Key points:

  • ePacket and DHL both have advantages and disadvantages which should be considered before choosing the best option
  • ePacket shipping involves different couriers working together to get a package to its final destination
  • Easyship is partnered with over 250 major couriers all over the world, so can always find the best shipping option for your needs

If you’re looking to ship to the USA, you may be wondering which courier service to choose. With so many different couriers out there, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right one to suit your needs. It can also be very time-consuming to compare shipping rates and delivery times, and it’s understandable if the shipping process is the least of your worries. In this article, we’ll take a look at ePacket vs DHL USA and see what each courier service offers, the costs, the delivery speed, the advantages, and disadvantages, and discuss what the best option is.

So let’s jump in by taking a close look at ePacket first of all.

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What is ePacket?

ePacket is a global courier service offered by third-party logistics providers in Hong Kong and China. It was introduced in 2011 when the U.S. government chose to optimize logistics shipments from China. ePacket shipping aims to boost sales between nations and offer a faster, cheaper shipping service than other methods. ePacket shipping seems to be the go-to option for dropshippers who order their supplies from companies based in China or Hong Kong such as AliExpress. Here’s the typical process for using ePacket:

  • A buyer places an order which the supplier then packs
  • The package is then given to the Hong Kong/China postal service
  • The postal service then delivers the parcel to an international airline
  • Once the package has arrived in the right country, it is processed by customs
  • Once it has been cleared it gets sent to the country’s local postal service
  • Finally, the local postal service will then take care of the last-mile shipping and deliver the package to the buyer

What’s really great about ePacket shipping is how multiple couriers all work together to get packages to the customer.

Advantages of ePacket

ePacket shipping offers door-to-door tracking without any extra costs. With other shipping options, a tracked service is usually a more expensive choice, so being able to track the status of your item without having to pay for the luxury is great for customers. Usually, packages can be tracked through the website that the buyer purchased from, however, if not, the seller can usually provide the tracking details for your peace of mind. Best of all, with Easyship you can track your shipments all from one dashboard.

ePacket also offers free returns on undeliverable orders. This advantage can help to build a good relationship between customer and merchant, as customers can rest assured that there will be no extra cost to pay if an item has to be returned.

Disadvantages of ePacket

There are some size/weight limitations when it comes to packages qualifying for ePacket shipping which include - The package can’t weigh over 2kg, the total length, width, and height cannot exceed 90cm, and the maximum length can’t be over 60cm. It is important to keep these measurements in mind when shipping to ensure packages don’t exceed the maximum size/weight. If you regularly ship the same products, then you shouldn’t ever have to worry about going over the limit. ePacket shipping is known for shipping small packages so as long as you’re aware of the rules, your packages should always qualify for ePacket shipping and you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your shipping costs.

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How Long Does ePacket Delivery Take?

A common question regarding ePacket delivery is ‘Is ePacket delivery fast?’ If shipping to the US, the average timeframe for a package to be delivered is in 10-20 days. As always, there are a few factors to consider that affect the delivery time such as holiday shipping timeframes, customs clearance, and any unforeseen delays. This is often the case with international shipping so would be something to expect with all shipping services.

Cost of ePacket

The cost of ePacket can vary due to the size and weight of each package. However, here are some basic estimates when shipping a 2kg package from China:

  • China to the UK: $21.62
  • China to the US: $23.40
  • China to Australia: $20.44
  • China to New Zealand: $21.90

It is often found that most suppliers offer ePacket for free. However, this usually means that the supplier has simply included the shipping cost with the actual cost of the item. From a buyer's point of view, seeing an item with ‘free’ delivery is more likely to make them purchase the item. The lower the shipping fees and the shorter the delivery time, the more sales sellers will make.

What is DHL?

DHL is a logistics company that provides a range of services such as international, freight, document, and parcel shipping. DHL is one of the most trustworthy global shipping couriers and one of the fastest. DHL is a great option for shipping packages under 5 lbs in large volumes.

Advantages of DHL

DHL handles exports to over 220 countries all over the world. This means that no matter where a package is heading, DHL will ensure that it gets there efficiently.

Another great thing about DHL is that they offer a wide range of different shipping services such as DHL Economy Select, DHL Express, DHL Jetline, DHL Sprintline, and many more. Having a few options to choose from is great for customers as they have the freedom to decide what works best for them.

Disadvantages of DHL

There may sometimes be an extra charge or surcharge with DHL which can be a disadvantage but as long as you check all the shipping guidelines beforehand, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any nasty surprises.

How Long Does DHL Delivery Take?

As with every package, the delivery time is dependent on the weight, size, and shipping destination of the parcel. However, as an example, it is common for a package to take 3-6 days when shipping from China to the USA.

Cost of DHL Shipping

Due to the many different shipping services offered by DHL, the best way to calculate the cost of shipping a package is to use our free DHL shipping calculator. The price will vary depending on how fast you want the package to be delivered and where it is heading to.

What’s the best choice when shipping to the USA?

Ultimately, it all comes down to where you are shipping from, the platform you order through, and the weight and size of the package.

ePacket shipping is specifically for shipping products from China and Hong Kong to other countries when an order is placed through a marketplace such as AliExpress. Whereas DHL covers over 200 countries so has much broader coverage. Both ePacket and DHL have many great advantages as previously mentioned in this post, but if you want to compare ePacket vs DHL then it is best to compare them for each specific need.

Now you know the main differences between the two courier choices, let’s see how much it costs to ship a 2lbs package from Hong Kong to the US using Easyship.

Note: The prices and delivery times shown may change when shipping a package that's a different weight and size.

As you can see HK Post e-Express, offers the cheapest and the best value shipping option. DHL is the most expensive option and also has a longer delivery time than HK Post. Therefore, in this case, it is clear that HK Post would be the best option to choose. Remember that these prices can change depending on the weight/size and destination of the package so it is always best to get an accurate quote as and when the time comes for you to ship a package.

To summarize, when it comes to ePacket vs DHL, ePacket is generally the best option for lightweight packages, but you should always do a quote for each shipment to get the most accurate prices and up-to-date shipping options. Easyship is partnered with over 250 major couriers all over the world, so you can rest assured that we will always find the best shipping option for you. Try our free shipping rates calculator today and get instant access to discounted shipping rates.

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