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4 Pieces of Content That Can Teach You About Shipping & Fulfillment

Newbie to eCommerce? No worries. We'll give you the full scoop on how shipping and fulfillment work here.
4 Pieces of Content That Can Teach You About Shipping & Fulfillment
Alexandra Ortolani

By Alexandra Ortolani


November 2, 2021

Three thousand two hundred forty-eight parcels are shipped every second. Having said that, eCommerce merchants need to be well-equipped to pack and ship their parcels to avoid unhappy customers.

So, what are shipping and fulfillment? Simply put, shipping and fulfillment refer to the steps involved in putting ordered products into your customers’ hands. Fulfillment refers to the entire process, from when an order is placed to the moment an ordered item arrives at your customers’ doorsteps. On the other hand, shipping is a part of the fulfillment process and refers to the transit of your parcel.

In this blog, we’ll go over several pieces of content that can teach you about shipping and fulfillment, so you’re locked and loaded to take on eCommerce shipping.

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How Shipping & Fulfillment Works

Ever wondered how shipping and fulfillment work for major carriers like UPS and FedEx? This short documentary explains the step-by-step process from when an order is placed to being delivered at the recipients’ doorsteps.

UPS and FedEx are two of the most popular shipping companies in the world. Together, the courier companies ship well-over 10 million packages every day. No matter if you’re shipping clothes, sports equipment, or virtually anything else, FedEx and UPS offer multiple shipping services that can deliver your items as fast as you need them. So if you’re a newbie to the eCommerce industry, this video is perfect for you.

Alternatively, Easyship offers exclusive discounted shipping rates up to 70% off on 250+ couriers, including UPS and FedEx. Now, you can continue to enjoy all the features and benefits of major courier services at a fraction of the cost.

How Container Shipping Works

Every day, thousands of shipping containers arrive at ports from countries across the globe. While it may seem that shipping a container is a quick, easy process, it is, in fact, a much more complex process.

So, how does container shipping work? Everything starts at the manufacturer. A truck loads the product ready for shipping and is then brought to the seaport and loads the container onto a ship. Then, when the container and the other containers are loaded on the ship, the ship can depart.

For a more in-depth look at how the step-by-step process of container shipping works, this video will give you the information and clarification you need to know.

How Overnight Shipping Works

Offering same-day delivery services can make or break your eCommerce business. More than 51% of retailers offer same-day delivery. So if you’re thinking about starting your own eCommerce business, you’ll want to provide your customers same-day shipping.

But have you stopped to think about how overnight shipping works? FedEx, UPS, and DHL are the three major consumer courier companies, and each offers its overnight shipping services.  

Generally, shipments are placed during the day and are transported to their destination throughout the night. But, there’s a lot more work behind the scenes than you might think. The shipping carrier has first to process the package; then it’s delivered to the nearest hub overnight, sorted, and then transported via ground transportation to the destination.

Whether you’re curious about understanding how overnight shipping works or you’re a newbie to eCommerce, offering overnight delivery to your customers can help retain customers while growing your business globally. This video gives the full scoop on the step-by-step process of overnight shipping.

Factors Contributing to Worldwide Shipping Container Shortage

It’s no secret that there’s a worldwide shipping container shortage. Ninety percent of the world’s goods are transported by sea. So with the holiday season quickly approaching, you’ll want to do your shopping early to ensure your parcels get delivered promptly.

But, what is causing this worldwide pandemonium? You can thank Covid-19 and the rising cost of shipping containers for most of this issue. Plus, labor shortages, port congestion, and lack of available containers are also other factors that contribute to the shipping container shortage.

So if you’re looking for a more in-depth look at why there’s a worldwide shortage of shipping containers, watch this video to learn more.

How Easyship Can Help

Now that you know the basics of shipping and fulfillment, you’re ready to take on eCommerce shipping. Easyship’s Free Shipping Rates Calculator offers discounted shipping rates up to 70% off on 250+ couriers to instantly access the best available shipping rates.

But, that’s not all. Here are some other ways you can have a seamless shipping experience with Easyship:

  • Free duty & taxes calculator
  • Shipping policy generator
  • Shipping checklist
  • Crowdfunding calculator

Our fulfillment shipping consultants can take care of your shipping and fulfillment needs with 24/7 customer service.  So no matter if you’re an eCommerce newbie or veteran, Easyship can help you reach global growth for your online business. Plus, our global network of 3PL partners can help you create a shipping strategy that can take on the world of eCommerce.

Ready to supercharge your shipping? Sign up for a FREE Easyship account and enjoy 50 free monthly shipments and high-volume discounted shipping rates.

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