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10 Brands Powered by Easyship You Want to Spend Your Tax Refund On

Get tax refund spending ideas by explore some of Easyship's top clients like August McGregor, Just the Goods, Leze the Label & more.
10 Brands Powered by Easyship You Want to Spend Your Tax Refund On

By Jules


April 19, 2019

April 15 has come and gone - which means that tax refund season is finally here in the United States!

Right now, millions of Americans are either planning to save, invest or most likely spend their tax refund money - so here are some tax refund spending ideas to consider.

What Should I Buy with My Tax Refund?

If you’re looking to spend your tax refund, we hope you consider these cool products from Easyship clients! From toys to clothes to food and everything else in between, here are a few amazing products to spend your new tax refund on!

1. A French Blue Sharkskin Wool Suit, from August McGregor, for the not-so-rare instance where you want to look bad a$$, in a fresh cut-to-order suit under $900.

August McGregor French Blue Sharkskin Suit

August McGregor, which we also recently featured in our April Fresh roundup of new startups we love, is a new fashion line collaboration between MMA legend Conor McGregor and acclaimed men’s clothing tailor David August launched in 2017. Already, the brand has established itself as one of the hottest new names in fashion.

Price: $860

2. A Skittles Bow Tie from Bow SelecTie to shower yourself in a rainbow of compliments!

Skittles Bow Tie
Bow SelecTie Skittles Bow Tie 

Looking for a creative way to impress at first sight? Bow SelecTie is just the right place to go, offering unique, eye-catching bow ties to choose from - even wooden and handmade feather bow ties!

Price: $28.99

3. What do Chrissy Teigen, Tenacious D, and Lil Yachty all have in common?  Heatonist hot sauce, of course! Check out their famed Classic hot sauce.

Heatonist hot sauce

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Heatonist has quickly emerged as one of the finest purveyors of hot sauces in the entire world, with their YouTube series taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the countries best chefs and talent! It's your time to "Truth or Dab".

Price: $10.00

4. When you're searching for that toasty, minty and extra crunchy grasshopper snack; look no further than the Crispy Cakes from Hacked Snacks!

Hacked Snacks Crispy Cakes

So we're a tech company, so obviously we love anything "hacked" - thus, Hacked Snacks has become one of our office favorites! Check out some of their tasty treats with a healthy twist, packed with protein and fiber with minimal sugar.

Price: $41.95 p/ box (12 units)

5. Share the love with Sophie & Toffee's Heart Trinket Box Silicon Mold to mold gifts, that keep on giving!

Sophie and Toffee Heart Trinket Box Silicon Mold

The go-to place for fun arts and crafts supplies, Sophie & Toffee offers a huge array of charms, ceramics, glass, fabrics and much more to discover and make something unique with.

Heart Trinket Box Review:


This is by far the best mold I've ever used. I love how easy it is to de-mold my project. The size is perfect to add decoration and personalize each trinket box. I've made and sold quite a few already! I'm definitely going to buy other box molds from Sophie and Toffee.

Price: $10.34

6. Treat your skin with affordable vegan unscented hand and body lotion from Just the Goods.

Just the Goods Vegan Unscented Hand and Body Lotion

Need another tax refund spending idea? Why not treat yourself to some handmade, natural skin care products from Just the Goods? Offering healthier, cruelty-free, plant based skin care products made with mineral and vegetable-based ingredients. Just the Goods eschews products with mass-produced chemicals, in favor of handmade, healthier alternatives.

Plus, their Petal, Leaf, Root facial serum is on another level.

Price: $3.00 - $40 range, depending on product.

7. Buy ethically and look great this season. Check out Leze the Label's navy pants, allowing you a more tasteful way to wear pajama's to the office!

Leze the Label Navy Pants

Looking for something chic and comfortable to spend that extra tax refund money on? Leze the Label offers plenty to choose from, including everyday pants and t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee. If you want to support sustainable fashion, but don't align with their prices, you can even choose what you pay - making conscious buying accessible to all!  

Leze the Label is a clothing company built around the 'every woman' lifestyle. This fair trade brand not only looks great, but blends the comfort of pajamas with stylish, sustainable designs. Last but not least, they manufacture in an environmentally-friendly Taiwanese factory where workers are paid 15% above industry standards with scheduled nap blocks (yaaaaass).

Price: $59.00

8. New arrivals touching down at PandaFox Toys include a British Airways Airbus A321 in a 1:200 scale model and much more to choose from!

PandaFox Toys British Airways Airbus 321 

Airplane aficionados will love PandaFox Toys, who specialize in cool die-cast model airplanes in 1:72, 1:200 and 1:400 scale models.

Price: $73.56

9. Need something to perk you up? Try the Santo Coffee Cubes and their six flavor sampler pack!

Santo Coffee Cubes 6 Flavor Sampler

There’s coffee and then there’s Santo Coffee Cubes - cubes of handpicked Colombian coffee that gives you a great cup of joe in just 30 seconds. Simply drop the coffee cube in water, mix it and enjoy premium Colombian coffee on the go! Founder Ian Bernal hasn’t forgotten his parents’ roots in Colombia either, helping 5+ farmer families in Colombia with their children's needs & education.

Price: $6.97

10. If you too believe in a bearded future, look no further than Mad Viking Beard Company and their offerings of natural, filler-free, oils, balms, waxes and more! Check out their three pack sample beard oils to get started.

Mad Viking Beard Company Three Pack Sampler

Beards are back, so what better way to treat your beard than with some help from the Mad Viking Beard Company? Mad Viking products are designed to relieve itching, dandruff in the beard and promote healthy growth leaving your beard softer and fuller. Run by Jason Sealand and his wife Amanda and Jason Hall and his wife Shana, couples with strong Scandinavian roots, the company is named in honor of Sealand’s great-grandfather, who earned the nickname “The Mad Viking” in his baseball days in the 1920s and 1930s after immigrating to the U.S. from Sweden.

Price: $13.00