Key points:

  • Getting to know your customers is not only important to help your business grow, but it will also improve rapport
  • Offering a loyalty program is a great way to reward your customers and show your appreciation for their support
  • 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service

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It is always a good time to get to know your customers better in order to improve your business. By understanding your audience better, you can gain repeat customers as well as predict future buying habits. This will not only lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty, but will also help you to plan ahead for your business.

In this article, we will discuss what Get to Know Your Customer's Day is, give you 5 tips to help you better understand your audience, as well as explain the importance of getting to know customers better.

What is Get to Know Your Customers Day?

Get to Know Your Customers Day is a social media event that reminds businesses to spend some time understanding the needs of their customers. It is a great way to learn more about your customer and improve your customer service as well as customer engagement.

National Get to Know Your Customers Day 2023 is on January the 19th and is a popular customer appreciation event.

5 Ways You Can Get to Know Your Customers Better

1. Ask For Feedback

One of the best ways to build strong customer relationships is to reach out to them directly and ask for feedback. This is the most personal way to get to know your customers, and if you take the time to personalize your initial message, then they are more likely to respond. Find out any improvements that they would suggest and take their comments on board. Remember to always thank customers who have taken the time to send their feedback over.

2. Monitor Shopping Habits

To build a reliable customer profile and learn as much as you can about your customers, the best way to do so is by monitoring their shopping habits. Say you own a fashion store, and one of your regular customers only ever buys shoes, then they may not want to be flooded with details about hats or coats. Knowing your customer's shopping habits can help you to target them with information that you know they'll care about, so they don't have to see anything that's not of interest. Once you know their habits and likes well enough, you can send personalized emails with any new products that you think they may like, which should lead to more conversions and sales. This will be a win for you and the customer!

3. Be Active on Social Media

In order for a business to grow in 2023, having active social media pages is an absolute must. You can learn a lot about your customers and their opinions on your products or services by monitoring engagement on your posts. Customers often comment on brand posts if they are a loyal fan or have negative feedback to share. Whether the feedback is good or bad, being active on the main social media platforms your target audience are using is key to understanding their true thoughts. Responding to comments and DM's will show that you care about providing a good customer experience, even if their method of communication is not the best way to get in contact with your business.

4. Allow Customers to Create an Account

By giving your customers the option to create an account when making an online purchase from your store, they will be able to save time in the future. Having an account can allow customers to save their contact information, billing information and preferences, so they don't have to fill it all in again the next time they make a purchase. Customer accounts are also beneficial to the business, of course, as they can help you create customer profiles and find out the level of customer loyalty they bring to the business.

5. Offer a Loyalty Program

What better way to show your appreciation to your customers than having a loyalty program they can benefit from? You are much more likely to have loyal customers if they know they are being rewarded each time they make a purchase. Perhaps you can consider offering a discount on their next purchase if they spend over a certain amount, or offer a gift with every 5th order. Even the smallest of gestures will make your customers feel special, and it's no surprise that customers love a freebie.

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Get To Know Your Customers Day

Did you know? 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service, and 78% of customers continue to purchase from businesses with excellent customer service even after they've made a mistake.

Why Is Getting to Know Customers Important?

In order for a business to grow, no matter how big or small it is, it is essential that business owners understand their customers. Having a good understanding of their wants and needs will not only help them to feel appreciated, but it will also help scale a business.

Customers that feel appreciated are more likely to be loyal to a business, so by making the effort to show that you care, you can build a great rapport.

Things Every Customer Wants From a Business

Good Customer Support

Every customer wants to feel heard, and the best way to show that they are being listened to is through excellent customer support. Ensuring you have a clear contact page with an email or telephone number, so your customers know the best way to get in touch, is key to keeping customers happy. Another good thing to think about if you're not already is offering live chat support. This is one of the most preferred ways to communicate, as it's fast and easy and get sort any issues out instantly.

A Clear Returns Policy

No customer wants to go through any hassle when trying to return a product. Whatever the reason is for returning, whether it's the wrong size or faulty, it should be straightforward to send the item back and be refunded. Creating a strong shipping policy with essential returns information is something that every business should have. To help with this, Easyship offers a free shipping policy generator, you can have one ready in no time.

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