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eCommerce and Logistics Roundup: January 29, 2019


by Jules

On 2019 M01 29

by Jules

Welcome to this week's roundup of eCommerce and logistics trends, where we share what we've been reading this week and our thoughts on it!

Surprise, surprise: Consumers want free and fast shipping

Free shipping continues to dominate the eCommerce conversation in 2019. According to the National Retail Federation, 75% of US customers expect free shipping - even on orders under $50.

And to add more pressure on retailers, customers want their free deliveries to arrive quickly. In order to meet in the middle and cut costs, larger retailers are offering services such as Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup so customers get the convenience they're looking for.

Our take: We've always viewed free shipping as a promotion that shouldn't be done year-round. As a small retailer, it is definitely possible to make free shipping work in your favor without hitting your bottom line. Learn more from our blog post on how to offer free shipping.

2019: The year of "headless commerce"

If you've been looking up 2019 eCommerce trends, you've probably come across the term "headless commerce". What exactly is it?

In layman's terms, it's a way to set up an eCommerce website to ensure that it can implement an omnichannel approach. As today's consumer is engaging with brands in different ways (in store, online, and through a mobile device), having a website with a headless architecture can help manage all of these channels seamlessly and adapt change a lot more quickly compared to a traditional commerce site.

Our take: We'll be publishing what our developers think about this concept in the near future. Until then, check out how our partner BigCommerce works with Wordpress to offer headless commerce solutions.

UPS unveils their latest packaging design

Exciting news on the sustainability front: UPS partnered with recycling company TerraCycle to launch a reusable packaging system called "Loop".

Items will be delivered in the "customized, brand-specific durable packaging" that will then be collected, cleaned, refilled, and redelivered. This will help reduce the amount of single-use packaging, and get us closer to making a circular supply chain a reality.

Our take: We are all for sustainability in logistics and hope it will become the norm! For additional tips on how you can be environmentally friendly with your packaging, check out this guest post written by our friends at noissue.