Key Points:

  • Research shows that 5-15% of shipments are lost, damaged, or stolen in transit every day, making it vital to have recipients sign for their package
  • FedEx Signature Release is a delivery confirmation service that gives you extra reassurance for all your domestic and international shipments
  • FedEx Signature Release is best for shipping high-value items like jewelry or electronic devices

Protecting your FedEx shipment is increasingly a smart idea. Recent research shows that an estimated 5-15% of shipments are lost, damaged or stolen in transit every day.

FedEx Signature Release is a delivery confirmation service that lets you secure your domestic and international shipments.

For an added fee, you can require the recipient to sign for the package. If no signature is obtained, the delivery driver doesn't release the package. This translates to peace of mind for both shippers and recipients.

This article discusses everything you need to know about the FedEx Signature Release service.

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Table of Contents

What is FedEx Signature Release?

FedEx Signature Release is a shipping service that requires someone to sign for a package before it can be delivered. This delivery confirmation service is typically used for shipping precious or high-value items. It's a great way to give yourself and the recipient peace of mind.

How does FedEx Signature Release work?

Upon delivery, FedEx notifies the sender via email. The delivery confirmation message includes the recipient's signature, name, delivery date and location. In other words, all the information on the FedEx Signature Release form.

What happens if no one is present to sign? When a delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the package is returned to the nearest FedEx delivery hub. The delivery driver leaves a door note to inform the recipient of the next scheduled delivery attempt.

The delivery notice also includes the address and hours for the delivery hub for in-person pickup. After three unsuccessful attempts, the package is returned to the sender.

FedEx Signature Required options

Shippers can choose from four FedEx Signature Required options, including:

FedEx Direct Signature Required

FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address. If no one is present to sign, a notice is left and delivery is reattempted later.

FedEx Indirect Signature Required

FedEx obtains a signature from someone in or around the delivery address, including a next-door neighbor or building manager. If absent, recipients can sign for packages online via the FedEx Delivery Manager app.

FedEx Adult Signature Required

FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address 21 years or older. A government-issued photo ID is required for age confirmation.

No Signature Required

FedEx’s default delivery mode for all packages. The delivery driver attempts to obtain a signature, but the package is left unsigned if no one is present.

The Benefits of FedEx Signature Release

Why pay more for FedEx Signature Required services? Here’s what you get for a bit of extra moolah:

  • Peace of mind: Both you and the customer can rest easy knowing your shipment will be delivered to the intended party. This is especially helpful for sensitive and high-value packages.
  • Responsible delivery: FedEx Adult Signature Required ensures that sensitive shipments like firearms, alcohol, or CBD products are received by responsible adults.

The Cost of FedEx Signature Options

You purchase FedEx Signature Release services with your shipping label. These services are available on all domestic and international shipments to 60+ countries. The only exception is FedEx Express International shipments from the US.

The 2021 prices for FedEx Signature Required are as follows:

  • FedEx Direct signature required: $5.55 per package
  • Indirect signature required: $5.55 per package
  • Adult Signature required: $6.70 per package
  • No signature required: Free with all shipments

How to Use FedEx Signature Release

FedEx Signature Release works just like normal FedEx package tracking. To view the delivery details in real-time, visit the FedEx tracking page for your shipment. You can also contact FedEx's customer service line for an update.

The tracking information online shows the delivery status with all the key shipping details upon delivery. This includes the delivery address, the consignee, the date, etc. Deliveries that are unsuccessful reflect the package’s location at the local FedEx delivery hub or their return to the sender.

FedEx package tracking

Restrictions to FedEx Signature Release

  • FedEx electronic signature eligibility: The FedEx Delivery Manager app lets the recipient of an Indirect Signature shipment sign for packages online. However, packages requiring an adult or direct signature must be signed for in person, and cannot use the FedEx Delivery Manager.
  • Signature service defaults: Shipments containing firearms or alcohol must use the Adult Signature Required. Shipments with a declared value of $500 or greater must use the Direct Signature Required service.
  • Address correction: Adult Signature Required shipments aren't eligible for address correction. Meaning, if the address is wrong, the package is returned to the shipper. All other FedEx delivery confirmation services include address confirmation at checkout.
  • Service restrictions: FedEx signature release options aren't available for FedEx Express International Shipments from the U.S.
  • Covid-19 suspensions: FedEx has suspended signature requirements on most shipments until Covid-19 clears up. The only exception is for Adult Signature Required shipments.

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FedEx Signature Options FAQ

Can you leave a note for the FedEx signature required?

Yes, you can leave a signed note that FedEx can take as evidence, and leave your package in a safe place at the courier's discretion. This could be a signed door tag alongside a FedEx signature release form.

How do I electronically sign for a FedEx package?

To be able to sign electronically for a FedEx package or give special instructions for delivery, sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager.

Can I add signature confirmation after shipping FedEx?

No, FedEx signature release services must be purchased with the shipping label when you create the shipment.

What happens if I'm not there to sign for a package FedEx?

FedEx will leave a door tag detailing the next delivery reattempt or the nearest FedEx location to pick up your package.