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Easyship Insights: Logo design tips


by Jules

On 2018 M08 14

by Jules

Welcome to Easyship Insights, where we share our company learnings with you, our entrepreneur and small business audience!

We believe our learnings are applicable to a wide range of businesses, and we hope you see the value in us sharing them with you.

So let's talk logo design! We recently revamped our logo and wanted to give you an inside look at how it happened.

We've been in business for over three years now, and though this is our third logo, we all feel there's something special about this one. Perhaps third time's a charm?

I sat down with Danny, our graphic designer, to talk all things logo and pick his brain about how small businesses should approach logo design for the long term.

When is it a good time for a business to redesign their logo?

Danny: After a company has grown to the point where branding matters as much as everything else, that's when it's time for a change.

If you place your logo next to competitors and partners and it doesn't stand out, you need something new.

Our old logo fit our needs for a little while, but as our company grew and turned into what it is today, we found we needed something more mature and polished.

Logo Easyship blue horizontal

Our old logo

Explain what was wrong with our old logo, and how the new logo improves our brand.

Danny: I wouldn't say it was wrong – just wrong for us, based on who we are now.

In my opinion, it stood out in a somewhat negative way. The colors were muted and the letter forms were too slender. It didn't scream "sleek tech company". It wasn't fresh or inviting.

With our new logo, we've solved this. We've always been proud of our product and now we can be just as proud of our brand.

In your opinion, what makes an effective logo design?

Danny: When the design team created the new Easyship logo, there were 5 guidelines it had to adhere to.

The logo had to be:

  • Simple. A singular type-based logo, where it was easily read and could stand out among the masses.

  • Memorable. We took an existing typeface we liked and shaped it to something uniquely our own.

  • Timeless. This needed to be strong enough to last the test of time and not based on current trends.

  • Responsive. We brought out the element of the box sitting on top of the 'i' and used that as a key feature in our branding.

  • Appropriate. This logo had to be appropriate in representing who we are as a company.

We believe that by following these guidelines, our logo works for us and suits our need exactly.

Easyship Logo - Dark

Our new logo

Do you have any recommendations for places to find a graphic designer that will create a good logo?

Danny: The best places to find designers are your local design agencies.

The people that work there are the most passionate about design. They are hungry for it and want to work with you.

If you get an agency on board, not only will you get a new logo, but you will also have a full brand along with your name!

We hope you love our new logo as much as we do! Let us know what you think in the comments below.