Key points:

  • Order consolidation is where multiple orders are grouped together based on their destination to reduce shipping fees
  • Consolidated shipping is eco-friendly and reduces carbon emissions
  • With more orders than ever over the holiday season, order consolidation can help businesses save time and money

It's the holiday season! While this means that things are starting to get more festive and shoppers are excited to start celebrating and sharing gifts, this also means that merchants and distribution companies are starting to feel the pressure. This time of year, there are typically more orders coming in than ever before, which means businesses need to keep up and prepare their holiday shipping.

To stay ahead, it is essential to ensure that packing and shipping are fast, the environmental impact of packaging materials is considered, and fast shipping is offered. Being as prepared as possible will improve customer satisfaction and keep everyone merry this festive season.

So are you starting to plan your holiday orders and considering order consolidation? In this article, we'll take a look at what order consolidation is, and list the key reasons why people consider it, so you can decide whether it's right for you and your holiday shipping needs.

What is Order Consolidation?

In short, order consolidation means shipping individual orders together to save time and money. If the order consolidation process is done correctly, then orders will be packaged and shipped based on their destination, and those going to the same area will be grouped together for fast shipping. As you can imagine, with orders being grouped together, this is an eco-friendly option as it means carbon emissions are reduced due to fewer trips and the environmental impact will be low.

4 Reasons Why Order Consolidation Can Help You During The Holiday Season

1. Save Time and Money

It's no surprise that the holiday season is pretty manic. Let's face it, it's easy to become overwhelmed fast, and with customers placing more orders than the rest of the year, eCommerce retailers will be packing and shipping more orders than they can manage. If you are shipping individual items, then not only is this extremely time-consuming, but can also lead to higher shipping fees. Consolidating your orders can lead to lower handling fees per package, reduce shipping costs, and save time with fast shipping.

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2. Be More Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of order consolidation is that it means shipping is much more eco-friendly. When shipments are grouped, it means that less packaging material is used and a lot less fuel since fewer trips are needed. When orders are packaged and shipped together, you will be reducing your carbon emission and have a low environmental impact, keeping everyone happy!

Did you know? 52% of eCommerce users within the US and UK wish brands would offer more sustainable packaging.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Shipment consolidation will also keep your customers happy and reassure them that you're doing your bit for the environment. With so many people looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly options, it is extremely important to consider the feelings of your customers when it comes to the environmental impact your business will have.

Order Consolidation Over The Holiday Season

4. Ensure That Everyone Has a Merry Holiday!

Overall, if the above points are taken into consideration and items are packaged and shipped in the most environmentally-friendly way possible (through order consolidation) then customers will be happy, and you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

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