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Product Update: What’s New at Easyship for June 2020

What's New at Easyship for June 2020? Learn more about our Notification Center, automated shipping rules and flat export rates.
Product Update: What’s New at Easyship for June 2020

By Jules


June 9, 2020

This June, the Easyship team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to improve our offerings. The idea is to make it even easier, cheaper, and better for our clients to ship around the world in the wake of the COVID-19. That’s why we’ve now rolled out our Notification Center to all client accounts; have improved country grouping for automated shipping rules; and put together exclusive Flat Export Rates! As always, we’re also introducing you to new courier services and our favorite blog articles from the last month!

Our New Notification Center is Now Live for Everyone!

Easyship New Notification Center

Last month, we gave you a sneak peek at our new in-app Notification Center. Good news - it’s now available to all clients! So, no matter where you’re using your Easyship account, you’ll now be able to stay on top of your shipping!

The notification Center will provide regular updates through the shipment creation process. These were previously only sent by email; now, you can still receive the emails, but you’ll also see the alerts in the top left of your Easyship account when you log in!

The alerts will let you know if there are any actionable items related to your shipments. If there’s a pickup issue; you need to create labels and documents; or your shipment label is rejected, the Notification Center will let you know so you can deal with it straight away.

Improved Country Grouping for Shipping Rules

Easyship merchants now have more control over creating country-based shipping rules on the platform. Before, adding a shipping rule that applied to multiple countries was cumbersome and time-consuming. Now though, you can easily group countries when creating and editing shipping rules, making it a lot easier to manage.

You can also choose to add a shipping rule which forces the algorithm to use a certain courier for shipments to particular countries. In the past, you had to exclude all the couriers you didn’t want to be able to use; now, you can just choose the couriers you want to use with a country (or group of countries).

With great power comes great responsibility, though, so you should use this function carefully. This is especially true if you’re using the “Rates at Checkout” feature on your online store. That’s because if your chosen couriers aren’t available, then your store won’t be able to display any rates.

Save on Shipping with our Flat Export Rates!

Easyship Flat Export Rates to United Kingdom

At Easyship, we understand that it’s important to have an international shipping service that suits your needs - and your budget. That’s why we created our exclusive Flat Export Rates.

To help you access more affordable international shipping, we consolidated several shipping solutions to offer you one discounted service. Easyship’s Flat Export Rates are based on your parcel’s weight, so you’ll never pay more than you should. And, you can even use your own packaging, so you can continue to delight and surprise your customers with a 360-degree branded experience. The maximum weight allowed is 20lbs, while the maximum value is $400.

Our Flat Export Rates are valid for shipments being sent from the US and are divided into two categories: Canada or Rest of the World. This way, you’ll always get the best available rate for international shipping. USPS will handle shipment collection in the US, and will pass the shipment onto a local last-mile courier for final delivery. The best part? You’ll be able to track the whole thing right from your Easyship dashboard!

More International Shipping Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause issues for mail deliveries and shipping. Many couriers and postal services are still facing suspended routes due to closed borders and lockdowns, and most are still experiencing some level of delays. We’re trying to help our users continue to ship as smoothly as possible, so we’ve added a new courier solution to our lineup.

  1. Easyship users in Singapore can now access FedEx International Priority shipping solutions to provide express international shipping for their clients and customers.

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