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Product Update: Dimension Choices

Our May 2019 Easyship product update explores our new dimension choices, website updates, new partners and more!
Product Update: Dimension Choices
James Plume

By James Plume


May 6, 2019

If you liked our April Product Update, you’ll love what’s in store this month!

Like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve been springing into action over the past few weeks, updating both our features and website, not to mention adding new Easyship partners. Here’s just a quick look at what Team Easyship has been up to since last month!

Product Features

Use Box or Product Item Dimensions

In the past, Easyship required all product dimensions before calculating box sizes for clients. Now, you can use either the dimensions of the product or you can provide the dimensions of the package - your choice!

Easyship users can now choose either product or package dimensions

UPS and Australia Post Account Integration with Easyship

Easyship users that already have UPS or Australia Post accounts can now link their account and rates directly with Easyship.

On the dashboard, you can find the page "Couriers" on the sidebar. From there at the top of the page, just click "Add Courier" and connect your own account. It’s that easy!

Easyship users can now integrate their Australia Post and UPS accounts

Updated & New Easyship Webhooks

Webhooks are live feeds of information that API users can connect to when you integrate Easyship to your back-end.

You can "subscribe" or connect to gather better data on specific events. We’ve added two more feeds: "shipment.cancelled" will let you know if a shipment has been cancelled and "shipment.label.failed" will let you know if one of your labels has failed and is “rejected.”

Cancelled Shipments and Label Failures have been added to Easyship Webhooks

Improved Multi-Currency WooCommerce Plugin

The Easyship plugin for WooCommerce is now fully compatible with the multi-currency “Currency Switcher” plugin on WooCommerce.

Easyship has improved integration with WooCommerce's "Currency Switcher" plugin

Duplicate Shipments

In Easyship's Manage Shipments section, clicking on a shipment will now duplicate it, creating a a new shipment with the exact same details like the address and the specific item details. Very useful for resending orders or recurring shipments!

Additional Filters on Manage Shipments

Similarly, in order to improve workflows, you can now filter shipments by the number of items in the order!

Easyship users can now duplicate and filter shipments in the Manage Shipment section

Website Updates

Our Resource Center is Live: Explore everything you need to sell and grow cross-border

We’ve just added a new resource center, or our Shipping 101 guide, to the Easyship homepage. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for information about the foundations of shipping and what’s involved in it, where you can find our international shipping guide, taxes and duties guide, free tools (i.e. shipping rate calculator & shipping policy generator), country specific shipping guides and much more!

New Easyship Fulfillment Partners: eShipper & eRetail

We’d like to welcome both eShipper in Canada and eRetail in Australia as our new fulfillment partners in those respective markets. Easyship looks forward to empowering eCommerce startups in both countries with your help!

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That’s all for the May update – see you again in June!