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FedEx Locations & Services

Looking for a FedEx store or FedEx drop off nearby? Use our list to find the closest FedEx locations, in addition to UPS, USPS, & more!
FedEx Locations & Services

By Jules


August 9, 2019

Just like UPS, FedEx vies to impress eCommerce businesses with how convenient they are – by offering their reliable express services at numerous retail locations nationwide.

The availability of these locations give small business owners more flexibility, as FedEx stores, FedEx drop box locations, and additional partnerships with major retailers provide access to 24 hour services, later pickup times, and other delivery opportunities.

Here are the different FedEx locations that are available, the types of services they offer, and how to find them.

Types of FedEx Locations

FedEx Store

Officially branded as FedEx Office, these retail stores are where you can access FedEx’s most popular shipping services.

If you’re looking for a FedEx Kinkos near you, you won’t find any as FedEx dropped the “Kinkos” name back in 2008. But not to worry – FedEx Office locations continue to give customers access to value-added options such as parcel packing, printing, and design services.

You can expect to ship parcels with the following FedEx solutions:

FedEx Domestic Services:

FedEx International Services:

FedEx Office locations offer the following printing services:

  • Posters, signs, banners
  • Presentations and manuals
  • Other marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, flyers, direct mail, and more

FedEx Ship Center

FedEx Ship Centers provide another option for customers looking to utilize FedEx services.

How is a FedEx Ship Center different from a FedEx Office location? FedEx Ship Centers don’t offer services such as packing and office printing, their hours are not as long as FedEx Offices, and their shipping solutions are slightly limited. However, they do provide special support for shipping approved dangerous goods and hazardous materials, and offer late dropoff times – usually, 1 hour later than FedEx Office locations.

FedEx Ship Centers offer the following services:

FedEx Domestic Services:

FedEx International Services:

FedEx Drop Box

FedEx Drop Boxes are unmanned receptacles where you can drop off shipments with pre-paid labels for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx SmartPost service levels.

FedEx Drop Box Shipping Restrictions

  • Note that the maximum dimensions of your parcel must be 20” x 12” x 6”.
  • You cannot leave dangerous goods shipments here. These must be dropped off at a FedEx Ship Center.
  • Dropping off a shipment at a FedEx drop off is available 24/7. However, pickup times will vary.

FedEx Pickup Locations

If a customer cannot accept a delivery at their home or business, FedEx provides the opportunity for shipments to be held at FedEx Offices, FedEx Ship Centers, and nearly 8,000 Walgreens locations throughout the US.

Other retail options

FedEx partners with both Office Depot and OfficeMax. These retail locations offer domestic and international shipping options. You can expect to find FedEx Express and FedEx Ground service levels, in addition to packing supplies. Packing services are available at most Office Depot and OfficeMax locations.

Other pack-and-ship stores may partner with FedEx, and are designated as “FedEx Authorized ShipCenters”. These stores offer professional packing and labeling services and offer both domestic and international shipping through popular FedEx shipping solutions.

How to Find FedEx Locations Near You

FedEx prides itself in having thousands of locations nationwide, making it convenient for merchants needing assistance with packing, shipping, supplies, and deliveries.

FedEx’s Locations page is the best source for finding the FedEx location nearest you. Results show useful information such as FedEx hours of operation, last pickup times, and other value-added services.

Finding a FedEx Office

To find a FedEx Office near you, visit FedEx’s Locations page and enter in your address. In order to restrict the nearby locations to only FedEx Offices, we suggest clicking the “More” button and checking the “Copy and print services” box.

Finding FedEx Drop Off Locations

To find a FedEx drop off near you, visit FedEx’s Locations page and enter in your address. If you already have a pre-paid label, you can choose to filter results by clicking on “Drop box shipping” to find the nearest unmanned receptacle.

FedEx drop boxes are usually located near office buildings, airports, shopping centers, and grocery stores.

However, if you need additional services added, or feel more comfortable dropping off your shipment where there are people around, you can click on “Drop labeled package at staffed location”, which will show FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Centers, and other retail outlets in the results.

FedEx Ground Drop Off Locations

You can drop off parcels being shipped via FedEx Ground at any FedEx drop off location. However, it’s worth noting that FedEx Ground pickup times may vary from FedEx Express pickup times, in that they are earlier and may not be available during weekends.

You can see the FedEx Ground pickup times listed when looking at the results on the FedEx Locations page.

Finding 24 Hour FedEx Locations

Thanks to FedEx’s partnership with Walgreens, you can access 24 hour FedEx services at any Walgreens that is open throughout the night.

To find 24 hour locations, click on “24 hour services” under More Services.

Federal Express Locations: Good Nationwide Coverage with Convenient Service Offerings

With many retail locations, relationships with local pack-and-ship stores, and partnerships with major retailers such as Office Depot, Office Max, and Walgreens, it’s easy to find a FedEx location that provides the shipping services you need.

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Our shipping platform provides pre-negotiated FedEx rates, allowing small businesses to immediately offer discounted rates to their customers and begin shipping the moment they receive an order. They can also schedule pickups online, without the need of physically going to a FedEx drop off location.

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