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FedEx Delivery Times & Hours During Covid-19

Looking for FedEx Delivery times and hours? In this guide we'll cover the delivery times for various services along with the impact of COVID-19 on timetables.
FedEx Delivery Times & Hours During Covid-19

By Jules


August 24, 2020

FedEx is one of the most popular express couriers in the world, and well known for their speedy, reliable shipping services. Their delivery times vary greatly depending on numerous factors.  

For starters, the distance between the retailer and online shoppers, nature of the goods, shipping option chosen by the sender, and national holidays are among the few factors affecting FedEx delivery times. That said, the guide below outlines all you need to know about FedEx shipping times before engaging the company's services.

FedEx Delivery Times per Service (International vs. Domestic)

Like other shipping companies, FedEx aims to provide a great customer experience by ensuring that customers get their shipments delivered with utmost convenience. As such, the company has several delivery service options that suit individual shipping needs.

The table below shows delivery hours for various Fedex shipping options.

Service Service Days Delivery Times Delivery Area
FedEx Ground Mon-Sat 9AM to 8PM 1-5 days All 50 states
FedEx International Priority M-F with Sat in some countries 2 or more days Global
FedEx International Priority Freight M-F with Sat in some countries 1-3 business days days Global
FedEx International Priority Direct Distribution M-F with Sat in some countries 2-4 business days Global

Important Things to Know About FedEx Delivery Times

If everything could be perfect, package deliveries should occur without issues or delays. However, even as FedEx aims to facilitate accurate delivery times, some prevailing conditions may affect accurate FedEx delivery times. Delays with FedEx shipping or receiving damaged goods can occur anytime. That said, common causes of lengthened FedEx delivery hours include;

  • Bad weather
  • Congestion at the port
  • Lost packages
  • Traffic
  • High shipping volumes
  • Failed delivery attempt
  • Lack of clarity

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on FedEx Delivery Times

Besides these common causes of shipping delays and observed FedEx national holidays, the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused several issues with FedEx estimated delivery time. We have updated impacts on delivery to certain countries on our COVID-19 resource page.

Below find some of the delays to popular destinations.

  • They're experiencing delays (on average, 1-2 days) on most services from to US to Hong Kong, China, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa.
  • Fedex International Priority from Hong Kong requires additional delivery time in China.
  • International Economy services from Hong Kong to all destinations have been suspended. Other services currently still available.
  • Temporary suspension of FedEx Express and TNT services in India.

In order to keep the global supply chain going, the FedEx follows the recommended practices to keep their members and customers safe from the virus.

For starters, FedEx is ensuring that their workforce is always updated with new information about the pandemic. The company also provides the necessary protective equipment, while ensuring that social distancing, personal hygiene, and clean working space is maintained.

For a fact, businesses have to change the way they are accepting deliveries. As such, FedEx has created a customizable sign to be placed on the door to ensure that drivers know if various addresses are open for deliveries. This enables delivery teams operating in impacted areas to maintain safe deliveries all through. Definitely, this has changed FedEx home delivery times.

However, following this, FedEx has suspended the money-back guarantee initially available for FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, and FedEx office services until the situation resolves. The company has also suspended the signatures required for clearing shipment to minimize the spread.

That aside, like other business establishments, customers and FedEx team members should always wear a facemask or coverings while visiting their offices. The company also drops packages in third-party retail locations, such as FedEx Drop box locations, Dollar General, FedEx offices, and Walgreen to minimize contact.

How does FedEx calculate estimated delivery time?

As mentioned before, FedEx shipping times vary depending on various factors. Therefore, even with various FedEx estimated delivery times, unforeseen factors may still delay your shipment. Fortunately, you can calculate FedEx estimated delivery time using a FedEx transit time tool.

A case in point, FedEx shipping times from New York to Hawaii Islands can take FedEx Priority Overnight a night or 2 days with FedEx 2day. Similarly, FedEx delivery from New York to Auckland, New Zealand takes 3 days with FedEx International Priority or 7 days with FedEx International Economy. Note that these changes in delivery times also affect the cost of shipping.

Timely Shipping with FedEx Delivery Times

Customers expect accurate and reliable delivery times, and with FedEx merchants can feel confident their shipments will arrive in a timely fashion. The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused FedEx to change their timetables and in some cases implement surcharges for certain delivery areas. It's important to closely check for updates as they will likely to be adjusted in the months ahead.

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FAQ FedEx Delivery Times

When is FedEx latest delivery time?

FedEx deliveries, be it FedEx ground delivery time, FedEx home delivery times, FedEx ground shipping time or international shipping times, is done between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

How to schedule or change delivery time FedEx?

Changing or rescheduling your delivery time with FedEx is quite simple. From the Delivery Manager platform, you can view various upcoming deliveries pinned to your home address, get updates, and schedule deliveries by choosing your preferred time and dates. You can choose your packages to be delivered to a different address within your neighborhood or U.S. states.

What happens if you miss FedEx delivery times?

Several situations may cause you to miss a delivery. In that case, the courier will leave a delivery attempt notice, with which you can request for a new delivery day and time from the FedEx delivery manager tool. You can then choose a convenient delivery option for your package.

What does FedEx mean by the end of day?

As the name suggests, End of day means that deliveries are made at the end of FedEx business days. As such, this exact time often varies depending on the area's time zone. However, despite the end of day shipping timelines by FedEx, note that FedEx ground transit times do not include holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Similarly, FedEx home delivery does not include Sundays, Monday, and holidays.