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What is Economy Shipping? Should You Use It?

In this guide, we cover the definition of economy shipping, provide different services offered by the major carriers, and when you should consider using it.
What is Economy Shipping? Should You Use It?

By Jules


October 30, 2020

Shipping is the lifeblood of online business — but it can also suck your business dry if you don’t budget carefully. That’s why finding an affordable, cost-effective shipping solution is essential to widening profit margins. But doing so doesn’t just mean doing with the cheapest option out there. It means choosing a method that is not only cost efficient but also suits your business's needs as you build a successful eCommerce store.

There are three shipping options for businesses to choose from: Expedited, Standard, and Economy shipping. Depending on the delivery expectations of your customers and how much you are willing to pay to play, each one has its own advantages.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out what economy shipping is, how long it takes, the different economy shipping services offered by different carriers, and whether economy shipping is right for your eCommerce store. Keep in mind that considering economy shipping for your delivery needs, it’s important to use a shipping rate calculator, like Easyship’s, to estimate and compare transit times and costs from different couriers so you can choose a service that meets your needs.

What Is Economy Shipping?

Let’s kick this off by answering the big question on everyone’s mind: What is economy shipping? Economy shipping is the cheapest way to mail a package. Offered by most couriers, it provides an excellent delivery solution, while keeping shipping costs down, especially for less time-sensitive packages.

Since shipping costs determine delivery speeds, economy shipping also turns out to be a slow shipping solution that takes a little longer than expedited and standard shipping.

How Long Does Economy Shipping Take?

There is no one-size-fits-all time frame when it comes to economy shipping as this will depend on the courier company you are using and the shipping zone or state you are shipping to. Delivery time will be longer for a package traveling across the country to the furthest shipping zones, but quicker for a package shipped within the same state.

Generally, it takes roughly one-five business days to mail a package via economy shipping within the US.

Delivery timeframes will even be longer when sending a package internationally through economy shipping, with the average delivery period being six-15 days to most major destinations.

When considering economy shipping for international delivery, it’s important to use a shipping rate calculator to estimate and compare transit times and costs from different couriers so you can choose a service that meets your needs.

Which Carriers Offer Economy Shipping?

Almost all the major courier companies offer economy shipping services. Within the US, economy delivery services are offered through ground shipping. They are excellent for large and heavy items. Here are the different economy delivery services offered by the three major couriers within the US.

  • USPS Priority Domestic: USPS economy shipping is offered through the USPS Priority domestic. It is suitable for mailing packages under 70 pounds within the US.
  • FedEx Ground: FedEx economy shipping service is offered via FedEx ground. Delivery timelines are between 1-7 business days.
  • UPS Ground: UPS economy shipping is via UPS Ground. Packages are delivered within 1-5 business days in most destinations within the US.

Economy vs. Standard Shipping

Though standard shipping is a little faster than economy shipping, there isn't a big difference between the two services for domestic shipping. Both services offer package tracking and mostly, delivery times are anywhere between three-five business days to most states within the US.

The real difference between economy shipping and standard shipping is seen in the case of internal shipping. When shipping overseas, economy shipping services take longer than higher-priced services, which can be a bane to customers.

Economy International Shipping Services

International shipping rates can get quite pricy quite quickly for eCommerce businesses sending packages to their buyers overseas. Luckily, the different shipping couriers offer different economy shipping services for mailing international packages.

The key to finding the cheapest economy delivery services is to use a shipping rates calculator to compare international shipping rates and choose a service that is ideal for your eCommerce business.

Here the different eConomy shipping services offered by the major couriers:

  • DHL eCommerce: You can use this service to send packages internationally to more than 200 countries from the US. Delivery times range from 7-12 business days.
  • FedEx International Economy: With this FedEx economy shipping service, you can send packages to more than 215 countries in 2-5 business days.
  • UPS Worldwide Economy: You can use this service to mail packages to more than 210 countries with competitive delivery times.
  • USPS Priority Mail International: You can use this service to ship to more than 190 countries within 6-10 business days.

Does Economy Shipping Have Tracking Option?

Yes! Economy shipping comes with package tracking services, although the tracking system is not as elaborate as for expedited or standard shipping. Most of the time, economy shipping tracking service is limited to scanning the package when it is collected, received & sorted, and scan upon delivery.

This is largely so because, most of the time, economy shipping caters to packages in bulk in order to lower the shipping cost, hence limited scanning and tracking compared to expedited delivery options.

Is Economy Shipping Right For Your Business Needs?

As you can see, there are various economy shipping services for both domestic and international shipping that you can leverage and lower package delivery costs in your eCommerce store. This is especially when you are dealing with large and heavy domestic shipments or sending less time-sensitive packages to your buyers overseas.

Easyship gives you a suite of shipping tools including a courier comparison tool and a shipping rates calculator to help you compare and determine the best courier services and shipping rates for economy shipping.

With us, you can access discounted shipping rates up to 70%, and stay ahead of the curve in both domestic and international shipping.

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