Key Points:

  • A UPS Access Point® is a third-party retail location that offers UPS package drop-off or delivery services
  • Customers can choose any UPS Access Point® for their delivery location. For example, you could enter the address of an Access Point location as your address at checkout
  • UPS will hold a customer’s package for five business days

A UPS Access Point® is a third-party retail location that offers UPS package drop-off or delivery services. Merchants and customers can use the secure digital lockers at UPS Access Points as a convenient place to drop off or pick up parcels.

Google "UPS Access Points near me" and you’ll see thousands of UPS Access Point® locations across the US. Merchants can use these sites to streamline fulfillment while on the go. Consumers can use these lockers to grab packages in convenient locations, if say, they aren’t home to pick up a package when it’s delivered.

If you’re shipping with UPS, using UPS Access Point® locations could be a win-win for both you and your customers. Not sure if UPS is right for you? Compare real-time accurate rates from all couriers with Free Shipping Rates Calculator.

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What Is UPS Access Point®?

A UPS Access Point® is a local business that acts as a secure pickup and drop-off location for UPS packages. These UPS-affiliated businesses include grocery stores, gas stations, and other retailers. The location itself is a touchscreen kiosk inside the business accompanied by a stand of secure lockers.

A whole network of UPS Access Point® locations is available around the US. Every location allows merchants to drop off ready-to-ship packages to complete fulfillment, and customers to pick up delivered parcels.

The benefits of using UPS Access Point® include:

  • Accommodate a busy schedule: Customers use these lockers to ensure they can pick up packages at a time and place suits that fit their busy schedule.
  • Mitigate theft: Packages left on porches are prone to theft. Redirecting packages to the secure indoor locations of a UPS Access Point® helps to guarantee a successful pickup
  • Easy drop off: Busy merchants uses these nearby drop areas to save time rather than arranging for package pickup or visiting a UPS Store.
  • Ensure delivery success: Missed deliveries are common but also diminish customer satisfaction. Offering pick-up from a UPS Access Point® helps to win loyal customers.
  • Easy returns: For customers, the availability and convenience of these drop locations make them ideal for staging a painless return.

How Does UPS Access Point® Work?

A UPS Access Point® is a secure locker that allows for picking up or dropping off UPS packages. Access to extra locations gives customers more control of how they receive packages and helps merchants streamline fulfillment.

To use a UPS Access Point®, either the shipper or receiver must send the shipment to a listed location. This can be done at checkout or arranged for later via the tracking link for the UPS shipment.

This handy infographic from UPS makes it easy to understand.

UPS Access Point® For Customers

Customers can choose any UPS Access Point® for their delivery location. For example, you could enter the address of an Access Point location as your address at checkout. Or just change the delivery address later to any UPS Access Point® location on the UPS website.

Next, you’ll receive a notification when your package arrives at the designated location. You’ll need to provide proof of identity at pick up, so bring a photo ID.

Customers picking up from a UPS Access Point® will use the touchscreen kiosk at the locker to retrieve the package. To find a package, you can search by:

  • Tracking number
  • UPS InfoNotice left by the driver
  • UPS My Choice® delivery notification in the tracking information

The locker opens when the correct information is entered to allow package collection. UPS will hold a customer’s package for five business days. If the package is left longer than 5-7 days, the parcel will be returned to the merchant.

To return an item via an Access Point, you need only drop off a UPS package at an access point. Make sure that you’ve attached the UPS Prepaid return label and the rest is done for you by the participating business.

UPS Access Point® For Merchants

UPS Access Point® locations help merchants save time on fulfillment. Just drop off your UPS shipment with the UPS prepaid label attached and your delivery is underway.

Packages are stored securely at these locations until they’re picked up by a UPS driver. If you drop off your package before the final pickup cycle, your package will go out for delivery that day. If you missed the final daily pickup, your parcel will go out the next business day.

UPS package weight and size restrictions apply to UPS Access Point® locations. Packages shipped from a locker must weigh less than 20 kg and be shorter than 80 cm in length. All packages must include a UPS prepaid shipping label.

UPS Access Point®Hours And Locations

Search for a local UPS Access Point® near your local UPS store or drop-off location to find a location near you. You just need to enter the zip code to find the nearest locations. You’ll see a list of nearby locations, the hours of operation, plus the delivery cut-off time for UPS® Ground and Air delivery.

For example, a quick search on gives us the following results in Denver. Here we see the location for a UPS Access Point® is a laundromat. The listing provides the address and the latest drop-off time for both UPS air services and UPS® Ground services. Make sure you double-check the delivery times and location before using any of these locations.

How to Ship to UPS Access Point® Lockers

Merchants can ship directly to UPS Access Point® lockers, and customers can redirect a package to any locker when they like.

To do this, enter the address of a UPS Access Point® as your delivery address when you create your shipping label. UPS will ship the order to the selected Access Point and notify the recipient via email or SMS when the package is ready for pick up.

Alternatively, you or your customer can redirect any shipment to a UPS Access Point® before it arrives for delivery.

If you’re dropping off a package for delivery, the process is similar. Simply scan your label at the kiosk, the door will open, and you leave your package there to be picked up by the UPS driver.

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UPS partners with thousands of local businesses, grocery stores, and other retail outlets to offer UPS Access Point® lockers in your neighborhood. They serve as a convenient drop-off and pick-up location for UPS labeled and prepaid packages and returns. To find a UPS Access Point® location near you, visit the UPS website and search by city or zip code.

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UPS Access Point® FAQ

Is UPS Access Point® safe?

Yes. UPS Access Point® locations are secure and safe. They are usually located inside local businesses, grocery stores, and other retail outlets to ensure package security.

Is UPS Access Point® free?

Yes. Just walk there and provide proof of identity in the form of a driver's license or a government-issued ID, and you are good to pick up or drop off your package or UPS returns parcels.

Can someone else pick up my package at the UPS access point?

Absolutely. If you need someone else to pick up your package at a UPS Access Point®, send them with your photo ID, or driver's license bearing the recipient's full name as in the package.

What do I need for a UPS Access Point®?

To pick up your package at a UPS Access Point®, you need proof of identity, usually a government-issued photo ID, a driver's license, or a passport bearing your full name as in the package.

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