Key points:

  • A correct shipping label is vital to ensuring a successful delivery
  • Creating an effective shipping label template can help optimize your store's delivery experience
  • Easyship can help you format and generate shipping labels for every order

Have you had an order held up due to an incorrect shipping label? This article breaks down the benefits of creating an effective shipping label template, from boosting branding to retaining customers and reducing delivery times.

What Are Shipping Labels

Shipping labels provide the key information a carrier needs to deliver a package. This will cover the entire journey, from the start destination to the end customer. As each label is unique for every specific order, you can't reuse old shipping labels.

They are designed to be read by both machines and humans, allowing a package to be tracked throughout its journey and to the correct destination. Common information includes:

  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Tracking number
  • Date
  • Package quantity
  • Parcel weight and dimensions
  • Address
  • Order number
  • Street, city and state (area)
  • Item description, especially for international shipments
  • Tracking bar code
  • Method of shipping purchased
  • Shipping carriers details

10 Key Benefits of Shipping Label Templates

Creating an effective template for your online store's shipping labels will ensure you are producing proper shipping labels for each order. With a range of free shipping label templates available, checkout this quick breakdown to see how this process can help your store grow today:

1. Real-Time Tracking

A template with tracking numbers allows customers to check up on an order at every stage of the delivery process. Make sure to include tracking barcodes, as they are scanned every time a package leaves a carrier's facility and helps the carrier track the order.

2. Reliable Information

The standardized nature of shipping label templates can decrease the chances of slowing down delivery times, by including inaccurate information. Once an effective template has been created and implemented, this will increase the reliability of an online store's fulfillment process.

3. Reducing Costs

Once you have created a template for shipping labels, there won't be any need to write out shipping labels and attaching them by hand. Printing your own labels can also help save time and money compared to the post office.

Streamlining this process by printing labels on sticky sheeting can also save extra time and money on unneeded packaging supplies.

4. Reduce Delivery Time

Including the right information in a shipping label through templates can help increase the efficiency of the delivery process. From simpler managing of orders before they ship, to avoiding the risks of manually writing labels, templates can increase delivery success.


5. Retain Customers

Consistently creating high quality and reliable shipping labels can increase a customer's perception of your online store and delivery experience reliability. Overall, shipping strategy can play a key role in customer retention.

6. Boosting Branding

Shipping labels are the first thing a customer sees once their package is delivered. As they are attached to every order, it offers a clear opportunity to tell the story of your brand. Creating a memorable template can help aid brand recognition.

7. Customization

Customizing your shipping labels through a variety of templates can allow you to communicate with your customers in different and creative ways. From seasonal templates to combining them with custom packaging, all can help increase the customer experience.

8. Easier Warehouse Navigation

Creating a template that provides customized labels can make it easier for staff to find your packages in warehouses in distribution centers. If you have your own warehouse designation system in place, including this in your shipping labels can significantly increase the speed in which employees can pick items for shipping.

9. Simple Returns for Customers

Creating a return address shipping label template can help streamline your store's return process. Shipping labels are often emailed to customers, who can then print them out and attach them to a package.

10. Be Ready to Ship Any Time

Setting up a shipping label template can allow your store to be ready to ship as soon as the orders come in, creating labels as fast as you can scale. This can help boost your store's on time delivery rate, increasing customer satisfaction.

Start Creating Shipping Labels With Easyship Today

Each time your store gets an order, the courier service will need unique shipping documents. Using a shipping label template has a range of benefits that can help your business grow. Start printing shipping labels for your business with Easyship today.

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