It’s time again for another eCommerce and logistics news roundup from Easyship!

This week, we’re taking a look at how Etsy is urging merchants to adopt free shipping, the malicious Magento Killer PHP script and the threat it poses to eCommerce stores and customers, and insights into eCommerce supply chains revealed in a new report by DHL!

Etsy Encourages Merchants to Use Free Shipping

Etsy announced via a press release that it will start providing tools, educational resources and support for all merchants using its platform to guarantee free shipping for U.S. customers who spend $35 or more on orders starting on July 30, 2019. The eCommerce platform will soon start marketing the initiative to buyers starting in September 2019.

Sellers worldwide can participate in the new initiative. Additionally, Etsy will also offer priority placement in U.S. search results for products that ship free as well as to stores that guarantee buyers in the U.S. free shipping on orders over $35.

The initiative, designed to increase buyer loyalty and trust, comes as Etsy’s data shows that buyers are significantly more likely to buy an item that offers free shipping.

"Shoppers come to Etsy to discover over 60 million special and unique items that often cannot be found anywhere else. Yet we hear that high shipping prices often deter shoppers from completing their purchases.

“By making free shipping the norm on Etsy, rather than the exception, we'll connect more people with items that they love. Ultimately, we believe this will help increase marketplace conversion and order value, encourage repeat visits, and drive more sales for Etsy sellers,” stated Etsy CEO Josh Silverman.

Easyship’s Take: Etsy’s new free shipping initiative comes as major eCommerce players like Amazon, Target and Walmart all ty to entice customers with promises of fast, free shipping.

While some online merchants using Etsy may initially feel cornered by the new initiative and pressured to offer free shipping whether they want to or not, the fact of the matter is that free shipping is steadily becoming the norm in eCommerce. Merchants looking to entice prospective buyers and maintain a competitive edge should actually embrace Etsy’s new initiative as a way to not only attract new customers, but to retain them and build brand trust and loyalty.

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Magento Killer PHP Script Threatens Sensitive Customer Data

A malicious PHP script called Magento Killer has reportedly started infecting Magento sites worldwide by targeting their core settings to steal sensitive customer data.

Specifically, the Magento Killer tries to steal customers’ saved credit card information and change PayPal merchant business accounts to ones belonging to the hacker behind the malicious attack.

Easyship’s Take: Online merchants using Magento, including the latest Magento 2.3 platform, should take immediate steps to double check the security of their online stores to ensure that their customers’ data isn’t compromised.

Be sure to take any reports of stolen money or information very seriously from customers and contact Magento and your IT security platform for the next steps to take. The Magento Killer is just one of many malicious scripts, viruses and hacks that potentially threatens the privacy and financial security of your customers, so don’t hesitate to take the steps necessary to protect your online store and its customers.

New DHL Report Examines eCommerce Supply Chains

A new DHL eCommerce report has revealed some interesting insights into the world of global eCommerce supply chains.

According to the report, businesses across a wide array of economic sectors view eCommerce as important, but 70 percent of B2C companies and 60 percent of B2B companies are still working towards fully implementing an eCommerce strategy.

The report also revealed a number of supply chain challenges businesses face, including customer expectations that prioritize fast delivery and limited infrastructure. Additionally, many businesses surveyed plan to use 3PL partnerships in the near future to improve their eCommerce logistical operations.

Easyship’s Take: The new report by DHL confirms that eCommerce and logistics are undergoing “growing pains” globally as companies try to grapple with changing customer expectations that include faster item delivery and infrastructural limits that could impede growth.

To work around them, businesses engaging in online selling should develop long-term eCommerce plans that prioritize how to ship products to customers as quickly and affordably as possible while still maintaining healthy profit margins and invest in improving their shipping and fulfillment efforts to make them more efficient and ready for future growth.

Likewise, they could also explore partnering with 3PLs if their budgets allow it to ship products to their customers faster and more efficiently.