At Easyship, we’re always excited to see what cool and innovative products that brands are bringing to the marketplace. Whether they are an established brand with a new product launch or a hot startup looking to make a splash, we strive always to make sure these businesses can ship their products quickly and at an affordable price.

Our clients are making amazing products, so each month, we’re showcasing new brands and products that have started shipping with Easyship.  

This week we’re featuring a Los Angeles Vaporwave-inspired fashion company, a SoCal raw vegan delivery service, a community-focused skate brand in Australia, a Williamsburg, Va Historical fashion brand, and a hot sauce company bringing the heat from the Finger Lakes.  

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Vapor95: Handmade Fashion Inspired by the EDM Microgenre Vaporwave

What would an EDM influenced internet meme look like on a hoodie or a pair of swim trunks? The team behind Vapor95 is making it happen in Los Angeles. Inspired by the EDM microgenre vaporwave, which took off in the early 2010s on Tumblr, the team has built a fashion brand around their shared vision with the purpose of making their fashion an outlet for creative expression.

Working with talented designers worldwide, Vapor95 creates and manufactures all their clothing on-demand in Los Angeles to stay local, reduce environmental waste, and support ethical, fair wage manufacturing. Their product line includes the usual assortment of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and the period-appropriate face masks.

They’ve generated buzz in outlets like Buzzfeed, GQ and High Snobriety. And they’ve built an impressive Instagram following of over 229K.

But wait, what the heck is Vaporwave? We think it’s one of those times where you just need to check it out, but be careful, you might feel like you’ve entered a part of the internet from the future.

Skatescool: Community-Focused Skating in Australia

The team behind Skatescool started teaching kids how to roller skate back in 2012 Erindale South Australia, and now they’re selling roller skates, skateboards, scooters, gear and apparel in their brick n mortar and online stores.

Beyond teaching and selling the goods, they also hold roller discos for birthday parties, which is totally rad. We’re presuming these are for kids, but wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few “oh lordy they’re 40” parties.  

Their inventory of stylish roller skates ranges from $109 to $1,099 and you can pick up a skateboard for $139.99 but you probably need to be quick as many are SOLD OUT.

If you make it to Erindale and attend one of their roller discos, please report back. Pics or didn’t happen.

Rawvolution: The Raw Vegan Meal Service with A-list Clientele

You know if Lizzo is giving you a shout out on her Instagram, you’re doing something right in 2020.

Launched in 2001 in Sunny Southern California, Rawvolution is the “first and premier raw vegan meal service” boasting customers such as Cher, Alicia Silverstone, and Susan Sarandon (And Lizzo! Did we mention Lizzo!)

The fully prepared, plant-based meals are delivered across the United States, with The Box their premier service. With it, you’ll get “two fresh-pressed juices, four gourmet entrées, four generous sides, and two delicious low-glycemic desserts.”

A sampling of the drool-worthy menu includes: Green Cleanse with Apple Turmeric Fresh-Pressed Juice. Succulent Fruit, Lebanese Heirloom Tomato Salad, Apple Fennel Slaw, Cheesy Broccoli and Ummmm, now we’re hungry and have ‘Good as Hell’ stuck in our heads for some reason.  

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This month we love avocados! (Actually, we love avocados all of the time) The most versatile fruit – use it as a dip, top a salad, throw it into a smooth, eat it raw, toss it into a wrap. And did we mention it’s jam-packed with vitamins and healthy fat plus they can lower cholesterol! Let’s see if chef Matt has any avocado recipes up his sleeve with the week's menu! Ready to join the Rawvolution movement? First-timers can save $15 with the code RAW15! — #organic #organicfood #naturalfoods #vegan #veganfood #vegetarian #vegetarianfood #plantbased #rawfood #rawfoods #rawvegan #glutenfree #livefood #livingfood #livingfoods #superfoods #lowglycemic #healthfood #livefoods #mealdelivery #fooddelivery #fooddeliveryservice #mealdeliveryservice #plantbaseddiet

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The Raw Box will run you $120 plus shipping (hey, that’s our business!), with rates varying depending on the location. Follow them on Instagram for a daily dose of delicious.

Burnley and Trowbridge: All the Textiles and Tools Needed for Historical Fashion

Contemporary fashion dazzles us with its bold experiments and glamour filtered through the lives of fashion influencers. But historical fashion is alive and thriving today as well. In Williamsburg, Virginia, the Burnley and Trowbridge Company has provided reproduction textiles, notions, sewing tools & accessories for the historical fashion community since the 1980s.

The brand extends beyond selling the raw materials needed to create historical fashion. Since 2002, they have been hosting Historical Fashion Workshops covering a wide variety of topics including:  Gown cutting & making, Underclothes & Underpinnings, 18thc Hair & Makeup, Lady's & Men's Jackets & Waistcoats.

They’ve extended their reach onto Youtube, and have been experimenting with live shows and Q&A’s during the COVID-19 crisis. Their Instagram has over 25,000 followers, featuring examples of garments and historical illustrations.  

Karma Sauce Brings the Heat and Good Fortune

How hot do you like your hot sauce? Burn your face off hot? Or hot enough to get the attention of Dua Lipa? (BTW, our customers are getting some A+ celeb endorsements this week).

Born in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Karma Sauce has created a series of mouth-watering hot sauces mostly produced from vegetables grown on the Karma Sauce Farm  since 2008. The company is motivated to “offer a better, healthier condiment” than many fat and sugar-loaded alternatives.

On their website you can buy a variety of hot sauces (some of our fav names: Funken Hot, Burn After Eating, It’s Tuesday Somewhere), salsas, ketchups, mustards and spices and rubs.

Their product bundles are a great way to try out a few different types, we think you should probably dive right into the Nightmare Kit. Be brave! (But be cautious, and please don’t hold us accountable for burning your face off, it’s just figure of speech!).

They also have a white label service, so they'll be fiery creative collaborators if you’re looking to start a hot sauce brand. You can follow them on Instagram for updates on their products and those Dua Lipa shout outs.

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