Welcome back to our latest eCommerce and logistics news roundup!

For this week, let’s examine Etsy’s new Google Ads platform, Fiverr’s services store for eCommerce merchants and UPS’ plans for environmentally-friendly hybrid EV trucks. Take a closer look below!

Etsy Launches New Platform to Help Merchants Buy Google Ads

Etsy has recently launched a new platform called Etsy Ads, which combines its Google Ads tool with its promoted listings advertising platform to help merchants reach shoppers both on and off their site.

The new, unified tool will allow merchants to set a single budget and gain access to insights to help guide their paid advertising strategy.

Easyship’s Take: This is great news for Etsy merchants. Those selling on the platform would be wise to invest in their new Etsy Ads program, which could potentially help to unify their paid advertising efforts into a single solution, more effectively manage their advertising budget and gain greater insights into their digital marketing efforts.

Fiverr Reveals New Store Intended to Help eCommerce Companies

Fiverr, the gig-matching company for freelancers, has just announced a new industry store focused on providing eCommerce services for online businesses.

Using the new industry store, online merchants on platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce can search for services like web design, SEO and tech development. Likewise, businesses using Amazon, eBay and Etsy can also look for freelance services in photo editing, photography, product development and more.

“The eCommerce industry is a trillion dollar market with consistent and rapid growth. Yet nearly half of U.S. small businesses don’t have a website, so there is a huge opportunity for many of these businesses to capitalize on the growing eCommerce trend.

“We have seen rising demand for eCommerce related services on our marketplace and the launch of a dedicated industry store allows us to address this growing market with a more verticalized experience and enable our buyers to bring their eCommerce businesses to the next level,” said Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman.

Easyship’s Take: Online merchants in need of various web-related services should definitely check out this new industry store being offered by Fiverr. It could be an economical and efficient way to obtain services from freelancers for short-term and one-off projects for a wide variety of eCommerce and digital marketing needs.

UPS Introduces Custom-Built Hybrid Electric Trucks in the United Kingdom

Finally, UPS has revealed a fleet of custom-built hybrid EV trucks with batteries that can last 300 percent longer than the typical battery for an electric truck.

The new vehicle fleet, slated to hit the streets of the UK cities of Birmingham and Southampton - both of which will be introducing “Clean Air Zones” to their downtown cores in 2020 that will charge polluting vehicles a fee to enter - can automatically switch modes between fully electric and a hybrid of electric and diesel.

According to UPS, the cutting-edge hybrid electric delivery vehicles can travel up to 250 miles, a major increase from the 62-mile limit that typical electric trucks currently have.

Easyship’s Take: This development is positive news for environmentally-conscious online merchants. Those shipping to the UK, especially to customers in both Southampton and Birmingham specifically, may want to seriously consider using UPS for deliveries to lower their carbon footprint, especially as the volume-heavy holiday shipping season quickly approaches.