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Product Update: Residential Address Identifier

Our August 2019 product update explores the Easyship residential address identifier, FedEx for U.S. clients, our new domestic shipping guide and more!
Product Update: Residential Address Identifier
James Plume

By James Plume


August 5, 2019

Our July Product Update offered a look at new features like Easyship’s USPS Flat Rates feature and product enhancements and service alerts for SF Express.

Although it's the dog days of summer (at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere!), the Easyship team isn’t taking a break. Instead, we’ve been hard at work with new product updates for all of our clients worldwide. Here’s just a quick look at what we’ve been working on over the past month!

New Feature Updates

Residential Address Identifier

Easyship Residential Address Identifier Feature
Easyship's new Residential Address Finder now offers prepaid coverage to prevent any post-delivery surcharges to residential addresses

Easyship is now able to provide prepaid coverage to avoid any post-delivery residential surcharges - added fees some couriers include to shipments delivered to residential addresses.

This also means the cost of this coverage can be included in the shipping costs to the parcel recipient when using Easyship Rates at Checkout.

The residential address identifier can be used in a number of different ways.

If manually creating a shipment from the U.S. or Canada, Easyship’s residential address identifier will confirm if the address is residential or not. If the address is determined to be non-residential, there will be no charge or adjustment to the shipment.

If the intended destination isn’t marked as residential, but the residential address identifier confirms it is indeed a residential address, a notification will be displayed to highlight this.

For the rest of the world when shipping manually, the residential surcharge will be added to the shipment at a discounted price if the user marked the address as residential.

If the address isn’t marked as residential, no added surcharges will be included. However, an adjustment may be added by the courier after delivery if the shipment is deemed to be sent to a residential address.

The residential address identifier also works with shipping rules and automations.

Users are now able to add a shipping rule regarding residential surcharges. Provided that residential address fees are always included, you’ll never receive any adjustment for shipments post-delivery for residential surcharges.

Product Enhancements

FedEx Available for U.S. Clients

We are once again able to offer FedEx shipping with discounted rates to all clients!

Easyship Now Integrates with HKTDC

Easyship also now offers simple and intuitive integration with HKTDC for clients!

Actionable Analytics Now Available

Clicking analytics charts will bring you to a filtered view of Manage Shipments, making it simple to dive deeper into the data and get a closer look at all of your analytics!

Website Updates

Domestic Shipping Pillar Page Live

Easyship Domestic Shipping Guide
Our Domestic Shipping Pillar Page offers in-depth guidance for all aspects of SMB shipping

Our new Domestic Shipping Guide is now live! Check it out for useful insights and strategies to craft your domestic shipping strategy from top to bottom.

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That’s all for now - stay tuned for our September update next month!