Spring has sprung!

With it, comes Easter! Perhaps you're currently observing Lent in the leadup to the holiday, denying yourself your favorite pleasures for 40 days and 40 nights (goodbye chocolate!). People around the world will be looking forward to indulging again or just getting ready to enjoy this major annual holiday, so it's likely that they'll want to celebrate by ordering a whole lot of fun treats to enjoy over the four-day weekend. As an eCommerce retailer, you'll need to be well prepared for this since there is no mail delivery on Good Friday and Easter Monday. And, the most important thing you'll need to know is the Easter shipping cutoff dates for 2020.

You've probably been making plans for Easter for months, gearing up with great email promotions and top-notch inventory management techniques to see you through this time. But, all of it will be for nothing if your customer's needs aren't met in a timely manner.

That's why you need to know the shipping deadlines for major carriers, as well as other key information as Easter creeps up quickly. But, never fear! We're assembled a useful guide of "ship-by" dates and other information your eCommerce business needs to spring into action as Easter approaches. Check it out below, plus our shipping rates calculator for will help you find the best shipping deals possible!

Is there Mail Delivery on Good Friday or Easter Monday?

Good question! And, unfortunately, the answer is no, mail does not run on Good Friday or Easter Monday. That's why you'll need to plan your shipping carefully so that all your orders reach their intended customers by the Thursday before Easter, at the absolute latest.

Painted Easter Eggs to Ship before Good Friday

Easter Shipping Deadlines for 2020

Date: Sunday, April 11 (Good Friday: April 10; Easter Monday: April 13)

Easter is right around the corner! Both eCommerce entrepreneurs and online shoppers should pay close attention to the USPS Easter schedule and schedule for other major couriers to get the best deals possible and to ensure their products have enough time for delivery.

US Shipping Cutoffs

Ship-by Date Delivery Date Best Rates Average Duration
April 3 April 9 DHL eCommerce Expedited Max Parcel $
DHL eCommerce Expedited Max Parcel Plus $
DHL eCommerce Ground Parcel Plus $
3-4 Days
April 7 April 9 USPS Priority Mail $$ 1-2 Days
April 2 April 9 USPS First Class $ 2-5 Days
April 2 April 9 UPS Mail Innovations $
UPS Mail Innovations Parcel Post $
3-5 Days

Canada Shipping Deadlines

Ship-by Date Delivery Date Best Rates Average Duration
April 8 April 9 Canada Post Priority $$
Next Day
April 7 April 9 Canada Post Xpresspost $$ 1-2 Days
April 1 April 9 Canada Post Flat Rate Box $ 2-7 Days
March 21 April 9 Canada Post Regulat Parcel $
4-9 Days

Australian Send-By Dates

Ship-by Date Delivery Date Best Rates Average Duration
April 8 April 9 Australia Post Express Post $$
Next Day
April 1 April 9 Australia Post Parcel Post $ 2-7 Days

Now that you know all the ship-by deadlines for the major couriers in the US, Canada, and Australia, you'll be well-prepared to ensure that all your customers have a relaxing Easter, wherever they are!