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Product Update: January 9, 2019

Jules Plume

by Jules Plume

On 2019 M01 9

by Jules Plume

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We hope you got some rest over the holidays and that you're ready to reach your goals for the year!

Here's how Team Easyship is kicking off 2019:

Product Features

Now available - US Domestic Returns: We’re excited to announce that you can now create USPS return labels for any domestic shipment within the United States!

To qualify, shipments:

- must have a label that is already generated
- must be a destination within the United States
- can be sent from any courier solution

For step-by-step instructions, visit our Support Center!

Split and merge shipments: Got an order with multiple items to fulfill but some items need more time to ship than others? Have multiple orders from the same customer that are shipping to the exact same destination?

Not a problem! You can now split and merge these types of shipments in our dashboard.

Here's how:

Navigate to Create Shipments > Multiple

To split a shipment:

  1. Select 1 shipment
  2. Click on the "More" dropdown button on the top right and select "Split Selected"
  3. Choose the shipment items to be split into another shipment and confirm

To merge a shipment:

  1. Select 2 or more shipments
  2. Click on the "More" dropdown button on the top right and select "Merge Selected"
  3. If the shipments have the same destination, click on confirm. Otherwise, choose a shipment for the other shipments to merge into and confirm

Delay sending fulfillment updates: You now have the ability to control when orders are marked as "fulfilled" in your online store platform and when to send the tracking email to your customer after a shipping label is generated for an order.

To delay updates to your online store:

Go to Connect > Click your online store > Click "More" in the Sync Orders section > Adjust the number of hours under "Update order status".

Delay - Store Orders

To delay sending email tracking updates to your customer:

Go to Settings > Customer Emails > Adjust the number of hours under "Send Email".

Delay - Tracking Email

Add your own courier - Australia Post: Our Australian customers now have the option of adding their Australia Post account to Easyship!

This allows you to show your own postal rates at checkout while Easyship automates the rest of the shipping process.

To add your account, log in to our dashboard > Click on "Couriers" on the left side menu > "Add new courier" > Click on Australia Post > Follow instructions.

Need additional assistance? Submit a request on our Support Center.


FedEx solutions for Hong Kong eFulfillment clients: If you're one of our warehousing clients in Hong Kong, we now offer additional FedEx solutions for you!

For those who sell products with batteries, we're happy to announce that the International Economy and International Priority solutions offered can ship PI967 batteries.

Our International Economy and International Priority non-battery solutions also have improved, lower pricing.

Should you have any questions about these services, feel free to reach out to your Easyship sales representative!

More Pickupp solutions available in Singapore! All Singapore users have access to the following services:

1. Pickupp Medium B2C: Meant for medium parcels with the total of width, height, and length less than or equal to 120 centimeters, and weight less than 10 kg. Flat price of $8 per shipment.

2. Pickupp Large B2C: Meant for large parcels with the total of width, height, and length less than or equal to 150 centimeters, and weight less than 15 kg. Flat price of $10 per shipment.

3. Pickupp XLarge B2C: Meant for extra large parcels with the total of width, height, and length less than or equal to 180 centimeters, and weight less than 20 kg. Flat price of $18 per shipment.

New Singapore Post service: All Singapore users also have access to SingPost's Poly M Small and Poly M Medium services.To use this, you need to collect the PolyM bags from selected Park & Parcel outlets to place your items in. Once you have done this, you can drop the shipment off at the Pack & Parcel outlet, or a Singpost mail box. Do note that this service doesn't provide any tracking. If you DO NOT want to use or offer these services to your clients, you can simply disable this option on the Easyship Dashboard: Settings > Shipping Rules > Set as "Never use this courier" > Choose Singpost PolyM.

New Country Launch!

Shipping To Canada

We are excited to welcome Canada to the Easyship family! If you're based in the Great White North, you can now open an Easyship account and start shipping with us.

At the moment, we are offering solutions via Canada Post, with more couriers to come soon! Keep checking back to see what we offer next!


Catch us at CES 2019! Find Team Easyship at CES Eureka Park, Booth 52984!  Stop by and we'll be happy to share logistics tips, provide expert guidance, and share exclusive CES perks with you.

Better yet, book a time with us in advance to ensure we have time to answer all your questions!

Hong Kong eCommerce Day #5


We are teaming up with BigCommerce and Stripe to discuss how sales, payments, and logistics tools can help you increase your sales, save money, and beat the competition in 2019. Make sure your business starts the new year in the right way by joining us at Garage Academy on 15 January. This event is FREE but seats are limited; make sure to register now before it's too late!

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Here's to a productive and prosperous new year, without champagne hangovers like these kitties. 😸

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