipping rules on our platform!

New International Shipping Solutions

  • Hong Kong-based eFulfillment clients can now use DHL eCommerce Parcel Direct Expedited to reach customers in India and Thailand.
  • DHL eCommerce Packet Plus International is now available to Hong Kong eFulfillment clients to reach 41 countries across the globe.
  • Australian Cloud and eFulfillment clients can now use UPS Worldwide Shipping to ship directly to 39 major destinations.

January 2020

Indiegogo and Easyship Announce Exclusive Partnership: We've started 2020 off with a bang as Indiegogo named us as the exclusive shipping and fulfillment tool for their users to increase scalability for crowdfunders. Read the full announcement.

“[This] partnership with Easyship further illustrates our commitment to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers in the industry,” said Andy Yang, CEO of Indiegogo. “The results our clients have seen through their work with Easyship is tremendous, and we’re excited to offer this transparency and streamlined flexibility to our online brands.”

For more details, visit our new partnership page.

Understand Easyship Features at a Glance: Easyship has tons of great features for your online store. From eCommerce store integration to shipping management to customer management, we have you covered. Check out our new & improved features list page to make sure you are using your Easyship account to its full potential.

December 2019