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How to Ship a Guitar


by Jules

On 2019 M07 30

by Jules

Knowing how to ship a guitar is crucial for eCommerce companies who work within the music industry. With this guide, your online business can keep rocking by better understanding the cost to ship a guitar and some tips on shipping a guitar safely and efficiently!

How Much Does It Cost to Send a Guitar in the Mail?

The cost to ship a guitar depends mainly on its shipping weight and destination. If your guitar’s packed in a hardshell case, expect to spend $100 to $150 on shipping within the U.S. If it’s in a gig bag, the cost will likely be about $85 to $90.

This pricing variation is due to the different shipping weight costs – while the gig bag weighs less at about nine to 12 lbs., the hardshell case typically weighs more at 18 to 20 lbs. and thus costs more to ship.

Destination also impacts the cost to ship a guitar, as farther destinations generally cost more in terms of shipping.

How Do You Transport a Guitar?

The best way to ship a guitar is to make sure you follow all the right steps, from packaging to choosing the right courier. The steps on shipping a guitar to a customer include:

1. Prepare the guitar

First, take your time to secure every moveable part of the instrument. If the guitar is going in a hard case, loosen the strings to relieve pressure that could lead to any snapping of the strings while the guitar is in transit and place adequate padding between the fretboard and the strings. If you’re transporting it in a gig bag, you can remove the strings completely.

Make sure the headstock is wrapped securely with bubble wrap, which can be held in place with rubber bands or tape. By securing most parts of the guitar, you can better avoid scratches and serious damage to the instrument.

2. Pack the guitar in a strong case

Ensuring that your guitar is packed in a strong case is just as important as properly securing every part of it. Typically, it’s definitely preferable to ship the instrument in a hard case, as this tends to provide that needed extra-layer of protection while in transit.

You can use towels, foam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or strips of soft folded paper as padding when shipping a guitar to a customer. Always pad the bottom of the case before putting in your guitar for maximum protection. After the guitar is placed in the case, take your time to ensure that every gap around the instrument is padded up.

This reduces the chances of the guitar moving around in the casing while being transported to your customer. The neck of the guitar should always have reinforced padding for support.

3. Do a shake test

The next step is doing a shake test once your guitar has been placed in its case for shipping. It’s important to make sure that the instrument won’t be moving around in its case while being transported, so gently shake the guitar case and listen closely.

If you hear any movement, add additional padding and double check that the guitar is secure. Pack up and do a gentle shaking again to ensure that everything is in place.

4. Choose a sturdy shipping box

This is a crucial aspect of shipping a guitar, as the type of box you choose is critical for transporting the guitar securely to the customer. For this reason, you should always go with a study, strong box.

The burst strength of the box you choose should be determined by the weight of the guitar being shipped. For example, if your guitar weighs approximately 12 lbs., you should go for a box of 200 to 250 burst strength. More information about corrugated box burst strength can be found here.

For additional peace of mind, you can also double the shipping box. After putting in the guitar case, do a final shake test to ensure zero movement within the box.

5. Seal the case

Finally, seal up and secure the shipping box. Do this by using good packaging tape, which is actually quite different from masking and duct tape, as it holds together better and longer compared to other types of tape.

As a side note, also choose a courier with a reputation for safety and reliability, as you don’t want to cut any corners when it comes to shipping fragile items like guitars!

Shipping a Guitar: Protect It Safely and Securely

By prioritizing the security and protection of the instruments being shipped, you can be a real rock star to your customers by making sure their guitars arrive safely!

Here at Easyship, we partner with multiple couriers to make sure your online business has plenty of options when it comes to safely shipping a guitar to a buyer. Be sure to sign up for free today to strike the right chord when it comes to your eCommerce shipping!