Key Points:

  • FedEx SameDay is a cross-country delivery service geared towards ensuring that your customers’ orders arrive at their doorsteps within hours
  • UPS Express Critical® is typically cheaper than FedEx SameDay
  • UPS Express Critical® may work better for budget-minded merchants looking to ship outside the U.S.

Same-day shipping is all the rage nowadays in the world of eCommerce - and online shoppers have certainly taken notice! Recently, customers have come to increasingly expect same-day shipping services from merchants if not outright demand. In fact, a 2017 study revealed that a quarter of online shoppers would go so far as to abandon their cart if same-day shipping wasn’t available.

Fortunately, many options are available to help you deliver time-sensitive packages without any delays, including FedEx SameDay and UPS Express Critical®.

However, before you opt for any of these services, it’s important to better understand them. Here’s a closer look at their details and unique pros and cons to help you decide which one is better for your own eCommerce business!

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FedEx SameDay

FedEx SameDay is a cross-country delivery service geared towards ensuring that your customers’ orders arrive at their doorsteps within hours. Available seven days of the week, the service delivers to all 50 states in the U.S. and accepts packages of up to 150 lbs. per shipment.

It should also be noted that for packages that exceed 70 lbs., the courier should receive prior notification. The same rule applies to packages that have sides exceeding 48 inches.

Some of the services offered under this option include:

  • FedEx SameDay Direct – Offers direct delivery of your goods without any additional service-related stops
  • FedEx SameDay Freight  - This FedEx SameDay delivery service offers cross-country freight deliveries on the same day
  • FedEx SameDay City Priority – Offers delivery of goods within hours of pickup in urban areas, depending mostly on the distance or location
  • FedEx SameDay City Standard – Offers delivery of goods within four hours of pickup in metropolitan areas
  • FedEx SameDay City Route – Offers customized door-to-door delivery in urban areas
  • FedEx SameDay City Economy – With this service, the package is delivered by 5 pm on the day of pickup in metropolitan areas

Pros of FedEx SameDay

  • A great degree of customization and flexibility
  • Offers a very precise tracking system
  • Deliveries are done even on weekends
  • Pricing is negotiable

Cons of FedEx SameDay

  • Higher shipping costs compared to UPS Express Critical
  • Package pickup service costs an additional charge
  • Fewer offices to ship parcels out from or inquire about shipments
  • Available in the U.S. only

UPS Express Critical®

With this UPS same-day delivery service, your business is offered urgent and same-day delivery shipping services both in North America and overseas, including Europe. With access to different types of aircraft and delivery vehicles, the courier can rapidly deliver a wide variety of parcels of all sizes to their destinations.

The shipping services also come with value-added services, including special equipment and customized shipping handling like unpacking, set up, maneuvering multiple entrances and stairs, and the like.

The services offered through UPS Express Critical® include the following:

  • UPS Express Critical® Air – Next flight-out service that covers North America, Europe, and other metropolitan locations worldwide
  • UPS Express Critical® Surface – This service offers exclusive non-stop, door-to-door ground transportation of packages throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Europe
  • UPS Express Critical® Charter – Offers air charter management services across all countries
  • UPS Express Critical® Hand Carry – With this service, customers are offered dedicated and exclusive in-transit, end-to-end physical possession of packages till delivery
  • UPS Express Critical® International – This UPS Express Critical service offers global next-flight-out, courier, and charter services. It also has no package weight or size limitations

Pros of UPS Express Critical®

  • Efficient handling of high-priority goods
  • Guaranteed express shipping
  • Affordable pricing for heavy shipments
  • Flexible and customizable shipping options
  • Reliable tracking system
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Services are typically cheaper compared to FedEx SameDay
  • More global in scope compared to FedEx SameDay

Cons of UPS Express Critical®

  • Package pickups cost a fee
  • Weekend deliveries require additional charges

FedEx SameDay vs. UPS Express Critical®: Compare the Shipping Solutions Carefully

Ultimately, FedEx SameDay and UPS Express Critical® offer great solutions for online merchants who need rapid, same-day shipping or even same-day delivery services.

FedEx SameDay is probably the better option for those shipping domestically in the U.S. who want to keep close tabs on their parcels while UPS Express Critical® may work better for budget-minded merchants looking to ship outside the U.S.

Fortunately, Easyship partners with both FedEx and UPS to offer your company a wide array of shipping solutions.

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