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Turning your crowdfunding campaign into a business with a partner


by Jules

On 2016 M12 14

by Jules

Turning your campaign into a business with a Partner

Entrepreneurship is a vicious circle. Right, when you begin to get a sense that you sailed well through the biggest of the challenges; a new one is knocking at your door already. Earning a success with Crowdfunding is a monumental achievement. Delivering on the promises made to the backers; to their satisfaction, is an even bigger accomplishment. Undoubtedly, conquering these two crucial milestones is a fulfilling experience. But the future challenge ahead is even more thrilling one. The challenge is to enter the mainstream market and be able to stamp your presence there.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo, both the most reputed reward-based crowdfunding portals have taken the due measures by getting into potential partnerships to help you with a smoother landing to the market. Besides, there are quite a few independent entities that support crowdfunded products business better. In this article we will guide you on how to turn your campaign into a highly performing business through your crowdfunding partner, as well as, with the help of other independent enterprises.


It is one of the pioneers in the arena of Reward-based Crowdfunding. And a trusted name for charity fundraisers too. Lately, the website also initiated Equity Crowdfunding through their platform. The platform is a highly wired one with many inbuilt cutting edge tools to help the campaigners leverage maximum benefits out of the platform. They have developed an ecosystem of partners who assist the successful campaigns;whether it is a gadget or a documentary, attain a hassle-free transit into supermarkets and online stores. Let us discuss the key partnerships of Indiegogo.

Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Launchpad is a platform that features high-tech and innovative crowdfunded products to millions of Amazon customers. Indiegogo has partnered with Amazon Launchpad; under which, successful Indiegogo campaigns that have ready to ship inventory or inventory that will be ready to ship sooner are eligible to get showcased on the Amazon Launchpad. If you are contemplating an Indiegogo campaign, already running one, or have successfully scored a campaign; and hope to leverage later on Amazon Launchpad; here are the instructions for you.


Brookstone is a famous American retail chain. Their top lines of products include hi-tech gadgets and lifestyle items. No matter at what stage of your Indiegogo campaign you are; successful or yet under process, Brookstone Launch will aid you to give correct shape to your technology idea. The range of services offered by the company stretch from initial consulting to the subsequent selling of your product through their online store; as well as, physical outlets of Brookstone. Curious to learn more? Check out the details of the Indiegogo and Brookstone partnership.


For promoting the Indiegogo campaigns under the Film category, the crowdfunding platform has partnered with Vimeo. Vimeo has an exclusive on demand page for Indiegogo campaigns that feature the successfully funded Indiegogo films. Some of the most popular Indiegogo films that found a huge audience through vimeo are Amira & Sam, Video Game High School, and Everything Before Us. To submit the Indiegogo funded films on Vimeo; all it takes is filling a simple Indiegogo form.

Target Open House

Target Open House is a San Francisco-based Tech Company. The company calls itself, “part retail store, part lab, part meeting venue for the connected home tech community”. Target Open House has collaborated with Indiegogo to bring onto its platform, a dedicated page for successful Indiegogo funded tech products. Here is a quick and simple form that needs to be filled, if a campaigner wishes to feature their product on Target Open House.


Newegg Inc is a top notch online retailer with over 30+ million registered customer base, who are absolute tech enthusiasts and proponents of innovative products. Indiegogo has joined hands with Newegg to help campaigners turn into retailers quickly and easily. The company offers not only a vast target audience to Indiegogo campaigners; but, low commission fee and many more tools along with expert consulting to help them sell handsomely through their portal. Here is all that you would like to know Indiegogo and Newegg partnership.

Kickstarter is a name to reckon when it comes to Crowdfunding. The company has brought numerous creative projects to life. They have a strong backer community of over 12,000,000 members and have raised over $ 2.7 Billion to date. Unlike Indiegogo that started associating with other companies for a smoother transition of the crowdfunded products into retail stores in January last year itself; Kickstarter has taken slower steps into this zone. In order to encourage and facilitate campaigners turn their crowdfunding projects into full-fledged businesses, Kickstarter entered into a partnership with Amazon Launchpad in July this year. Amazon Launchpad has a dedicated page for Kickstarter Projects. This page has Kickstarter products from all the categories ranging from wearable gadgets to books and movies, to home appliances.

Here is the little form to be filled for getting your Kickstarter featured on Amazon Launchpad. Check out the video on Kickstarter and Amazon Launchpad collaboration

We presume Kickstarter would soon get into many more potential partnerships with different organizations to ensure Kickstarter-powered products turn into successful businesses. Keep checking our blog to stay updated. Other Alternatives for Crowdfunded Projects Apart from the above two crowdfunding kings, many independent entities that help crowdfunding products reach the retail audience through them. Let us take a look at them

Iis indeed the first and also one of the most renowned and esteemed marketplaces for crowdfunded products. The portal has a fantastic collection of most innovative and creative products conceptualized and produced by entrepreneurs with grand creative visions. The website claims to provide a long-term home fir these incredible products. Submit your Crowdfunded Product on their website for consideration and from there on the will take it forward. Here is a small introductory video on


GroupHunt is a Singapore-based organization that allows people to hunt for cutting-edge innovative products, vote for them, negotiate a collective bargain and eventually buy through them. The website has a category for Crowdfunding, which is one of the most popular categories they have. People with successfully crowdfunded products can choose to feature them under their crowdfunding category. People browse through various products featured under the category and vote for what they would like to buy.

Crowdfunding took up speed post the global economic slowdown of 2008. Since then, it has given wings to many creative ideas. However, the journey after a successful stint at crowdfunding is full of challenges. Numerous times, even the most successful of campaigners have failed to stamp success in the mainstream market. Finally, major crowdfunding portals and many other independent companies have taken the due note and are creating partnerships to leverage on these innovative products in full capacity. We hope to see many more result-oriented collaborations happening in the future.