Key points:

  • Your store's on time delivery rate can be an important indicator of customer satisfaction
  • 40% of global online shoppers expect to receive their order in less than 24 hours
  • Easyship can help you find the fastest shipping solution for your online store, helping increase your on time delivery rate

Do you have an effective shipping strategy? Calculating your on time delivery rate can give you an actionable insight into whether you're regularly leaving customers waiting.

This article breaks down how to calculate your store's on time delivery rate and how this can help increase sales, through customer satisfaction.

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What Is on Time Delivery?

On time delivery is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of a company's order fulfillment process. It can be a useful indicator of your store's supply chain efficiency and where you can improve.

To track an online store's lead time efficiency, start with a simple formula. Divide the total number of arrived on time deliveries, by the total number of purchase orders received.

OTD= (Orders delivered on time) / (Total number of orders)


What Are the Benefits of tracking on Time Delivery rate?

Tracking your on time delivery rate can be an important tool. Use this data to measure the effectiveness of your delivery services, project management and inventory management.

A wide range of factors impact the end delivery date. From sourcing raw materials to the amount of time it takes to deliver, all ultimately impact the customer experience.

Aiming for a high on time delivery performance can be an effective strategy to optimize your store to provide good customer service. While the production speed of an order is down to the store, the post-order delivery timeline demands you pick the best carrier for your needs.

How to Ensure on Time Delivery

Start optimizing to reap the benefits, checkout our top tips to increase your score and create a delivery experience your customers love.

  1. Provide an accurate delivery date. Managing expectations from the outset by providing a realistic timeline will help keeps customers happy.
  2. Fulfill orders promptly. Taking steps to reduce the amount of time an order spends in production, will help to optimize your on time delivery performance.
  3. Find the fastest shipping solution. Reducing lead time of products and services can be a straightforward way to increase your store's on time delivery rate. Use Easyship to find the fastest delivery option for your online store.

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Why Is on Time Delivery Important to Customers?

Did you know? 40% of online shoppers worldwide now hope to receive their delivery in less than 24 hours. With customer expectations ever-increasing, reducing the period of time till delivery can help provide great customer service.

Providing and then meeting a promised delivery date can stop customer complaints, while also helping you retain customers. Keep in mind, a high on time delivery rate can be key in building an effective customer retention strategy, helping you win repeat sales.

If you have reliable reviews from existing customers, social media or your service teams detailing delivery on time, look at showing them off. This social proof can help customers at the start of the purchase process, increasing customer acquisition.


Aiming for a high on time delivery rate can optimize your store's customer experience, helping to drive repeat sales through customer retention. This article briefly breaks down how to improve your on time delivery performance and how this help can grow your business.

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