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USPS Parcel Select Ground: What You Need to Know

USPS Parcel Select Ground is a unique shipping service offered by USPS. Take a look at our latest guide to see what the service actually offers.
USPS Parcel Select Ground: What You Need to Know
Gayatri Bhaumik

By Gayatri Bhaumik


December 13, 2019

USPS offers a lot of useful shipping services. Among them is USPS Parcel Select Ground, which happens to be the last expensive option. However, it’s also the slowest package delivery service. For every package that’s ship, there is an expectation that delivery will be made within an acceptable timefrant. How quickly delivery is made is determined mostly by the sender’s chosen shipping option. If yours is a shipment that is not time-sensitive, then this particular USPS service option could work well for you and your numerous customers. Let’s take a look at what the service actually offers.

What is USPS Parcel Select Ground?

Before we go any further, let’s break down exactly what is USPS Parcel Select Ground? USPS used to offer merchants a shipping option known as Parcel Post, but this was later replaced by Parcel Select Ground. This shipment option exclusively targets merchants that are concerned about keeping their shipping costs low. And certainly, the shipping rates with this service are low, even if your packages are big and heavy.

How USPS Parcel Select Ground Rates Are Calculated

With this service, shipping rates are mostly determined by the weight and dimensions of the package, as well as the place it’s being shipped to. For every dimension over 1 cubic food, a dimensional weight (DIM) fee may be applied.

Best For

Parcel Select Ground is a good option for online merchants looking for cheap and reliable means of shipping goods to their customers. It’s also best for merchants whose customers are not in a hurry to receive their orders or when package dimensions exceed the stipulated limits of other services. Another great feature? It’s really easy to book shipments with USPS Parcel Select Package online.


Parcel Select Ground mostly delivers domestically within the U.S.

USPS Parcel Select Ground Time

With this USPS service, deliver times range between two and eight business days. However, these timeframes are not guaranteed as unforeseen circumstances may delay delivery by a few days.


For domestic shipments made with Parcel Select Ground delivery, the maximum weight for packages is 70lbs and the maximum combined length and girth is 140”. There are also limitations on restricted, usps which include smokeless tobacco and cigarettes.

USPS Parcel Select Ground Insurance

While Parcel Select Ground doesn’t offer insurance in its fees, you can choose to pay an additional charge to insure your shipment.

Scheduled Pickup

With this USPS ground shipping service, your customers have the option to schedule pickup at their own convenience.

USPS Parcel Select Ground Tracking

USPS Parcel Select Ground offers free tracking on all domestic shipments. This way, merchants and customers can track shipments en route until delivery is confirmed.

Additional Information

This service comes with longer transit times and unfortunately, that also means higher risks. There’s a higher chance of your package being jostled and handled roughly while making its way to your customer. That’s why it’s important that your packages are properly packed and sealed. That way, you minimize any potential damage. Additionally, this service does not offer a return option. Other perks of using this option include:

·      Signature confirmation

·      Adult signature

·      Discounted retail pricing

·      Additional confirmation options offered with extra fees

How to use Parcel Select Ground?

To make the most of USPS Parcel Select Ground, it is important that you have a good understanding of how to use the service. The Parcel Select Ground offers five different service options, all of which come with specific requirements and standard set of rates. Here are the five service options:

·      Parcel Select Ground: This particular service mainly targets online postage customers that have no minimum package thresholds.

·      Parcel Select Ground - NDC Presort: This comes with a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces. The packages have to be pre-sorted to select the NDC/ASF destinations.

·      Parcel Select Ground - Destination Entry: Like the NDC Presort, this service also comes with a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces.

·      Parcel Select Ground - ONDC Presort: This is also similar to the two service options above as it is only available on a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces.  Packages must also be pre-sorted to select destinations.

·      Parcel Select Ground - Lightweight: This USPS Parcel Select service is aimed at merchants with packages that weigh less than 1lb. It is is also subject to specific volume.

Convenience is hugely important when considering shipping service. That’s why you should know that Parcel Select Ground is not widely available at post office locations. However, if you’re a merchant who uses authorized USPS business partners, you may still be able to use this service from a post office.

See How USPS Parcel Select Ground Can Help Your Business!

If you’re sending out shipments domestically, things could be a lot easier and cheaper for you if you use one of the USPS Parcel Select Package options. All you need to do is pick a service that suits your needs. Easyship partners with USPS and offers its over 100,000 customers many ways to improve their shipping. Sign up for an account today and watch us help your business save serious money on delivering packages to your customers.