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The Guide to UPS Overnight Shipping

UPS Overnight is actually comprised of three UPS services. Here's how to get the cheapest rates on this speedy delivery service.
The Guide to UPS Overnight Shipping
Ian Heinig

By Ian Heinig


April 7, 2021

Looking for next-day delivery in the US? UPS Overnight may be your best choice.

Just one thing: there is no UPS Overnight. Next-day delivery from is available from UPS, but it goes by one of three service names:

  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air Early
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver

Each UPS “overnight” delivery service is priced differently, depending on how early you need your package to arrive next-day. And since UPS is a reliable express courier service, you can expect all the usual bells and whistles for your packages, including tracking, guaranteed delivery, and on-location pickup for free.

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Here’s everything you need to know about UPS Overnight shipping.

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What Is UPS Overnight Shipping?

UPS Overnight is an express delivery service that guarantees next-day delivery.

UPS Overnight is actually made up of three separate express delivery services from UPS, including:

  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air Early
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver

These services all offer next-day delivery within the US. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may incur higher prices, and shipping to remote locations may lengthen delivery times.

UPS Overnight also offers guaranteed delivery or your money back. Additional service includes tracking, on-call pickup, and paid options for Saturday delivery.

These three services only differ in two ways: how early packages are delivered next-day and the price. Let’s get into the details on pricing and delivery speeds.

UPS Next Day Air

Next Day Air packages are delivered by 10:30 AM of the next business day.

Delivery is guaranteed to anywhere within the US, as well as Puerto Rico. If your package is delivered late, you can request a refund for your postage because Next Day Air includes a delivery guarantee.

The following features are included in UPS Next Day Air:

  • Package tracking
  • Free UPS packaging
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • On-call pickup (arrange online)
  • Saturday delivery (costs extra)

This UPS Overnight is neither the cheapest nor the fastest UPS Overnight option. It’s best-suited for packages that must arrive anytime within the next business day.

UPS Next Day Air Early

Next Day Air Early is the fastest UPS Overnight shipping option.

Need your package there by the start of the next business day? This service offers guaranteed delivery to most major cities in the lower 48 states by no later than 8 AM of the following day. If your package doesn’t arrive by 8 AM the next-day, you get your money back.

The following features are included in UPS Next Day Air Early:

  • Package tracking
  • Free UPS packaging
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • On-call pickup (arrange online)
  • Saturday delivery (costs extra)

UPS Next Day Air Saver

The cheapest UPS Overnight option is Next Day Air Saver. This service guarantees delivery by 3 PM or 4:30 PM to most commercial destinations, or by end of day for residential locations.

UPS Next Day Saver is an ideal option for daytime deliveries to a business, or to residences where afternoon delivery is acceptable.

Update: Due to COVID, delivery times for Next Day Air Saver shipments have been extended to 11:59 PM on the day of delivery. This means refunds for late delivery can only be claimed if packages arrive at 12 AM or later on the delivery day.

The following features are included in UPS Next Day Air Saver:

  • Package tracking
  • Free UPS packaging
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • On-call pickup (arrange online)
  • Saturday delivery (costs extra)

The Costs of UPS Overnight Shipping

UPS Overnight – aka Next Day – options all vary in their pricing and delivery speeds. Basically, you pay more for faster delivery. Let’s look at some price examples for Next Day Air, Next Day Saver, and Next Day Early.

The Cost of UPS Next Day from Denver to New York

Let’s say we’re shipping a 2-pound package from Denver, CO to New York, NY. Here are the prices for all UPS Next Day services from the UPS website.

UPS Next Day Rates Example

As expected, Next Day Air Early is the most expensive at more than $123. For about $30 less, we can use Next Day Air to have our packages delivered by 10:30 instead of 8 AM with Air Early. For my money, I’d use Next Day Air Saver at $83 and change.

What happens if we increase the package weight to 10 pounds?

UPS Next Day Services Example

When we raise the weight, the prices increase by about $50 for each service. Expect, however, that at this weight there’s very little difference between the price of Next Day Air and Air Saver. That said, it looks like we’re going to pay a pretty penny for sending our 10-lb. package to NY post-haste.

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What is the Cutoff Time for UPS Overnight?

How late can you drop off your UPS package (or have it picked up) and still have it arrive next-day? This depends on your local UPS Store.

Every UPS Store sets its own cutoff time for Overnight based on when the driver arrives to pick up the packages. To confirm this time, call your local UPS Store.

For example, my local Denver store on S. Broadway has a 6 PM cutoff time. Their driver arrives at 6:30 to grab the packages. So if I get there before 6 PM, I’m golden. However, the UPS Store in the Cherry Creek neighborhood has a slightly earlier pick up time of 5:30 PM.

In general, UPS Overnight shipments are picked up by the driver between 5-7 PM.

Are you having your package picked-up from your location? Make sure to arrange a pickup time that’s earlier than the cut-off time for your nearest UPS Store.

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UPS Overnight: Costs Are High, Speeds are Fast

UPS Overnight is the everyday name for three UPS next-day delivery services: Next Day Air Saver, Next Day Air, and Next Day Air Early.

As we saw, UPS overnight costs can be quite high. If price is top of mind, you might be better off with USPS Overnight instead. However, USPS isn’t known for being as reliable as UPS. You could also look into FedEx Overnight if reliability is more of a concern than price.

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UPS Overnight FAQ:

Does UPS deliver overnight packages on Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, for an additional fee. All UPS Overnight packages intended for Saturday delivery require a Saturday shipping label, which costs extra. This upgrade can be purchased from UPS directly or from Easyship.

Is UPS Next Day Air the same as overnight?

Yes, all UPS Next Day Air services are the same as UPS Overnight.

How reliable is UPS Overnight?

UPS is a reliable express courier that offers guaranteed delivery for all its overnight services. If your package isn’t delivered on time, you can request a full refund.