Get ready to be in the black!

If you missed out on our Q2 edition, here are some Q3 sales holidays you can target to stay on track to being profitable.

To recap, one way to increase your sales throughout the year is by doing year-round promotions in targeted regions around the world. This is a great strategy to ensure you have strong sales numbers outside the usual peak holiday seasons.

The below dates are historically good for sales. Take advantage of this information to stay profitable year-round!


Independence Day

Independence Day - 2018

In 2017, 219 million Americans celebrated the 4th of July. A survey done by the National Retail Federation showed that about 28% planned on purchasing patriotic merchandise.  And, an estimated 44.2 million Americans plan to travel 50 miles or more for the holidays. Overall, there are many opportunities to make a sale during this time!

Date: July 4

Sales increase: 1.05x

Target country: United States

Target demographic: Everyone

Popular items:
Patriotic items
American Flags
Travel-related items
Dresses and tops
Summer footwear


International Cat Day

Intl Cat Day - 2018

Pet eCommerce is growing globally - in fact, a Packaged Facts’ 2018 survey of U.S. pet owners found out that 37% of online pet shoppers agree that “I am buying pet products online more than I used to.” So why not take advantage of this on International Cat Day? The top 5 countries that have the most cat owners are: Russia, the US, Argentina, Italy, and France.

Date: August 8

Sales increase: 1.02x

Target country: Worldwide

Target demographic: Cat owners + Cat lovers

Popular items:
Cat treats
Cat toys
Cardboard boxes

Dog Appreciation Day

Dog Day - 2018

Dogs are the most popular pet globally, which gives you a huge target market to work with! Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil have the highest rates of overall pet ownership, with dogs being the most popular pet. Additionally, China, India, and LATAM markets are seeing rising disposable incomes, making them more keen to spend more on their pooch.

Date: August 26

Sales increase: 1.1x

Target country: Worldwide

Target demographic: Dog owners + Dog lovers

Popular items:
Dog treats
Dog toys


Father’s Day (AU/NZ)

Father's Day - 2018

Why does Australia and New Zealand celebrate Father’s Day 3 months after everyone else? Apparently, the Australian calendar is filled with events between April-June, so they moved Father’s Day to avoid “holiday fatigue”. Also, since they are in the southern hemisphere, it coincides with the spring season. Either way, this is a great time to make extra sales when there isn’t much else happening around the world.

Date: September 2, the first Sunday in September

Sales increase: 1.03x

Target country: Australia / New Zealand

Target demographic: Men

Popular items:
Electronic gifts
Personal care items
Premium footwear and clothing

Respect for the Aged Day

Aged Day - 2018

This is a public holiday in Japan, where the Japanese express their gratitude towards the seniors and grandparents in their lives. It’s common for people to send gifts or to go back to their hometown and have a meal with their elders. With the aging population in Japan spiking in the last few years, this could be a great opportunity to appeal to those looking to give their elders a special gift for the holiday!

Date: September 17

Sales increase: 1.05x

Target country: Japan

Target demographic: People over 65

Popular items:
Western-style sweets
Anything that symbolizes longevity

Chuseok (Harvest Festival)

Chuseok - 2018

Chuseok is the Korean version of Thanksgiving. It’s one of the most important holidays in Korea, as everyone is expected to go back to their hometowns, spend time with their families, and pay respects to their ancestors. Exchanging gifts with family is popular during this holiday.

Date: September 23-25 (Variable, based on the lunar calendar)

Sales increase: 1.2x

Target country: South Korea

Target demographic: Everyone

Popular items:
Gift sets
Health related supplements / vitamins

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