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How to Use BackerKit

BackerKit is crowdfunding fulfillment software that simplifies shipping and fulfillment for your crowdfunding campaign. Read here for a how-to on shipping & fulfillment with BackerKit.
How to Use BackerKit
Ian Heinig

By Ian Heinig


March 23, 2021

BackerKit is crowdfunding fulfillment software that simplifies shipping and fulfillment for your crowdfunding campaign. The platform automates the processes of outreach, shipping, and fulfillment within a single integrated dashboard view.

Say you need to share package tracking information with all your backers. Rather than having to email everyone piecemeal, BackerKit does this for you. How so? The platform sends a post-pledge survey to every backer, meaning you won’t need to chase people down to fulfill their orders.

BackerKit users can expect to save time, endure fewer headaches, and save up to 70% off shipping when they integrate their account with Easyship. This is because Easyship is a direct partner of all global couriers, plus also integrates with crowdfunding software like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for a truly seamless experience.

Read this guide to BackerKit to learn BackerKit costs, alternatives, and how to use key features like BackerKit tracking.

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What is BackerKit?

BackerKit is a crowdfunding platform that streamlines your shipping and fulfillment processes. It’s a start-to-finish solution that resolves many of the tedious aspects of the end-campaign. BackerKit integrates with crowdfunding campaign platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, as well as payment processing apps like Stripe and PayPal.

Everything happens in the dashboard view. This is where you see your orders, monitor fulfillment, share tracking information and much more.

Overview of Backerkit

BackerKit offers the following features:

  • Gather backer shipping information with automated surveys
  • Automate communications with personalized emails
  • Create pre-order websites to supplement you campaign
  • Offer add-ons to existing backers

The most important feature of BackerKit is the automated surveys, as this saves you from having to manually ask backers for shipping information and verify their addresses. BackerKit also allows you to create microsites to drive pre-orders before you campaign kick-off, as well as offer add-ons once you’ve secured a backer.

Customer service is simpler with BackerKit, thanks to the following features:

  • Offer automated chat help to save on customer service
  • Outsource 1:1 customer service to BackerKit Customer Support Team
  • Create a help center page to answer common questions about your product or launch

BackerKit also includes a handy set of features that simplify shipping and fulfillment for your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Select shipping couriers within BackerKit
  • Integrate with your chosen fulfillment solution
  • Batch print shipping labels
  • Export all shipping details to couriers
  • Maintain real-time inventory visibility
  • Save up to 70% off shipping rates with an Easyship integration

BackerKit Pricing

BackerKit is available in two pricing plans: Essential and Professional.

Both pricing plans incur a $199 set-up fee. Additionally, you’ll pay a small percentage (2-3%) of your campaign funds to BackerKit for their services. Here’s the breakdown:


  • 2% of campaign funds raised
  • 5% of funds raised in BackerKit go to BackerKit  including VAT, taxes, and shipping)


  • 3% of campaign funds raised
  • 0% of funds raised in BackerKit go to BackerKit
  • Gain access to PayPal processing

The differences are minor between the two plans. The big questions are: will you pay 5% to BackerKit afterwards? And do you need PayPal processing?

BackerKit is also planning to rework their pricing plans in April 2021. Double check on the pricing plans on their website before signup.

How to Use BackerKit

To start with BackerKit, you email new backers a survey that also includes their order details. This survey serves to gather backer shipping details, offer add-ons, and get everything ready for you to fulfill your pledge.

This screenshot from the BackerKit Getting Started Guide shows the lifecycle of BackerKit from the perspective of backers.

How Backerkit Works for Backers

Now let’s walk through the stages of using BackerKit successfully.

1. Create Your BackerKit Campaign

Creating a Backerkit Campaign

BackerKit can be used anytime during your campaign cycle. Ideally, you integrate BackerKit with your Kickstarter or IndieGoGo account from Day 1 to auto-collect all backer shipping details. But if you sign up any time before you close your campaign, you can use BackerKit to gather shipping info and contact backers.

2. Prepare For Backer Data

Preparing Backer Data

All orders in your crowdfunding management platform automatically syncs with and appear in BackerKit.  If you’ve launched a Pre-order Store to supplement your primary campaign, these orders will also appear in your Orders area. Want help? Ask the BackerKit team to help you set up your fulfillment flow before you start requesting shipping information from backers.

3. Gather Order Details

Gathering Order Details for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

BackerKit surveys ask for backer shipping addresses then validate these addresses to ensure they’re valid. All survey information populates automatically in BackerKit. You can view this information at glance, including:

  • Backer status: See who’s submitted a survey and who hasn’t; survey reminders are automated
  • Payment status: See who’s paid, who hasn’t, and whose card was declined
  • Shipment status: See who’s been shipped to and who’s waiting
  • Rewards details: See which backers get which items, add ons, and rewards
  • Backer shipping details: Store backer shipping details while automated address-validation makes sure all addresses are valid and formatted for shipment

With order details on hand, you can begin preparing for shipment. You’ll save up to 70% off all retail shipping rates by integrating your BackerKit account with Easyship. For help integrating Easyship with BackerKit, click here.

4. Prepare Your Orders

Preparing Orders from Backerkit

BackerKit integrates with Stripe and Paypal to make payment processing easy. Once you’ve charged backers, the next step is sharing the delivery details with your shipping solution. The software also lets you bulk-export all order information to your chosen courier services. This way, you can initiate shipping in minutes without manual data entry.

5. Share Tracking Details

Crowdfunding Campaign Backerkit

Keeping backers in the loop about their rewards is important. BackerKit lets you upload all tracking details as a single batch, then batch-email backers their tracking details. And just like that, you saved gobs of time on shipping and fulfillment.

How to Ship with BackerKit

BackerKit has partnered with global courier companies, fulfillment centers, and shipping solutions to make fulfillment as easy as possible.

All survey responses are automatically generated in the BackerKit dashboard as orders, including the accurate shipping information. All shipment data is synced between your crowdfunding software, BackerKit, and your chosen courier companies. By using automated fulfillment management, you can:

  • Integrate orders with your fulfillment solution for real-time visibility of shipment status
  • Batch-export shipping info to courier companies and fulfillment centers
  • Separate orders into multiple shipments

The screenshot below is the BackerKit dashboard with all backer shipping details from the survey.

Fulfillment Status Backerkit

The dashboard shows you the shipping details and the fulfillment status on pledges in real-time. The brown “Unfulfilled” button indicates that a shipping courier is standing by to complete the order. Alternatively, you can use the BackerKit Postage feature to source shipping rates, buy shipping labels, and coordinate all the necessary shipping details on your own.

Integrating BackerKit with Easyship

You’ll save up to 70% off shipping rates when you integrate your BackerKit store with Easyship. There’s no coding required. Just a few clicks and Easyship will serve as your go-between to all courier companies, helping you save real money on every order.

Plus, you’ll get access to Easyship’s shipping automation to save ever more time on fulfillment. This automation includes automatic duty and tax calculations, customs document generation, and more.

Using BackerKit with Easyship

The benefits of BackerKit are savings on shipping and on time. If you’ve ever handled your own fulfillment, you know it can be a real time-suck. Between sharing order info with couriers, printing labels individually, tracking down backers to get the correct address format – it can be a nightmare.

Using BackerKit spares you these headaches for $199 upfront and a few percentage points of your crowdfunding campaign funds. Is the convenience worth it? It’s your call.

Feel like trying Easyship to save up to 70% on shipping for your crowdfunding campaign? Create a free account. You can always create a free account, poke around, then decide if the paid plan ($29/mo) is right for you. Meanwhile, you’ll get unlimited access to our shipping rate calculator and duty and taxes calculator, two tools that simplify the processes of finding the cheapest way to ship for your campaign.

BackerKit FAQ

Is BackerKit Legit?

BackerKit is legit. Some would say it’s too legit to quit. If you need further proof, consider that BackerKit is a direct business partner with cart softwares like Shopify and shipping services like FedEx. You can trust these giant companies to vet all potential partners on your behalf.

How much does BackerKit cost?

BackerKit is available in two pricing tiers: Essential and Professional.

Both pricing tiers incur a $199 set-up fee. For Essential service, you also pay 2% of your campaign funds to BackerKit. For Professional, you pay 3% of campaign funds to BackerKit. The Essential pricing tier also requires you to pay 5% of funds raised to BackerKit.

What are the alternatives to BackerKit?

According to, a services-comparison website, you can also use Bloomerang, Kindful, DonorPerfect, and more to meet your crowdfunding fulfillment needs.