Key Points

  • UPS offers a simplified return process for eCommerce merchants
  • An optimal customer experience can help you manage the returns process

Simplifying the returns process is an excellent way to improve CX as an eCommerce merchant. According to a survey, 49% of all online shoppers review a vendor's returns policy before making a purchase. Since returns make this much impact on a customer's purchase decision, it is essential to make this process hassle-free for your buyers.

You should take advantage of UPS return services if you use them as your primary shipping carrier. UPS streamlines the returns process, so your customers can return packages to you faster and effortlessly.

This blog post explains how you can return packages with the UPS returns services.

How to Return UPS Package: The Basics

UPS' Parcel return service is a part of the carrier's reverse logistics aimed at simplifying how customers return goods to the seller. With a good returns service, merchants can receive goods in good time and get them back on the shelf for sales.

Since returns are a significant part of eCommerce, UPS helps to make it easier. We go over the features of UPS and how you can return UPS packages:

  • Use pre-printed returns labels
  • Use UPS electronic return label to forward return labels to customers

UPS also offers Returns Plus, which allows drivers to pick up items your customers are returning straight from their doorstep.

3 Ways for UPS Returns

UPS provides customers with drop-off options for dropping returns. Here are three of them:

UPS Access Point® locations

  • Michaels
  • CVS
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Kohls

UPS® Stores

Request UPS package pickup

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How to Prevent UPS Returns

Though returns are a vital part of eCommerce, and merchants have to simplify the returns process for their customers, no business expects it. In fact, the higher the rates of returns, the higher the chances that customers lose trust in your brand. While a solid returns policy should be in place, there are ways you can reduce the possibility of UPS returns.

Package items carefully

One of the reasons a package might be returned is if they are broken or damaged before getting to the customer. Sometimes, the nature of the item could also be a determining factor. Fragile items will require more packaging just as well as electronic products.

While your carrier will ensure that your packages are handled with care, you don't want to leave the safety of your customer's package to guesswork. Use appropriate packaging material for every item you ship. Be generous with packing materials and ensure goods are in perfect condition before sending them off.

Get the order right the first time

Attention to detail is key for goods with different specifications or similar products. Your customers will not appreciate it if they request a burgundy shirt and get a red one instead.

Inaccurate product descriptions or wrong product images on your storefront can increase return rates. Plus, customers will be displeased if the package does not contain the products they were expecting and push for a return. Get the order right. It will save you from dealing with returns.

Provide an optimal customer experience

When customers buy particular products from your store and do not understand specific functions, their initial impulse is to return them. However, you can clear their doubts about certain products by explaining how the product works and offering tips on fixing it in case of any glitch.

Making yourself accessible to customers reduces the chance of having them return products to you. At the same time, you build a healthy relationship with them and pave the way for optimal customer service.

Create an excellent returns policy

Real-time updates about returns accompany an exceptional return policy. You might still have to deal with some returns no matter how hard you try. But that should not make you worried.

Big brands like Amazon deal with customers' returns daily yet have a rigid returns policy. While you might not have control over return numbers at all times, you can devise an ideal strategy that makes customers enjoy the returns process.

With a good returns policy, you get positive reviews for your business, and returns will not deter them from patronizing your brand in the future.

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UPS Returns FAQ

Does USPS take UPS returns?

With UPS Returns Flexible Access, customers can drop UPS mailboxes at USPS buildings.

Does Amazon charge for UPS returns?

Amazon offers free returns for all fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Prime products.

What is a UPS return code?

A UPS code is always written on the label of a package.