Key points:

  • Large package shipping costs can quickly add as large and heavy parcels can require a reliable carrier that specializes in this specific service
  • Over 40% of eCommerce customers worldwide expect their order to be delivered in under 24 hours
  • Easyship can help you find cheap rates for large package shipping, allowing you to compare prices from over 250 top couriers worldwide

Are you looking for large package shipping tips? This article quickly breaks down how to pick the right shipping carrier, tracking, insurance and proper packaging. Plus, explore how Easyship can help you instantly find the perfect large package shipping solution for your growing online store.

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Choose the Right Shipping Carrier

A key step in successfully shipping a large item, start exploring which shipping services fit your specific requirements. Crucially, it can help you find the cheapest way to ship large or heavy orders. Factors that to take into consideration when analyzing options for large package shipping include:


Shipping large packages can be difficult due to the additional charges that can be applied to oversize packages. These surcharges vary from postal service to courier and are based on the combined length and girth. Large boxes can take up a lot of space, so shipping companies charge a premium.

Weight of Your Package

If you are shipping an oversized package weighing a lot, then shipping costs can also start increasing. For example, the weight limit for USPS priority mail is 70 lbs. Shipping heavy items over 150 lbs is typically classified as freight shipments. While an item over 6000lbs can require its own truck for freight shipping transport.

Dimensional Weight

This pricing technique is used to determine a package's density and the impact this can have on shipping rates. Dimensional weight (DIM) is calculated by multiplying the size and weight of a package.

This total is then divided by a figure specific to each courier. Many major carriers will price shipping rates on whether a package's actual weight or DIM weight is higher. In this case, shipping large boxes can increase transportation costs, even if they are lightweight.


Distance can be a key factor in determining whether a couriers service will fit your online store's shipping needs. Whether your package is being shipped domestically or internationally will impact the shipping rates, plus you will need to manage import tax and customs duties. Overall, the further away the end customer's destination, the higher rates can be for a reliable courier to ship items.


With over 40% of global eCommerce shoppers expecting to receive their order in less than 24 hours, express delivery is becoming an industry standard. However, fast large package shipping can be expensive for most online stores. Stay ahead of the competition and use Easyship's Free Shipping Calculator to access exclusive pre-negotiated rates from top couriers, with up to 91% off.

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Proper Packaging

Packaging large packages properly for shipping can be complicated. To make sure your orders arrive at your customer's doorstep in perfect condition, that are some key things to consider:


Large packages can be heavy, so selecting durable materials that can withstand the shipping journey is essential. Finding materials that offer a combination of protection plus are aesthetically pleasing can help act as a promotional tool for your brand.


When shipping large packages, consideration for the couriers and how they will handle the package whilst it is being transported is essential. Heavy items will need to be transported by forklift, while lighter large packages can still be carried. The type of storage used can also help inform which type of protection is required. Especially because if it is stored with heavy items, it may require double boxing.

Minimize Movement

Large packages with heavy items can move around during transit. Using packaging materials like corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap can minimize movement. Plus, these can help to keep items stable and offer a cushioning material from other cargo.


Labeling your packages clearly and with a detailed description of the contents can help make sure orders are delivered promptly. If the package is heavy, letting your courier know with a label can make damage less likely through careful handling.

Understanding Shipping Regulations

When shipping large parcels, it can be important to review the regulations and restrictions that will apply to your shipment's contents. Each destination country has its own specific regulations, covering a wide range of different product categories. Many couriers also may have their own specific item restrictions. Common prohibited goods include:

  • Open batteries
  • Gasoline
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Perfume
  • Cologne
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Gunpowder
  • Illegal substances
  • Ammunition
  • Dry Ice

Tracking and Insurance

Another consideration when shipping large packages is the type of tracking and insurance available. End-to-end tracking will allow you to keep track of your shipment throughout every stage of transit. While also keeping the customer reliably informed of the parcel's progress.

Insurance can help protect you in case the package is damaged or even lost during transit. Make sure to check the declared value protected by your chosen shipping solution, as it may be significantly less than the value of the order.

Maximize Shipping Savings With Easyship

Large package shipping can be a complex process, however with the right preparation it can be a stress-free and seamless experience. Following the tips broken down above can cover all of your starting bases. Combining this essential preparation with Easyship's shipping tools can supercharge your large package shipping strategy moving forward, helping you effortlessly scale your store.

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