As scary as it sounds, Halloween is actually right around the corner!

If you’re an entrepreneur or online retailer who sells costumes, this certainly can be a spooky time of the year. Fortunately, there’s no need to be afraid of costume shipping. Follow these simple tips on packing and shipping costumes so the weeks leading up to Halloween are anything but scary for your company!

How to Pack a Halloween Costume

Packing a Halloween costume for shipping to a customer entails following these steps:

  • Find a dry, clean table or folding counter
  • Fold the costume neatly, ensuring there’s no visible wrinkles in it
  • Wrap the costume very carefully in tissue paper after folding it while also placing extra tissue paper around any buttons, zippers or potentially-vulnerable accessories
  • Place some packaging materials like packing peanuts in a sturdy cardboard box, mailer box or envelope and carefully place the costume inside
  • Fill in the rest of the box or envelope with packaging material
  • Place a shipping label on the box and tape it very securely

Shipping Halloween Costumes

When it comes to shipping Halloween costumes, courier shipping solutions that work well for shipping clothes are also great options for costume shipping.

FedEx Ship Manager Lite is an affordable and way to ship Halloween costumes, as is UPS Ground for packages less than two lbs. USPS First Class is another solid option, offering one to three day delivery for packages less than 16 ounces.

Also, be sure to use the Easyship shipping rates calculator to compare couriers and get the best deal available!

Costume Shipping: No Need to Be Scared Of It!

Don’t be tricked by bad Halloween costume packing and shipping methods. Instead, treat yourself to a much better shipping experience by following these tips so that this time of year isn’t so frightening!

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