Every month, Easyship meets hundreds of new and innovative brands in the eCommerce and crowdfunding space. These companies are so exciting that on a monthly basis, we feel their stories need to be shared with the world.

This monthly roundup of fresh brands features:

  • A famous streetwear brand
  • A groundbreaking beauty tool
  • A welcome alternative to desk-sitting
  • A probiotic that helps with immunity and weight loss
  • A female-first Australian boutique gone global

Read below to learn about five exciting new products, the up and comers who made them, and get a sense of how Easyship helps empower their continued success.

1. Patta Exclusive Sneakers

A pillar of the Dutch streetwear scene, Patta Exclusive Sneakers showcases an impressive stocklist of rarefied footwear and apparel.

Sneakerheads rejoiced when owners Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt, both heavyweights of the Amsterdam 90’s hip-hop and club scene, opened their doors in 2004. Founded as a brick-and-mortar reseller of rare European kicks, Patta’s online store has since gained a massive following among international streetwear enthusiasts.

Buyers trust Patta to deliver the latest in distinctive apparel, exclusive footwear, and collectible accessories from the world’s top names in streetwear, including Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Vans, as well as Patta’s own signature creations. The brand thrives by its motto: “Out of love and necessity rather than profit.”

In partnering with Easyship, Patta opened its doors to its global audience. Everything on the Patta site can now be shipped with delivery tracking and full-coverage insurance, helping to safeguard its customer loyalty decades in the making.

2. ErgoEdge

Sitting all day isn’t healthy, yet here we all are. Fortunately, ErgoEdge is on a mission to help everyone work happier and healthier without breaking the bank.

Offering a range of affordable, ergonomically-designed adjustable desks, chairs, and workstation risers, the startup quickly secured ergo-devotees in high places, including DHL, LG, and Philips. This is because ErgoEdge products are engineered to perfection and built to last. Stylish adjustable desks built from bamboo, German laminate, and high-tensile steel come with a seven-year guarantee and fit anywhere.

ErgoEdge partnered with Easyship because the sedentary lifestyle is increasingly a worldwide phenomenon. Based in Singapore, ErgoEdge now ships worldwide via Easyship’s wide network of courier services and warehouses, ensuring speedy and reliable delivery to every appreciative customer.

3. Spoilt Gifts and Homewares

Spoilt Gifts and Homewares makes it a pleasure to find stylish gifts for anyone – yourself included.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Spoilt offers a unique assortment of local-made goods, delightful trinkets, and modern housewares. Shop handbags and planter pots, bespoke jewelry to baby gifts, games and gadgets, plus much more. The carefully cultivated boutique is a one-stop shop for all things celebratory, fun and fashionable.

Owner Chelsea McIntosh was awarded the 2019 Woman of the Year award by the Australian Retail Association. The award recognized Spoilt’s booming online sales, its brick and mortar expansions (five locations and counting), plus McIntosh’s generous donations to the St. Kilda Mums Charity for Children.

Customers of Spoilt Gift and Housewares love that online orders arrive beautifully packaged and on-time. Easyship is proud to be assisting Spoilt with international shipping as it continues to grow.

4. SolaWave

SolaWave promises more vibrant, youthful skin in just two weeks.

Based in Beverly Hills, California, this pioneering startup created a groundbreaking tool for toning and healing skin at home. Think of it like a handheld facial anytime you want.

The proprietary combination of red light therapy, warming massage, and microcurrents helps to reduce acne and hyperpigmentation, boost collagen production, and smooth away wrinkles in less than two weeks. With 9 in 10 people reporting improved clarity and vibrancy in their skin after use, Solawave may upend the health and beauty industry – one happy, smooth face at a time.

Now, Solawave is reaching outside the United States with Easyship. With the widest courier network in the world, Easyship looks forward to helping SolaWavers enjoy an unblemished experience from checkout to delivery.

5. G-Niib

Science recently discovered that gut health is vital to a robust immune system.

Based on the latest findings from the University of China, Hong Kong, G-Niib created a dietary supplement that helps to promote weight loss and fortify the immune system.

The proprietary probiotic formula works to balance stomach bacteria and stabilize the gut microbiome. This, in turn, accelerates the metabolism, encourages weight balance, and fosters immunity from commonplace diseases. All probiotics are freeze-dried to ensure safety and potency.

Probiotics have a short shelf-life, though. Joining with Easyship allows G-Niib to ship their naturopathic medicine around the world in a timely, reliable fashion to its success.