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How to grow your eCommerce Sales by 10x this year


by Jules

On 2017 M02 28

by Jules

The internet is full of advice on how to grow your business but a lot of this is either not valid anymore or pretty generic. We work with all sorts of eCommerce sellers from shopify, woocommerce or these ones using marketplaces such as amazon, ebay or lazada and we have seen it all. In this post we are going to try and avoid the obvious suggestions on how to grow your eCommerce business but give you actionable expert insights that will help your store right away.

We are realizing the power of content marketing more and more. Small businesses are operating in a highly competitive environment and economic state. Effective content marketing can be the difference between stagnation and growth. You are growing your audience by adding informative content to your website. This can improve the loyalty they have towards the brand. You are not just selling your products, but also adding value.There are a few things you can do to improve the way you use this to grow your business.

Better quality content can improve the validity of your website. You will gain more credibility with search engine, provide great customer service and reach your target audience. If you are not the best writer, you can always hire someone to do all your content writing. A lot of business are going this route because as an owner, you might want to focus all your attention of building your brand.

Focus on beefing up your Onsite SEO by paying attention to the following:

  • Meta Titles. This will be entered into the internal code on your website to tell the search engines what your page is about.Be sure to add keywords to your meta title and try not to make it too long.
  • Meta Descriptions. Your meta description should be inviting and engaging in order for search engine users to click on your link. Your meta title and meta description is what users see before they decide to read your post. This is why it is important to make it enticing to the reader.
  • Keywords. Don’t use meaningless keywords that serves no purpose to your content. Good, quality content is always first priority and then you can carefully select appropriate and logical keywords to include.

Backlinks to your website is important for SEO. The number of backlinks a website has is usually a good indicator of the site’s popularity with search engines. Google may give preference to websites with a number of backlinks and prioritize your page in a search query.

80 % effort should be placed on your best products - advertise products shown on the landing page

Pareto’s Law says that 80% of the effects comes from the 20% of the causes. It would be easier to grow a product that is already popular than putting all your efforts into a product that is not doing so well. Start by determining the profit on each product and decide which products are bringing in more capital.

Spend most of your advertising fees on your top earning products, but in the same breath, don’t do nothing about the products bringing in less. The products that don’t sell well can become best selling products with evaluation and adjustment. While focusing most of your attention on your income generating products, you can ask your customers how you can improve on your least selling products.

Also try and determine why these best selling products are performing so well and apply the same strategy to your least selling items. A customer survey could be a good place to start.

Offer an affiliates program

Businesses with affiliate programs usually use these to market their most popular products. So the affiliates will post a link on their websites promoting your business. Every time one of their readers click on your product link and makes a purchase, the affiliate gets a percentage of the sale.

Affiliates most of the time will do a lot of the marketing for you because this is also their businesses. They are chasing the percentage you pay and by doing this they effectively grow your business. If you are not using an affiliate program yet, it might be worth exploring. Reach out to good affiliates that know how to push a product to an audience that is relevant for a product.

You need to work out the financial details and make sure the percentage you offer will not hurt your business in any way. The commission percentage can oftentimes be less if the conversion rate is higher. The affiliate is looking for consistent sales and so should you.

Time limited Offers

We see these urgent sales in stores all the time. “50% off just for today”. For some reason, we feel compelled to shop before tomorrow. This is a powerful marketing tool you should not miss out on. Hubspot did an A/B test where they used a controlled page as well as a time-limited offer page and the results were astonishing. The time-limited sales were around 8% more than the controlled offer.

This is because consumers are afraid to miss out on a good opportunity and if you add some kind of deadline on those deals, the number of sales for that day will show growth. When you work on your offer, make sure you include something that sets you apart from other companies. Be specific with how you word your offer. Instead of saying “Sale ending soon” rather go with “sale ending Monday at 07:00pm”, “last day” or “offer ends today at midnight”. There is a higher level of urgency when using accurate times.

Turn likes into leads (Social Media)

Running a contest on social media is one of the most affordable and fast ways to generate more sales. You can quickly reach a number of people which is harder to do with say offline media and be sure that you are reaching your target audience. Post a competition exclusively for one platform. Do a Facebook exclusive competition and make it known.

Try and understand why you receive more likes on certain posts than others. What does your followers want? Pay attention to trends and post more similar content to your sites. Provide valid tips on how to use your products or beautiful pictures. The visual effect is always going to gain more attention because this is just how our brains function. Build on the foundation of your research.

Sometimes you have to entertain your followers a little. Give them fun facts while driving them to your website. Do not oversell your products on social media. Instead, let your readers connect with you and your business. Show that you are a real person, not just some spammer trying to sell products. Build a relationship that contains trust.

Customer reviews

What your customers have to say about your products is important. You will gain a lot of insights to use in marketing and growing your business. The only way to really know how good your product is will be determined by the people using it. We are all a little biased when it comes to what we offer but you should not take offence to any negative reviews. These are great to help you improve upon.

Your goal should be to meet or exceed your customer’s expectation. If you do not know how they feel about your products or services, you will just continue to believe that it is already in effect. It also is beneficial to the people purchasing these items because they feel like their satisfaction matters. This is a great way to build and work on your customer service.

You want to gain credibility and build trust with your customers. When a customer knows that their opinion matters, it created that trust. Give feedback to as many of these reviews as possible.Make it known that you hear them and you are either delighted by their reviews or you will improve your service of products.

Fast and free delivery

Offering fast and free delivery is a sure way to increase your sales. Consumers are very interested in receiving their orders fast but more concerned with the cost of delivery. To set yourself apart from the rest, offering both aspects of delivery will be a great way to satisfy your customers. In our economic state businesses who give back can gain the trust and loyalty of consumers. It also looks better, gives an impression of not overpaying, even if you markup the cost by the delivery fee.

Carts get abandoned when expensive shipping costs come into play. Many people experience this because the do not look at the shipping costs ahead of time. When your order is calculated the shipping costs can sometimes be more than the price of your items. This is when I step away and go to a walk-in store. It is important to be careful of this factor because you could be losing sales with expensive cost of delivery. With Easyship’s in-cart plugin your customers will have the clear visibility on direct shipping costs, regardless of where they want to get their orders shipped.


No matter where your sales are right now, you can work towards gaining more customers and growing your sales x 2. Being an entrepreneur was never easy but you can get to your destination of success. You need to have a strategy in place to help you get there. These are some great
practical tips to apply today.