Despite all his corny jokes and embarrassing stories about your childhood, Dad’s still a great guy!Speaking of Dad, Father’s Day 2020 is right around the corner. But what should you get him?

Fortunately, Easyship powers a lot of great companies and startups that offer some really cool gifts for Father’s Day. Here’s a quick look at just some awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day from them!

1. Tackle fishing season with an Automatic Fishing Rod Holder from Trendyss.

Trendyss. Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

Hacks are all the rage nowadays. No, not computer hacks - life hacks! The little tips, tricks and shortcuts that make things a little bit easier.

If you’re looking to make Dad’s next fishing trip a little simpler, check out this automatic fishing rod holder from Trendyss, a company devoted entirely to selling products designed to make everyday life a bit less stressful. From home hacks for home improvement to travel hacks designed to make things simpler for life on the go, Trendyss has it all!

Price: $29.99

2. Help Dad get go on his next adventure with a bag from The Arsenale

The Arsenale Bag

The Arsenale, an online marketplace for industrial and independent builders, is a one-stop-shop for gearheads and, more generally, just about anyone with an appreciation for speed on the road, sea or sky. From bikes to boats to accessories, The Arsenale is the place to go for all of your adventure gear.

Even if Dad isn’t the especially adventurous type, he’ll still appreciate a new Canvas Weekender bag for his next getaway!

Price: $399

3. Keep Dad Organized with a Leather Key Organizer from Orbitkey

Leather Key Organizer from Orbitkey

Is Dad always misplacing his keys at the least convenient time? Now, he doesn't have to with a Leather Key Organizer from Orbitkey!

Since becoming a crowdfunding success in 2013 after garnering some 5,000 backers on Kickstarter in just 30 days, Orbitkey hasn't looked back. Today, the Melbourne, Australia-based company makes handy key organizers and accessories to help keep you organized. Their Leather Key Organizer can hold between two and seven keys, making it simple for Dad to keep all his keys in one place!

Price: $43.50

4. Help Dad Stay Hydrated with a 17 oz. Cap Lid Bottle from Hydaway

17 oz. Cap Lid Bottle from Hydaway

Is your Dad always on the go with his trusty water bottle by his side? Consider getting him a 17 oz. Cap Lid Bottle from Hydaway, a company that makes collapsible, planet-friendly water bottles!

Hydaway's unique water bottles are the opposite of the bulky, clunky water bottles made of environmentally-harmful plastic widely used today. Instead, Hydaway's bottles are made of non-toxic, food-grade silicone and can collapse into 1.5 inch rings, making them very portable and great for all sorts of adventures.

A cool way to help Dad stay cool!

Price: $25.00

5. Keep Dad Looking Sharp with a Fly Shirt from YoYuu

Fly Shirt from YoYuu

Is Dad a bit of a clotheshorse? Why not add to his stylish wardrobe with a special shirt from YoYuu? This unique men’s clothing brand redefines everyday wear for the modern man and their shirts make the perfect gift for Father’s Day 2020.

Each one is made with performance-enhancing fabrics and high-end construction techniques which result in the crispest shirt Dad will ever wear. We particularly love the Ambleside AER-360R Dress Shirt in Nautical Navy to add a little dash to his wardrobe.

Price: $129

6. Keep Dad Organized with High-Quality Tech Accessories from Nomad

Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods

Created by Brian Hahn and Noah Dentzel, Nomad started as a Kickstarter project for a minimalist iPhone cable that would integrate everyday bags. Now, the brand products a whole line of high-quality tech accessories that are designed for life on the road, each one a masterpiece of design with Horween leather and Kevlar.

This Rugged Case for his AirPods Pro will ensure he can take his earphones everywhere and give them a sophisticated home when they're not in use!

Price: $34.95

7. Get Dad a Personalized Watch from UNDONE


If Dad appreciates the finer things in life, then he'll love having a bespoke watch from UNDONE that's made to his exact specifications. This boundary-pushing watch brand specializes in creating bespoke timepieces that strike a great balance between accessibility and personalization. For Father’s Day 2020, why not surprise Dad with a watch made just for him? You'll be able to pick and choose different elements inspired by classic watches to create a timepiece that's thoroughly unique! Use the Sport Tropical as a starting point for your custom creation.

Price: $295